No surprise yesterday’s post re non-payment of the BBC TV licence fee made a few sparks fly yet I still get the distinct feeling people haven’t fully grasped the one crucial detail – why they don’t have to pay it! Apart from the usual fear tactics of sending threatening letters & knocking on your door, they can’t do anything so long as you say this & by all means, copy & paste this for e-mails or letters –

Correct me if I’m wrong but a specific operating requirement in the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British public is the BBC remains both ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL. I am in no doubt, in a court of law I can prove on both counts, this most definitely is not the case. In fact the BBC is not just lying – its knowingly doing so. As for impartiality, when one considers the desperate plight of the Palestinians & the fact no country displays anything like the wanton disregard to international law as Israel does, it’s hard to imagine the BBC being any more biased than they already are in favor of Israel. This is why I’m refusing to pay the TV licence. You’re the one breaking the law, not me.

Here now is the reason why you don’t have to pay the licence fee. This is incontrovertible PROOF the BBC lied because to this day not only have they refused to explain how this live report could have possibly occurred, they’ve continued to perpetuate the same lies for almost 14 years.


It’s always good to write to make your position clear. They will continue to ask you to pay but they can’t make you because they do not have a leg to stand on. There is no question the BBC is lying & we’re talking about the gravest issues here – waging war, destroying countries & killing millions of people. Since the BBC is controlled exclusively by Zionists, obviously they’re going to be biased toward Israel. I’ll be damned & so should you – to pay to listen to a pack of lies is the height of stupidity. 


Bear in mind, not once did I mention the Pedophile scandal where the government & the BBC, for so long, worked in unison to protect some of the most perverted, sexual predators. This clearly shows the people running our country & the BBC are the last people we should have in positions of power. Use this point merely as a back up. Why? Because if they were all replaced, how would this provide any guarantee the BBC would suddenly stop telling porkies?


This brings back memories of Tony Rooke’s historic court case regarding his refusal to pay the BBC TV licence fee. Tony’s case was perfect for it centered around the controversy of how the BBC reported the collapse of WTC7 23 minutes BEFORE IT DID COLLAPSE! Moreover he presented documents that PROVED this was the case. Not only was the BBC lying, it was actively involved in covering up the truth. Needless to say the judge was under orders. He had no option but to rule that all the evidence Tony presented could not be taken into consideration.


At this point there were howls of derision in the courtroom. The judge threatened to have everyone removed. So like little Bo Peep, we had to clam up. Tony at least had the opportunity to give a piece of his mind but with the judge ruling his evidence inadmissible inevitably Tony had nowhere to go. However, he made a fine job of it but as he finished off you could see the frustration building up. Suddenly the gloves came off, with a proper dig at how the system was allowing these gargantuan crooks to get off the hook – a bunch of liars who were instrumental for the BBC becoming a central hub for Pedophiles! Damn right!


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