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A few years ago I made a video – 9/11 How best to convince people. I did this because I was well & truly miffed as to how, after 8 years, so many people still believed the official account? Maybe we weren’t putting our best foot forward. The more I thought, the more I felt this was the case, though I will say, 9/11 was unique – never had there been a false flag event of such magnitude. As well as making it all that much harder to take in, this meant there was so much more to consider.


Of course you’d be correct therefore to assume there’s that much more evidence to point the finger at the Bush administration & the dual national Zionists who pretty much ran the show. Well yes, but did we need more evidence than to simply say “hey Brian. Didn’t they look a bit like controlled demolitions?” No. I’d go as far to say the fact 9/11 was such a huge operation taking almost 9 hours (8.20am air-traffic control reports two planes hijacked – 5.00pm WTC 7 collapses – if you believe the BBC, WTC 7 collapsed at 4.35pm) meant there was not only so much more to take in but inevitably 9/11 Truthers would disagree on various aspects of the plot.


9-11 Commission!


All the media needed was some twat like Dr Judy Wood to defy demolition experts, architects & some of America’s foremost professors in particle physics by saying a futuristic laser weapon brought down the Towers. The media obviously wasted no time promoting her daft views because splitting the 9/11 Truther movement was like hitting pay dirt & also any undecided viewer watching on TV would hardly feel reassured listening to her saying something totally alien to what most Truthers believed.


Same thing with those who claimed ‘no planes hit the Towers. They were holograms!’ Holograms my arse! No one was supposed to be videoing the first plane. What. Were the sound of the engines part of the hologram too? Give me a break! Small wonder the media didn’t waste a second spreading all the misinformation under the Sun. Whether these people are genuine Truthers or simply paid stooges was of little concern to me. What I wanted to do was to emphasise that speculating over detail was not just counter-productive – it was actually playing into the hands of the true conspirators.


9-11 Mastermind

9-11 Mastermind


Why argue over detail when mountains of evidence, indeed proof, already exists? Even if Wood somehow, miraculously is right, the only thing she would have succeeded in doing is splitting the Truther movement, as well as cementing the notion in the minds of the uninitiated that we really are conspiracy loonies! Why create doubt when there isn’t any? We should concentrate on what we know. What happened at the Pentagon & WTC7 alone, along with the BBC’s screw up & Larry Silverstein’s ‘pull it’ admission, is ample. Thus my video – How best to convince people which you can find on my Homepage & under 9/11 false flags.


However, when it comes to getting the job done in 5 minutes flat, James Corbett’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory which I posted here a few weeks ago is the ultimate coup for getting people to think again. In his own inimitable way, Corbett adds humor to the proceedings & boy does it work a treat –

Needless to say, I subscribe to JC & I recieved this today. It explains how he chose to tackle the problem. I tried my best & I’m pleased with my effort but JC is an old campaigner whereas I’m just a grass root! In this episode of the Corbett report, he reflects on how humor can be such an effective tool to provide a spark to wake people up. The first 4 minutes is sensational – some of our greatest activist/comics absolutely tear it up. The whole clip though is well worth watching………….






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