The Alex Jones/David Duke debate – Zionists are the true force behind globalism.

TYPICAL! A couple of weeks ago I said I was going to dump Alex Jones. Almost immediately I felt this was a bad decision not because my reasons were wrong. No. I’d made up my mind – at a time when we simply have no option but to name & shame the chief protagonists, (the Zionist Rothschild banksters), I’m not interested with people who aren’t prepared to do this. Of course it’s scary because Zionists have shown they will stop at nothing but the only reason they’ve got so far is because from the word go they’ve controlled the flow of information. This is why so few people are aware that they really are behind all the shit that’s going on. Most of it now is for the purpose of creating Greater Israel. The perpetual war status the West finds itself in is a direct result of the Rothschild/Illuminati policy to Divide & Conquer. Of course when you say this, you’re branded an anti-Semite & all the rest of that crap. I don’t even want to go there.


So what made me regret dumping Jones? Simply reading all the comments. So many people who should know better were going way overboard on him. One particular comment that really got my gander up was “what took you so long?” I saw red but having already had ample experience arguing over the ‘is he, isn’t he’ a misinformation specialist, I realised, don’t get involved. So I just pointed out ‘wait a minute. Jones was at the forefront campaigning that 9/11 was an inside job. How can you lot say he’s always been no good?’ Within two minutes I realised what an idiot – I’D GOT INVOLVED! Needless to say, pig-headed stupidity was rearing it’s ugly head. Once again I found myself having to say the obvious – ‘are you honestly trying to tell me you don’t know that once one reaches a certain point popularity wise, Mr Mossad doesn’t come knocking on one’s back door?


Look, there’s the good – those who know what’s going on; there’s the bad – those either directly or indirectly involved in skulduggery. The good are trying to wake up & convince those with the brains of a rocking horse. The bad are in the business of telling porkies. Then there’s the grey area of shills & misinformation specialists. Now why should this pose a problem? Because there’s another group of people – THOSE WHO’VE HAD THE FRIGHTENERS PUT ON THEM! The error’s a relatively simple one – these people (often the most renown activists) are pigeon-holed with controlled opposition. Zionists are not just past-masters at putting the frighteners on; being the devious manipulators they are, tactically they are head & shoulders above their rivals & they know how to exploit weakness.


Are people really trying to tell me Professor Chomsky & George Galloway aren’t smart enough to know what controlled demolitions look like or Alex Jones doesn’t know Zionists did 9/11? Controlled opposition my arse. That slag Rachel Maddow is! So’s that piece of shit Glenn Beck. How in the blazes is it possible for so many intelligent folk to fail so miserably when it comes to making this distinction? Almost exclusively anyone appearing on the MSM is not worth a Mars bar. Alex Jones may get a crack but his ranting & raving goes down a treat for the power-brokers. They know he can’t help himself flying off the handle. Also it’s all about who appears live. Very few who can do damage are ever allowed near a mike when it’s hot. But crucially, until you’re leaned on yourself, you’ve got no right to step out of your pram. I know what it’s like to be threatened but it’s a different ball-game when you’re told face-to-face ‘you may not care about your own life but do you care about your family?’


Make no mistake – Ron Paul, Chomsky, Galloway, Jones & many others who are labeled controlled opposition are on our side. Limitations have been placed on them. Don’t compare them to the vermin who’ve really sold out, like The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Schwarzenegger & that toe-rag Simon Cowell. Sure enough this is what Alex Jones WAS saying about the Zionists. Here, watch this & tell me if you don’t think Alex Jones hasn’t been leaned on big time……..



Mafiosi assassinations in most people’s minds is the domain of Italian/Sicilian Cosa Nostra. WRONG! That’s precisely what Hollywood wanted people to think almost 100 years ago & they still want you to think this today. The truth is, by far & away the greatest assassins in the past 200 years, if not our entire modern history, have been Zionists. Al Capone was the biggest mafiosi gangster ever? WRONG! That dubious honor falls to Meyer Lansky who was boss of the dreaded Murder Incorporated. Al Capone’s mob were chicken feed to this lot. When Israel was created Murder Incorporated effectively was amalgamated into Mossad. To this day targeted assassination are the order of the day for these guys. We know this yet people forever tell me ‘oh you can’t say that!’





Now if you don’t know this, you have no right criticising people like Professor Chomsky, Ron Paul, George Galloway or indeed Alex Jones. I stand by what I say – I feel it’s essential for people to stand up & be counted. We simply have to make people aware of the Zionist threat that could well soon engulf us. There’s no bigger enemy – not black, white, Arab, Russian or Chinese. However, let’s put this into perspective. It’s obvious if you’re famous, they’ll mark your card. They have to. Step over a line with them, at best you’re career will end up in tatters. Look what’s happened to all the actors & actresses who’ve spoken out on 9/11. The greatest journalists & reporters – Dan Rather & the outstanding John Pilger – frozen out! Even celebrity talk show host Phil Donahue – step over a line & it’s all she wrote.


They’re the lucky ones. Bradley Manning rots in jail; Julian Assange remains under house arrest; John Kiriakou jailed & financially ruined. Their crime was to speak the truth! At worst you end up like JFK, his brother Bobby, MLK, Malcolm X; more recently Andrew Breitbart, Philip Marshall, Michael Hastings & Serena Shim – each one murdered. However, those that gave the orders remain untouched by the hand of law! Small wonder the list of targeted assassinations is so long it literally beggars belief. Of paramount importance is their skill in everyone important enough being cognizant of the dangers of tangling with them while the general public remain oblivious of this Zionist threat. How can anyone in their right mind not see the full picture? Obviously the Zionists can’t kill all of the most famous blabber-mouths. They’re actually working on that very problem right now BECAUSE THEY’D LOVE TO ELIMINATE ALL OPPOSITION! This is precisely why we need more people to step up to the plate.


GC the great!


Those who’ve had to pull their horns in have done their bit. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still pissed off with Jones & after listening to the whole interview with David Duke, there’s no question he’s protecting the Zionists at every opportunity & much of the time he’s using the term Jew as opposed to Zionist, which is what Zionists want more than anything. It’s clear too Jones is an obsessive self-promoter who loves to hear his own voice. However, where most of us go wrong is our minds are so side-tracked by all this garbage talk of controlled opposition, we fail to recognise the importance of this interview. We desperately need to hear what people like David Duke have to say. For starters there are few with the Cohones he has. Crucially Alex Jones has an outlet that reaches 1000’s upon 1000’s of people. Are you telling me he’s not dong the cause a major service?


This is the whole interview & all you really want to do is turn it down when Jones talks!


Here’s yet another example of how we can’t wait to put our worst foot forward. The other day I responded to a chap who had his moral high hat firmly plonked on his barnet! He said words to the effect, David Duke does more damage to the cause than good. I said so you’re saying the KKK is worse than the IDF?….. QUIET! Are you saying when a person makes an error of judgement in his teens, (40 years ago) we should totally dismiss all the good work he does thereafter, effectively imposing a life sentence?….. QUIET! All the while my points were ignored for the sake of self-righteous stubbornness. Whether you like it or not, David Duke is putting his life on the line & you better believe it – it’s not just for good against evil. Let me tell you now – what we’re up against here makes the KKK look like a street gang!




Of course for the people directly suffering at their hands it must have been awful. But is it nice being bullied at school? Is it right that 30,000 people every day die of starvation in Africa alone while exploitation proceeds on an unimaginable scale? I can go on & on listing examples of the chronic pain we’re seeing on our planet – all the creatures are suffering, wildlife’s under threat, our planet teeters on the verge. Now, I’m not saying the Rothschild Zionists are responsible for all of this. What I am saying, I’m in no doubt – in the past 200 years, our history has been shaped by the Rothschild/Illuminati banking dynasty. The bad news is they’ve got some seriously nasty plans for us Goyim.


Don’t for one minute think Duke is exaggerating when he says we could well return back to the days of Gulags & mass executions that occurred in Russia last century. Years ago I said the 66 million that died so viciously at the hands of Zionists in the Bolshevic revolution will look like the Ashkenazis were just warming up. I worked this out myself & it’s no surprise Duke believes exactly the same. He’s a highly educated man with balls & naturally he’s been much maligned by the Zionist controlled media. We’re struggling because some of the very smartest people on our side of the fence are tactically clueless. I know this because I can see where we’re going wrong. It’s about bloody time we realised exactly where we should focus our wrath & David Duke I’m afraid to say is bang on the money.


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