TeslaCoin – The Currency to Finance Free Energy – “Nikola Tesla Vs. JP Morgan”

Tesla was a genius but the whole world suffered because this vermin JP Morgan wanted to make even more money. If ever we get the chance to start over again RULE NO 1 – MONEY CAN NEVER AGAIN HAVE A SAY IN ANYTHING!





I may be smart at times but I love someone to explain what the hell this Tesla Coin is all about because I’m clueless here. 


On the subject of energy, I was sent this the other day when I posted two videos about a car & a motor-bike that could run on water. I’m sorry I’ve misplaced the name of the person I got this from. Again, though there’s something amazing going on here, I’m not too sure what exactly the benefits may be, so please enlighten me. What I do know is this –

If it was down to me anyone who played any sort of role in jailing this man would be thrown in jail, judger most definitely included. What’s more, I wouldn’t care whatever role one had. The key gets thrown away until I hear the canaries singing. A lie-detector machine would have to confirm that whatever one said was all they knew. Eventually we’g get to the ginormous scumbags that control the major energy companies. I would not rest until everyone who helped jail this good man knew what it felt like being banged up!



Fortunately the video above was automatically followed by this one below AND IT BLEW MY BRAINS OUT! One thing for sure, even though inventors are without doubt some of the most brilliant people, the powers that be have often treated them atrociously, even murdered them. BUT WHAT OF THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY? TO STIFLE INNOVATIVE PROGRESS AS THESE BASTARDS MOST DEFINITELY HAVE…….. MY GOD! RULE NO 2 – MAKE SURE RULE NO 1 CAN NEVER BE BROKEN! If that means limiting the amount of money one individual can have, THEN SO-BE-IT! If you don’t know about this invention below it will blow your mind.



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