THE COLEMAN EXPERIENCE – the British Establishment is controlled by Israel’s Mossad

A while back I was desperately trying to find a link to include in a piece I wrote earlier this month titled “Getting Sexual Predators Into The Upper Echelons Of Power Proved To Be A Zionist Master-Stroke. They Couldn’t Have Extracted More From UK Politicians.” Alas, hard as I tried I could not find it. Yesterday I was looking for something entirely different & lo & behold, what do I come across – the very link I burst blood vessels trying to find two weeks earlier. It’s well worth a look through for it shows how everything but everything is being done to protect the paedophiles & most crucially those who control them. here’s a snippet………..


Pedo Man

Pedo Man


“Some voices are concerned that the Met Police are not arresting VIP paedophiles quickly enough.

Yet others claim they are being leant on by Mi5 to prevent the release of important political names.

It’s a little known fact that British Intelligence Services are petrified of Mossad and are willing to do their bidding at any cost.

Gareth Williams may have been murdered because he had knowledge of Mossad’s links to child-abuse rings and the 7/7 bombings.

A mysterious ‘Mediterranean’ couple were linked to his brutal murder but were never traced.

There’s a strong possibility they were Mossad agents.

By a strange coincidence, child-raping filth, Jimmy Savile, had links to Israel and high-ranking members of the Israeli Government and military.

According to Brian Palmer:

The police took away masses of paperwork after the death of Jimmy Savile, which was said to have been immediately incinerated, it has been said that a lot of correspondence was in the pile from the ex Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin whom rumour has it was Savile’s main protector

Jill Dando knew all about Savile and the BBC paedophile-ring and was shot in the head to silence her and serve as a warning to others to keep their mouths shut.

Barry George was innocent of her murder but was jailed for 8 years and denied compensation in a sickening travesty of justice.

The real suspect was actually ‘Mediterranean’ looking and may well have been a Mossad agent.

Savile often boasted that he could call on powerful paramilitary friends if he was threatened with exposure.

Cliff Richard was interviewed several times about the murder.

By a strange coincidence, Cliff was named as a visitor to sordid child-brothel, the Elm Guest House.

He also owned a company, Blacknight Ltd, which was registered at Tavistock Square, where the 7/7 bombings took place.

Has Cliff Richard been using the cover of ‘Christian singer’ to hoodwink us?

Cliff once went on a fact-finding mission with Jimmy Savile and Lord Longford:

” One of Myra Hindley’s most famous supporters was Lord Longford, who spent years lobbying for her release. Lord Longford went on a fact-finding mission in the ’70′s to investigate pornography. He took along Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard.”

Longford was the uncle of Harriet Harman MP, who has recently been embroiled in the recent PIE paedophile scandal.

Harman is in turn a cousin of Prime Minister David Cameron, who is in turn a cousin of the Queen.”

The Met police are also linked to Mossad:

The link – The Coleman Experience…



  • Deborah Mahmoudieh

    Their days are numbered. There will be a divide in this country between those who support children’s rights according to EU & UN Child Protection Directives (designed exclusively to protect children and prevent crimes against children) and those who don’t. This horror crosses EVERY social division – divisions imposed EXACTLY to keep people distracted while the sado-fascists get together to control us all from their cozy, sado-fascist clubs. The Masons will be cleaning out their closet: Woe for the vanquished = Joy to the children!

  • Brian John Mitchell

    Greville Janner head of the board of British deputies, which is a government within a government or more precisely behind it said on record ” Jewish law says it ok to bugger small children and as now the UK is ruled by us your laws will gradually come into line with ours”

    • Every time I see the name Greville Janner I want to scream. Just the other day the son of this vermin went on TV trying to claim his father was innocent. I find it astonishing how these germs have so much power. Why didn’t the reporter say – ‘not one or two but 12 people signed sworn affidavits saying Janner buggered them – some were kids under 10. Were they all just making it up just for the hell of it?’
      It makes me crazy.

  • ferne bracken

    our only weapon is the israeli boycott, it hit tesco sales hard last year but the people must speak with the only voice they have and to not buy in jewish supermarket cartels, and buy fresh from our own farmers markets

    • Absolutely right Ferne. They are screaming like stuffed pigs. Now I only but from ALDI’s & as much as possible boycott Zionist products. However ALDI deserves a special mention because over the year you not only save an absolute fortune but the product are very decent quality & far fresher. You see their shops are so busy the shelves are being replaced every day. The fresh fruit & veg is unbelievable value. So stick that in your pipe Netanyaghu.

  • henry makow talks bollox about hitler but some of his stuff hits the nail on the head and i could tell you a lot about child abuse

    • Absolutely right again Ferne. Bollocks about Hitler but then that’s understandable. Just the other day I wrote an article asking ‘ARE WE EVER GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO FORGET THE NAZIS?’ However, everything else HM does is pretty much superb.

  • i on ly just discovered this wonderful website, if ever you are in my area please stay the night and have my eldest daughter for comfort, yoou wonderful man

    • Thank you Brian. Much appreciate that. Your name rings a bell too.
      I usually answer all comment within 24 hours but for some reason I was not given any notifications for all these comments here. I’ve only discovered them today but then the lady who built & runs my site said ‘of the 140 websites she runs, mine is by far & away the one most attacked.’ So I just have to soldier on.


    Tom Driberg was a leading Labour MP and communist activist, and Harold Wilson was narrowly chosen over both him and Lord George Brown to lead the Labour Party.

    On many occasions the House of Commons would grind to a halt as stewards would rush out to search public lavatories for Tom Driberg as he was a voracious homosexual.

    Masquerading as a christian he was part of the Sir Anthony Blunt/Greville Janner gang of boy abusers, this gang consisted of Clement Freud the Kray twins Leon Britten the amazing James Randi (Randall Zwingli) Peter Wyngarde Guy Burgess and other high profile jews.
    These men would abuse boys in leicestershire care homes and Barnados homes on a regular basis.

    When his name was called in the house of Commons and he was not there, guffaws of laughter would break out and you would hear the homosexual anthem being sung
    “Little boys are cheap today cheaper than yesterday

    small boys are half a crown, standing up or lying down

    Bigger ones for bigger dicks Biggest ones for three-and-six
    Get yours before their gone Come now try one
    sodomise them all today
    New Labour under Tony Blair D noticed Operation Ore the international investigating into online pedophilia and the Nene report which looked into massive homosexual abuse in 16 London care homes, as both named members of his cabinet
    3 New labour cabinet ministers Patricia Hewitt Harriet Harman and Margaret Hodge childrens minister supported Peter Tatchells from PIE
    ( Pedophile Information Exchange) becoming an MP and changing the law to abolish the age of consent for small boys.
    Gay parades homosexual marches and displays in schools were all funded by New labour
    Peter Mandelson a known boy abuser was made director of the NSPCC, and the jewsess Ester Rantzen put in charrge of childline.
    Experts say first incest was downgraded to a non crime, then homosexuality legalised next comes the abuse of kids being made an
    ” alternative sexuality”

    • Very interesting indeed Ferne. As I just said to Brian I usually answer all comment within 24 hours but for some reason I was not given any notifications for all these comments here. I’ve only discovered them today. I apologise.

  • what a fabulous website i love it whan dirty jews are exposed

    • Yes indeed Jo except I prefer to label them dirty scumbag Zionists! Jews have been seriously brainwashed by these bastards but I know many Jews who are on the ball & they want nothing to do with Israel & that evil, lunatic Netanyahu.

  • I see israel premier Nutenyahu is in trouble for sleeping with pre teen little boys, why ? obama and his boyfreind did this for years an no one said a damn thing

  • david

    would this not be Ian Watkins

  • John Harker

    The evil corrupt root is these BOUND – DECEIVED – FALSE PROMISED – Great Architect of the Universe, multi faith – New World Order – wolves in sheep’s clothing; worshipping Mafia like Cult known as “Free” Masons and their hierarchy the Illuminati, who are servants of Satan the god of this PERILOUS End Times world woe woe woe This evil wolf in sheep’s clothing Satanic Cult is endemic with Lords M.P.’s – Judges – Barristers – Solicitors – senior civil servants – local and central Government officials – Senior Police Officers – Prison Officers – Social Services – Media – Press – Professions – and yes Clergy even the likes of the End Times FALSE prophet Inter-Faith New World Order Satanic Mason Pope Francis and his confederate Satanic Mason Archbishop Justin Welby! woe woe woe
    Sun God Sunday Trinity of gods – lying signs and wonders Christopaganism is NOT repeat is NOT THE WAY THE TRUTH THE LIFE OF YAHSHUA MESSIAH THE LORD to the GLORY of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH! Selah
    Take a life and soul saving HEED today while today is still TODAY and from a humble ALMIGHTY Fearing SINNERS heart and mind seek mercy and repent in the name above all names YAHSHUA MESSIAH the LORD and HIS REDEEMING LOVE and Sacrificial BLOOD HE shed for you, as the FINAL Sacrificial Passover LAMB on the Tree at Golgotha in HIS victory over the god of this evil corrupt world Satan; the father of LIES and author of SIN and a murderer from the beginning; who transforms himself into an angel of “light” and changes his ministers into ministers of “righteousness” to deceive even the chosen ones if it were possible!
    Therefore, we pray you be REPROVED of your SINS today and HEED the life and soul saving TRUTH that is written in 2 Corinthians 6 Auth KIng James Bible and then HEED the eternal life and soul saving TRUTH that is written in Chapters ONE to EIGHT of Romans Auth King James Bible and we pray you be shown MERCY and receive the Revelation of YAHSHUA MESSIAH the LORD and receive HIS PEACE that passes all human understanding and HIS REDEEMING LOVE to live a new REDEEMED LIFE in the Narrow WAY of Holiness in OBEDIENCE – ABIDING- LOVE of all the eternal TRUTH of the New Covenant of FAITH by GRACE and wear the FULL armour of Ephesians 6 daily with the life and soul saving TRUTH that is written in the Two Epistles of Peter the LORD YAHSHUA’S uncle and the Epistles of James and Jude the LORD YAHSHUA’S brothers! Yes the LORD YAHSHUA was the promise of the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH to KIng David that the Messiah of the NEW COVENANT would be of his David’s SEED a man of the FLESH! Selah HEED 2 Samuel 7 Auth King James Bible
    Before I close may I leave the reader with this established TRUTH that the town of Nazareth did NOT exist in the First and Second A.D. the town was part of the Sun God worshipping murderer and dictator Roman King Constantine, who FORCED in this Sun God SUNDAY Trinity of Gods religion! This very same FORCED in act was counterfeited by the wife and son murderer Mohammed in 7 A.D. who did NOT receive the Koran verses from any Angel of the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, the worship of Moon God Allah on a Friday, is NOT the WAY the TRUTH the LIFE of YAHSHUA MESSIAH thE LORD to the GLORY of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH! Selah Also the Old Covenant Jews who reject their MESSIAH YAHSHUA, who are preparing the Priests and have the garments ready and vessels and have bred the Red Heifer for sacrifice; in the 3rd Temple that is being planned this very day in the capital Jerusalem that was declared so by Satanic Mason Illuminati Donald Trump in October 2017 the 50th year of the Jewish Jubilee! The 3rd Temple will house their Anti-messiah, who WILL be a King Solomon type figure, who also worshipped Sun Gods before he died and was an ABOMINATION before he died, HEED 1 Kings 11 Auth King James Bible! The Sataanic Masons/Illuminati highly exalt King Solomon and his FANTASY Architect Hiram Abiff, who Solomon was supposed to have risen from the grave; by the Lion’s paw hand grip, the very same grip, that the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, gives to the 3rd degree initiate – DECEIVED – FALSE PROMISED – BOUND by Oath NOT to divulge Masonic secrets on threat of being horribly killed: well I John Harker, a now set FREE Mason through the REDEEMING LOVE of YAHSHUA MESSIAH my LORD am disclosing these EVIL Satanic Oaths! The worshipful master says to the DECEIVED BOUND FALSE PROMISED initiate:- “BE RISEN FROM THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD TO THE light OF FREEMASONRY!” THAT “LIGHT” IS THE “LIGHT” OF LUCIFER aka SATAN woe woe woe COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM TODAY WHILE TODAY IS STILL TODAY AND THESE OTHER INTER-FAITH RELIGIONS THAT ARE COMING TOGETHER WITH THE E.U. FEDERAL STATE AND THE peace when the is no PEACE that WILL be declared soon by the Anti-Messiah, in the Middle East violence! They WILL all come together to worship their Anti-Messiah woe woe woe! Who is one of the other biggest advocates? Satanic Mason Illuminati Tony Blair who changed from Anglican to Roman Catholic?! NO difference hence why the likes of him Blair do continue to lead ignorant people astray with his remarks on T.V. and the Press and HEED how you vote at this coming Election, we must NOT allow ourselves to continue under the bondage of the E.U. – Farage does stand and proclaim the FACTS with no FEAR or FAVOUR at present!
    John Harker servant – soldier – pilgrim who seeks to be found worthy without SPOT and BLAMELESS on the return in GLORY soon of our LORD YAHSHUA MESSIAH! Selah

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