Thank God for Whistle-Blowers

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Thank God for Whistle-Blowers

Whatsupic — In my last post on Facebook regarding Edward Snowden I rather brazenly said anyone who still feels he’s controlled opposition should unfriend me! Hardly etiquette but then I never said I was perfect! I’ve simply had enough of this nonsense! Whistle-blowers, first & foremost are on our side! Furthermore they are anything but dumb! They are perfectly aware as to what is really going on! Nevertheless two good friends maintained reservations. One said this “But what he (Snowden) will never tell you is that Israel is behind the NSA spying, along with every other scandal taking place. The reason that you will not hear this is because Snowden is CIA/ Mossad. You will never hear any of the highly publicized whistle blowers say a single word about Israel. You can bet on it.” 

And guess what? I agree with everything he said except Edward Snowden is most definitely not CIA/Mossad! Quite how anyone can jump to this conclusion is beyond me for the pieces of the puzzle simply do not fit! Why would CIA or Mossad do this? Some give the rather pathetic excuse that it’s to distract us from something far bigger! What can be bigger than the Dual National Zionists spying on every single human being in the world so that Israel knows exactly who’s against them & who could pose a threat? The last thing the Zionists want is any adverse publicity about the NSA! What earthly reason would they have to engineer some clandestine double bluff with Snowden? Now both are friends whose opinions I respect. My response to the comment was this –

And do not you suppose there could be a perfectly good reason as to why this is indeed the case & everyone seems loathed to mention the Z word? Certainly assuming these good people could perhaps may be part of a grand convoluted plan is, as well as jumping the gain, void of any serious in-depth analysis! It’s no use connecting a few dots! All the pieces of the puzzle simply have to fit for any theory to become a viable one! I will now endeavor to offer you an explanation which connects ALL the dots! It leaves no unanswered questions! All it takes is an open mind & for one to be rid of any foolish stubbornness which lingers in every last one us!   

Is it beyond the boundaries of sanity to assume the very last hit-list anyone would want to be on is a Dual National Zionist or Mossad list? I suggest one reads a serious book about Murder Incorporated which will show beyond any shadow of doubt that the greatest mafiosi by far are not Italians, as Hollywood & the newspapers always desperately try to maintain, but the Jewish mafiosi! The greatest murderer of them all was Meyer Lansky! How do you think the Zionists ever got to such a position of unbridled power in America & indeed all over the world? It was done through bribery & coercion! If you played ball, bribery would suffice! If not, coercion became the order of the day! Of course things aren’t so cut & thrust today because the foundations of power & control are well & truly established.

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Why do you think RON PAUL never once mentioned the voter fraud that robbed him of the Presidency? I mean it was so obvious it was ridiculous! The Zionists obviously did not want the enormous headache of having a President who wanted to end the Federal Reserve Board; effect a 180 degree U-turn on foreign policy; slash the military budget; end all aid to Israel & basically let them get on with it! SO THEY HAD TO CHEAT! The media could not have done more to thwart RON PAUL but any time he could have said ‘to hell with this! I’m spilling the beans!’ This would have been a nightmare scenario for the dual national Zionists. 

So even before the first votes were cast in the Republican Caucus in Iowa, especially since one straw poll had RON PAUL with a whopping 52% against all the other drivel in the race, I put it to you he was approached & told in no uncertain terms that there was no way he could become President & if he ever opened his mouth, most especially about voter fraud, not only would he be in very serious jeopardy but so would his family! Remember too, not one reporter or journalist from the MSM ever said a word about voter fraud. Over here in the UK I’d like to bet not 1 in 100 people had any idea RON PAUL was cheated out of the Presidency!

One can make assumptions which are to all intents & purposes undeniable! One such truth is that people like RON PAUL, Snowden, Assange & Chomsky for instance, know full well that the Israelis think nothing of eliminating a threat. Once it’s policy, it’s as good as done! Most importantly all politicians & whistle-blowers know they have untold resources, power & influence. The media is in their pocket. This in itself is huge but they have the judiciary as well as Capitol Hill pretty much sown up also! Therefore the probability of those who give the orders ever ending up in the dock is so negligible it’s barely worth a thought. If you can murder JFK & get away with it, then you can murder anyone! 

Okay, now we have to connect all the dots! We can assume, for the time being at least, the Zionists cannot indiscriminately kill everyone  who is against them because it would become all too apparent. Sure enough, the whole point of the NDA Act, the Fema Camps & the NSA is to eventually do this & mark my words, if they ever have the chance, THEY WILL but for now, it is essential they remain under the radar. My conclusion is that voter fraud, 9/11 & journalists who wish to expose the truth are three themes that for the Zionists are strictly off limits! I say this not because of the obvious reason that they, as my friend rightly says, are behind just about everything but because of who’s mysteriously died & who’s been flat out assassinated, in other words THE FACTS!

Several who gave key eye witness accounts on the day of 9/11, notably Barry Jennings, the last man out of WTC 7, have died or been killed! The odds of so many key witnesses dying prematurely is one thing but for all these people, whose accounts all made a total mockery of the official line to meet untimely deaths is simply too astronomical for words! Then there’s the assassination of chief aviation expert Philip Marshall & his two children! Marshall had already written the ‘Big Bamboozle’ which stated quite categorically the Bush administration’s explanation of 9/11 was simply ludicrous. He was about to spill the beans even further! From the outset, before any investigation, the media were plugging suicide! It was actually insulting! 

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There have been the murders of two journalists Andrew Breitbart 43 & Michael Hastings 33. To say they were anti-establishment is a chronic understatement! On both occasions there was no credible investigation. Hastings was driving along & all of a sudden his Mercedes blew up! The engine ended up 40 meters from the car! At first the Police & the media said it was a crash – of course when all the neighbors said there was a massive explosion which explained why the engine was in another precinct, the Police & media had to backtrack & come up with another pack of lies, saying the car inexplicably blew up! Well, hold the phone! Mercedes Benz is one massive company, with a reputation to match! They simply said ‘our cars don’t just blow up!’ Since none of their cars were ever ordered back to their suppliers, one can safely say the Police & the media were making it up as they were going along! That was the end of that!

Now imagine what would happen if this sort of skulduggery started occurring on a regular basis? For crying out loud how many more eyes would start opening? It’s bad enough as it is now! The Police have all but lost credibility while the MSM are literally hemorrhaging viewers! Even over here, many people realize Britain’s chief weapons inspector to Iraq was murdered on the specific orders of Tony Blair. For the first time in British history there has yet to be an Inquest into the mysterious death of a true public servant! How can protocol be cast aside so readily? As I said for the moment, assassinations have to kept to a minimum. That’s not to say the threats don’t go in thick & fast. High profile individuals & whistle-blowers have all had their collar felt! Anyone who doesn’t realize this is simply barking up the wrong tree!   

Bear in mind they can easily destroy any politician’s career. Either with a never-ending supply of campaign funds for any two-bit opponent who’s prepared to hold his hand out for a leg up, these nobodies are always carefully hand-picked, low on substance but heavy on image! Or with the help of the media, a rumor here, a rumor there & the few squeaky clean politicians left suddenly find mud sticking to them! All this while the crooks & traitors who pull all the strokes under the sun never receive any bad press because they all love Israel! Good people like Dennis Kucinich are always left out in the cold, like a lone voice in the wilderness! 

They use the judiciary to place whistle-blowers like Manning & Kiriakou in jail! What more evidence does one need to know whether the justice system is corrupted from top to bottom? They’re in jail for telling the truth for Christ sake! Sometimes the mere threat of prosecution can drive a shining light to take their own life. I believe this was the case with Aaron Swartz, a boy the likes of which America or indeed the world, can ill-afford to lose. 

These vermin are the bane of mankind! It doesn’t get any worse than this – to have psychopaths calling the shots! People may not think this is entirely the case but believe you me, it’s high time we altered our perception of what a mass-murderer looks like! The worst ones are dressed in suits & are rarely ever punished! Most significantly, it is imperative we give our full support to anyone who is brave enough to speak out rather than make idle speculation.

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