The Banking Fiasco was all about one thing – Austerity in order to Create Civil Unrest

Zionists love killing two birds with one stone. They did it beautifully in 2008. On the one hand they stole untold billions; on the other they gave us austerity! In another piece I’ll endeavor to explain exactly how they did this but first things first –

All fraudsters should be punished. The greater the fraud, the stiffer the sentence. Plain logic. Only blithering idiots do not concur. Yet, we live in a world where virtually the exact reverse applies. How can this be? Nearly all the greatest fraudsters never see the inside of a court room, let alone a jail cell. The reason is as clear as daylight. Professor Noam Chomsky said it all –

Concentration of wealth yields concentration of political power. And concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases and accelerates the cycle.

Politicians who are prepared to hold their hands out naturally do so to the highest bidder. The super rich don’t offer bribes to help the needy. They do it to line their own pockets. The more money at one’s disposal, the more one can reciprocate those masquerading as public servants. In order for such criminality to continue unabated the same people have to ensure this perversion of democracy remains hidden from public gaze. What better way to shield oneself than by owning all the major media outlets? As a result, regardless of how obvious a case of bribery may be, the media may go through the motions but never the jugular. In fact whenever revelations do seep through via whistle-blowers or leaks, the media rapidly adopts the deaf, dumb & blind routine. It really is as simple as that. The narrative we get is always the one that suits them. This perfectly explains why today –

  1. The few honest politicians we have like Jeremy Corbyn are continuously hounded while our treasonous Prime Minister Theresa May is afforded round the clock media protection even though her tenure has been an unmitigated disaster.
  2. Whistle-blowers like Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning are treated as if they’re career criminals.
  3. We’re being systematically being stripped of our fundamental rights, all on the back of lies that in normal circumstances would be considered embarrassing.
  4. Israel continues to flout international law while the most evil, most dangerous man on the planet by a country mile, Netanyahu, is never challenged, let alone admonished.
  5. Mainstream media is totally biased when it should be impartial. It always sings the same tune protecting war criminals & pedophiles while seemingly squeaky-clean presenters like Jo Coburn & Fiona Bruce lie through their back teeth, effectively aiding & abetting the most vile gangsters on the planet. They persistently lie & deceive the public by claiming anti-Semitism is a problem in order to distract ordinary folk from the real issues.
  6. No surprise today we are witnessing an outrageous, criminal assault on freedom of speech.
  7. No surprise the gulf between the ‘haves’ & the ‘have nots’ is as wide as the Grand Canyon & continues to grow at an exponential rate.


In the 90’s the Rothschilds decided to engineer a gargantuan fraud. Now why would they do this? Already wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. No need whatsoever for more money. Yes I know, germs like Alan Sugar, Branson, Bezos & the rest only care for money, the more they connive & suck out, the happier they are. This is altogether different. A scam like the recent banking fiasco can only occur if the big Gumba gives the nod. It was the same with 9/11 & JFK. So greed had little to do with the 2008 swindle. The question everybody should be asking – what was the end result of this massive fraud? Answer – AUSTERITY! This then begs another question – why did they want to usher in austerity measures? Answer – WHAT BETTER WAY TO CREATE CIVIL UNREST.

When you look at it this way it begins to make sense. However, what’s of critical importance is the manner in which the media positively embraces ‘Divide & Conquer.’ You see austerity is one thing BUT IT’S NO DAMN GOOD IF WE’RE UNITED! In fact such a combination could be disastrous for the elite & they damn well know it. No surprise therefore as each day passes we’re seeing heightened Islamophobia. (I started writing this piece over a week ago & then I read that some Chelsea fans were chanting ‘SALAH IS A BOMBER.’ Mo Salah is Egypt’s & Liverpool’s star forward & UK’s current footballer of the year). This sickening act of ignorance is disturbing to say the least but it’s all down to the media. Zionists want nothing more than to see Arabs & Muslims equated with terror & so, when it comes to inciting Islamophobia the media doesn’t come up for breath! Moreover, the MSM is constantly on the lookout for any crevice to drive us further apart. Trying to divide us remains an ongoing process.

As much as I despise using terms like ‘the far right’ look how all of a sudden they’ve crawled out of the woodwork. Tommy Robinson is given all the publicity under the Sun but then the media plonk their self-righteous hats on making out they’re not into all that nasty stuff. What a bunch of deceitful vermin! I see every move you make. You can’t have your cake & eat it with me though because all it takes is one question to show what liars you lot in the media are – DOES TOMMY ROBINSON RECEIVE ANYTHING LIKE THE STICK JEREMY CORBYN GETS? Not even close. Here’s a nobody who spouts bile from every orifice but he’s cut all the slack he needs because you want people to incite hatred. The only publicity you give Corbyn goes from bad to horrific & the reason you slander this good man is because he genuinely wants to bring our country together.

Look at Brexit. We voted to leave. Instead all that’s occurred is a magnification of the division & distraction the authorities crave & significantly the media never mentions the one thing that over-rides all else – what was the point of having a referendum if a leave result was never going to be honored? Here we have the very antithesis of democracy staring at us in the face & what’s renders this fiasco all the more galling is this issue of Brexit has never been out the news. For over two years the media has taken us all around the houses saying everything except the one thing that matters – WE VOTED TO LEAVE GOD-DAMN-IT! Why should anyone give a toss for the feelings of those who lost? Okay, it’s tough but you move on. You don’t replay a football match when the result goes against you. How dare these media whores scoff so readily at the most fundamental principles of fair play only to drive in wedges on the discord they create. I just hope & pray every last one of them pays for their treachery.

And in America it’s even worse. Homeless folk, many of whom through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times, are treated atrociously. Worse still, we’ve seen a surge of killings by Police on unarmed folk, mainly Blacks, all coinciding with US (& UK) police forces receiving special training from Israeli IDF thugs. The other day I wrote a piece explaining how Zionist false flag specialists are deliberately leaving loose ends in order to confuse activists so that they waste time arguing with each other over mere detail. This only serves to split the Truther movement. The theme is Divide & Conquer & it’s almost as if the media, baton in hand, is playing the role of the conductor!

So ushering in austerity is simply another step of the Rothschild plan to create a New World Order. Think about it: As I said, their goal is to initiate civil unrest. So, over 10 years have passed since our so-called elected representatives & the media insisted the only way out of the financial malaise of 2008 was to have a period of austerity where spending had to be slashed. Now ask yourself – what exactly has been achieved with all this austerity, bearing in mind it’s 2019 & there seems no end to this bullshit? I’ll tell you……

  1. First & foremost, most shocking of all, Britain’s ‘debt’ HAS MORE THAN DOUBLED TO OVER A TRILLION! That’s a million, million pounds! So get this: We’re made to tighten our belts because of a bunch of thieving toe-rags, yet we end up owing double TO THE SAME THIEVING TOE-RAGS! If it wasn’t so serious this would qualify as the joke of the century! Sickening as it is, what we’ve got to ask ourselves is, why hasn’t the media ever highlighted this outrageous anomaly? The answer is simple as it is obvious – THESE MEGA CROOKS OWN THE MEDIA TOO!
  2. And it gets worse: In history there has never been a 10 year period where more billionaires & millionaires have been created. In the same period, more people than ever in the UK, a staggering 14 million remain trapped in poverty. Goodness knows what’s occurring in other European nations notably Greece.
  3. Moreover, cuts in public services continue at an unprecedented rate while the scant little that remains under public ownership ie the NHS, behind closed doors is quietly being sold off at knock-down prices to money-grabbing vermin like Richard Branson.
  4. Another big giveaway – the only person who wants to reverse this shameful state of affairs is Jeremy Corbyn. No one in the media or the Tory Party is even so much as suggesting ENOUGH OF THIS AUSTERITY CRAP! Not a whisper oh but it’s open warfare on JC. He’s an anti-Semite!
  5. And what have we got to show for all this austerity? More pain & desperation & guess what, countless more folk so fed up they’re edging ever-closer to blowing a gasket. Why do you think they’re doing everything they can to stop Jeremy Corbyn getting into No. 10? Because he will at least try & reverse some of the damagetraitors have inflicted on the people of this country. By doing so, JC may not scupper the plans for the New World Order but he will surely throw a spanner into their works.
  6. Which leaves me to conclude – this was all intentional & that they need to continue with this policy of austerity because the longer it goes on, the greater the chance of them achieving their chief goal which is CIVIL UNREST!

From here it’s a no-brainer. Civil unrest will eventually result in Martial law. When this happens the rule of law as we know it will cease to exist. With all the major companies, dare I say essential services such as food, water, gas & electricity in the hands of billionaires, we will be sitting ducks. Death & mass-murder will surely follow & the media will not utter a word. Not forgetting how decent coppers have been laid out to pasture while raw recruits who possess the brains of a rocking horse have been let in on the sly & properly tooled up. Add to this the media’s glorification of the brainless bulldog bailiff & most worrying of all, an obedient army that may cast morality aside, I think it’s safe to say we could all be living in unbridled fear.

Grave as this most definitely is, I’m not trying to put the frighteners on everybody but like it or not, this is ultimately what they want. I’m merely stating what their goal is. It’s up to us to stop them but first we have to accept most our politicians & the media remain our sworn enemy.

We have other things to consider too. Firstly, they know the vast, majority of us only care for peaceful protests. Many folk, including yours truly, have often stated ‘violence is their game. That’s what they want!’ Now think about what’s been occurring in France. Is anything being done to ameliorate the dire state of affairs over there? Hell no. Quite the reverse in fact. They’ve got agent provocateurs in there stirring up trouble so that the Police can steam in. The media then spin it to make the pathetic sheep among us believe the peaceful protesters are trouble-makers.

Globalism’s Last Disgrace: Desperate Macron Sends French Army Against Yellow Vests

Quite some time ago I told my Parisian friend it seems France is being used as a test case where the elite will push the boundaries. I’m sure France was specifically selected for this role because of it’s high Muslim population. Here the power-brokers are effectively testing the water in order to determine what they’re able to get away with. It’s merely a learning process. Crucial too is understanding how every policy Macron has initiated has been on the expressed orders of the Zionist bankers. They put him there with the goal to create this very climate where people had no option but to take to the streets. THIS HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY ENGINEERED!

We’ve now reached the point where the French media is vilifying protesters even though the Police, who look more like storm-troopers often react as if they’re thugs on steroids. And do not for one minute think the French election wasn’t rigged so that this treacherous little wretch Macron could ride shotgun for his Zionist overlords. Why do you think before the election I bust a gut trying to ram this fact home? Marie Le Pen was robbed blind so that this nobody, this traitor, would assume control. It was so predictable as is all that Macron’s done.

Which conveniently leads me to another point. A few days ago I watched the UK Column’s edition of real news & in this particular episode the guys outlined how the ‘elite’ were getting very nervous about the ever-increasing use of the word ‘TRAITOR.’ Apparently it’s happening way too much for their liking. It’s got them worried. Well, doesn’t that just cut you up! My advice to everyone who’s aware & concerned about what these bastards are up to is –



And make no mistake, Treason is what they’re all guilty of & that most certainly includes media whores. Let every last one of them know they will be held accountable. If I’m still around, I guarantee I’ll make Simon Weisenthal & his Nazi hunters look like pussies who were playing ‘Blind Man’s Bluff! And speaking of Nazis, soldiers were never given the luxury of using the excuse, ‘we we’re merely following orders.’ I remind you military personnel don’t really have a choice whereas those peddling lies in the media bloody well do! These vermin have chosen to take the money & by doing so are allowing proper gangsters to royally screw us. THAT’S TREASON IN MY BOOK ALL DAY LONG!
And don’t for one minute think I’m spraying around venom just for the hell of it. Look what they’re doing to Assange & Manning. They haven’t committed any crime yet the media hasn’t lifted one finger to help. In fact they’re entirely complicit in ensuring these incredibly brave people are well & truly fitted up. I seriously fear they’re going to make examples of them in order to discourage others from speaking out. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! I know it’s easy to say but there’s a damn good reason. You see whatever happens, whenever they get the chance, they’ll come after all activists. We’re at the top of their list. Assange said it from the start – FB & the NSA are all about collecting data & all of it ends up in Tel Aviv. The harsh reality is politicians, the super wealthy & the media may just as well be labeled THE MOTHER OF ALL MAFIAS! They’ve turned the law on it’s head so we might as well give it to them with both barrels while we still can.
Ironic as it may seem, I’m convinced next on their list are true Jews. Smart Jewish folk know this because they didn’t fall for the lies. They bothered to ask questions & as a result discovered the truth. As for my so-called Jewish friends for over 40 years, you all emphatically failed to make that grade. Smart? You lot are so blind you can’t see the wood from the trees. You couldn’t wait to label me anti-Semitic, shun me like a Leper & what am I doing? I’m still trying to mark your card, warn you of the impending danger. One thing may remain in the back of your minds though – you lot knew I was shit hot when it came to analytical prowess & making predictions. Well, let me tell you, on this one, I’ve never been more sure. So how do you feel now? The very people you’ve been vehemently defending, after they’ve ironed out those who were brave enough to speak out, they’ll be making a bee-line for Jews just to take the dairy off themselves. I tried telling you – Ashkenazi Zionists, as well as being pure evil, are the most anti-Semitic people on the planet. They wanted Hitler to kill Jews. THAT’S WHY THEY FINANCED HIM!
The long & the short of it is this: The only threat facing them is US! The only power we have is strength in numbers. Therefore it couldn’t be more obvious – THEY WANT TO ELIMINATE THIS THREAT ONCE & FOR ALL & what we’re seeing today is a process that is slowly but surely heading towards a situation where we will be rendered defenseless. From here mass extermination is a certainty. Why do you think they’re desperate to take away anyone’s right to own a gun? For years they’ve manufactured the damn things. All of a sudden they’re saying ‘give us them all back! We’re the only ones allowed shooters!’


  • CB


    (First sentence) … our corporations COVET (not COVER)

  • It’s a truly difficult problem to solve & of course it has to be done by the re-education of the masses,so they are able to see exactly what is going on around them & to take stock of the injustice which is being perpetrated against them by the so-called “rulers”| 1
    Unfortunately the vast majority in any country are the working classes,who have little time to notice anything at all,which is adversely affecting them – they’re too busy working at the daily-grind,to make ends meet,for anything of the sort to happen !
    Shades of 1789 are taking place in France right now (so far for 22 consecutive weeks) & that is perhaps the start of things to come in at least going some way to righting things for the eventual benefit of the masses.
    In the case of Britain,things are much more problematic for this to be achieved.
    The British population have (generally speaking) for way too many years been complacent about their daily situation & have allowed successive governments for many generations to constantly kick them up the backside in virtually every respect of daily life & existence.
    This ongoing governmental abuse has been conducted against the general population for not just decades post-1945,but over centuries !
    The British need to change themselves & their way of thinking before anything positive can ever happen,in the direction of meaningful change away from the current rule-set by the present status-quo !
    Failure to do so,means continuing down the same old path forever more !
    The blind subservience to the monarchy would need to end,as well as many other factors in life,including a release from the strangle-hold of the 2 party political system – hopefully the deceit & treachery so far displayed in the Brexit negotiations might start the ball rolling in that direction.
    If those shades of 1789 don’t ever reach the shores of Britain,all will be lost – hopefully a large degree of civil disobedience might take hold,as being the very start of a possible future revolution,be it either violent or non-violent.
    Somehow/somewhere/sometime,something has got to give – if not,we should all expect to meet the fate as described in this article !
    Let’s hope change comes fairly soon.

    • Really excellent comment Terence. What can I say? Ever thought about writing yourself? Easily good enough. I know it sounds a bit daft but your thought process, unlike most folk, functions perfectly. Usually when this is the case, one’s judgement is sound but then there’s the downside – we have to suffer the pain of knowing the truth.
      As you rightly say, most people don’t realise what the hell is going on but then in previous articles I have mentioned how our society has been engineered so that we’re effectively glorified slaves that ask no questions.
      I like the line – somehow, somewhere, sometime, something has got to give. I will surely steal this one day.

      • Yes Michael – you may gladly use that line if you so wish !
        I would need to do a writing course from some source before considering taking up the pen/keyboard !
        Would you perhhaps have any ideas on which might be the best one for me to engage in ?
        Indeed we do have to suffer the pain of knowing the truth & unfortunately it becomes more painful with each passing day,as we witness what the globalist/NWO are doing to us & planet Earth as well !

        • It may surprise you to know I wouldn’t have a clue when it comes to recommending what writing courses to take. I never did but I’ll tell you what I know & what I’ve learned through experience.
          It goes without saying you need sound judgement. The more one has, the more folk will gravitate to your work. That’s obvious. However, it’s a mistake to think this alone will do the trick. I feel writing has to incorporate a degree of entertainment value. People have to enjoy your pieces. This is easier said than done because it’s all about finding the right balance. Trying too hard to entertain is no good. It has to come natural.
          Of course for the connoisseur that’s not so much the case. Here you can get away with bashing out detail. I however believe too much detail is counterproductive. You cannot afford to bore people. My job is to raise awareness so for me, it’s got to be – make a point; back it up. Always explain why you’ve reached a certain conclusion & then next paragraph.
          And speaking of paragraphs, I’m not sure why but I like to keep my pieces neat & tidy. Maybe it’s because I’m a very tidy person. I like everything to be in it’s place. I tend to believe intelligent folk also appreciate good presentation & the fact you’ve taken the trouble shows you care. Not that I receive many compliments for this & if I’m honest, it rather surprises me people rarely say that they like the way I lay out each paragraph but that matters not. I’m not in it for pats on the back!
          Another mistake is to think you need to keep writing for the purpose of trying to maintain numbers or hits. I never try to court popularity. I write when I feel I need to say something. I know that sounds simplistic but if you write for alternative media & your aim is to tell the whole truth then don’t expect to earn a living because the ‘you know who’s’ have the power & the resources to ensure you don’t.
          Like I said, with me it’s all been trial & error & again, this may surprise you but writing does not come easy for me. What people never see is the amount of time & effort I put into each article. This latest piece I wrote over a two week period, believe it or not, had no less than 38 revisions. This is mainly because I’m on a 30 day FB ban so I’ve got more time but no piece ever gets published without at least 5 major edits. I write for a while, perhaps one or two paragraphs & then read them through again & again, editing & making corrections. I find this is crucial for a decent end product because by re-reading I can sense what’s not quite up to scratch. I make a mental note but I don’t drive myself mad trying to rectify a problem immediately because the solution won’t be there. However, often the next day, the solution appears out of nowhere.
          I hope that helps Terence


  • Catherine Szajer

    Thank you for sending me this article Michael. I’m not sure I can say I ‘enjoy’ your writing, but I do like very much to read your views. You always speak from the heart and everything you say resonates with me as truth. Despite the Zionists ramping up their oppression,I seem to keep a quiet optimism that humanity will rise to the top. We will see. Thanks again. Catherine.

  • stevor

    I suggest that folks who like your articles also check into Know More News videos. he,too, is ratting out the zionists.
    Oh yeah, pastor Chuck Baldwin and Trunews also do that.

  • Keith Bartlam

    Now that Corbyn has done a Volt Face over Brexit and wants to REMAIN in the EU, is this article nnow out of date in that regard? Other than that I think it spells out EXACTLY what the Future Plan for us all is. Needless to say Albert Pike’s agenda is being followed, and his “requirement” for WW3 before “Judgement Day” is not so far off now. As far as using Ebola as a means for the Finale is concerned, I cannot see how that would benefit the Ashkanazi in the long run as it would not be possible for them to avoid it themselves. WW3 as Pike counselled is more likely, or something else to reduce world population down to the desired Half Billion, as depicted in the Georgia Henge Stones. Look forward to comments on Corby’s Volt Face and explanation. Has he been threatened that he or a family member might meet the same fate as Jo Cox, JFK and many others?

    • One thing we can be sure of is Corbyn has always stuck to his guns. He’s a man of principle. Therefore one can be sure, any surprising change of heart could only have come about through intolerable Zionist pressure. We after all know, these people will stop at nothing. If they killed JFK & executed 9/11 (which they most certainly did) then it is beyond the boundaries of sanity not to assume the Zionist mafia is not on his case. Moreover just recently Corbyn could have buried Tom Watson but for some inexplicable reason chose not to kill off the man who’s done everything he could to destroy him!

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