The Creation of Terrorism & the Manufacture of Fear

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The Creation of Terrorism & the Manufacture of Fear

Whatsupic — Naturally the media will publicize how we’ve arrived at the quite ludicrous situation where British & European ‘Jihadists’ are fighting alongside rebel terrorists in Syria, moreover that upon returning home there lies a distinct possibility some may set up terror cells! Why not report this? After all it’s the truth! Yet why can’t people put two & two together? You see for the world it seems our very actions, this war against terror, is resulting in one thing – the ever-increasing probability of Blow-back! From the very beginning I felt Bush & Blair were doing their level best to create terrorism, almost as if taking a leaf out of Israel’s book! Throw in Obama’s insatiable appetite for Drone warfare, how could we have the effrontery to complain about terrorism when we’re very much the cause of it? 

 ‘British suicide bomber’ posing with Syrian children. (Photo: PA)

Talk about a paradoxical conflict – fight terrorism by creating it! How can it possibly be? The US & UK governments are openly supporting Rebels in Syria which consist of a hotch-potch of blood-thirsty lunatics & dare I say it members of Al Qaeda! Weren’t we supposed to be fighting these guys? Al Qaeda was blamed for 9/11 & as a result anyone affiliated with them in any way became a ‘legitimate’ target. It didn’t matter how many innocent by-standers were around – if you belonged to Al Qaeda, make no mistake, a drone could drop in for lunch! Yet all of a sudden we were helping them in Libya & now we’re doing exactly the same thing in Syria! Isn’t the media ever going to say anything about this outrageous anomaly, one minute Al Qaeda is the scourge of the planet; next minute the’re our partners? Evidently not!

Therefore one can only conclude this war on terror is a sham, a manufactured product in order to instill fear! Of course, THIS WAS THE INTENTION ALL ALONG – TO CREATE TERRORISM IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY THE AGENDA OF THE TRUE POWER-BROKERS!

Let’s go back to 2000 & examine how entrenched terrorism was. The IRA remained a problem for the British government as it was in Ireland; the Basque Separatist Movement was a thorn in the side of the Spanish. Sure there were problems in the West Bank & Gaza for obvious reasons. Even Cherie Blair, wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair said “As long as young people feel they’ve got no hope but to blow themselves up you are never going to make progress.” Of course anyone who says anything insinuating Israel could be at fault is typically bullied into retracting their statement & forced to apologize as Cherie Blair duly was! The truth is, as well as the continual annexation of Palestinian land, the Israelis have denied them the right to self-determination, the right to an army, a navy & an air-force. The Palestinians had every reason to fight. However, even though these problems were deep & profound, this was hardly bringing the world to its knees. Somewhere there’s bound to be a group of people who felt they had a genuine grievance & therefore had no option but to fight!   

Then came 9/11. Let us for the time being assume this was indeed a terrorist attack engineered by a man in a cave some 8000 miles away, where 19 Saudi hijackers, armed with box-cutters, seized control of 4 US passenger planes & then somehow they managed to overcome the most sophisticated civil air defense system in the world so that they were able to fly 3 of these planes with unerring precision into buildings even though none of the hijackers were proficient aviators! LET’S SAY THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Well since 9/11, less than 50 Americans have died as a result of terrorism. However EACH YEAR over 500,000 Americans die from heart disease; another 500,000+ die from Cancer. Fast food conglomerates nevertheless receive enormous tax breaks; the Food & Drug Administration remain as corrupt as ever, giving the go-ahead for poisons like Aspartame to be utilized in our food & drink, while genuine advances in Cancer treatment are suppressed! THERE DOESN’T SEEM TO BE ANY WAR AGAINST HEART DISEASE OR CANCER! 

But it gets even worse when one puts this all into perspective. Since 9/11 almost 5000 American citizens have been killed by law enforcement officials! Therefore one is 100 times more likely to be killed in this manner than by terrorism! In fact more people have been killed by peanut poisoning, Bee stings or by being struck by lightening, than through terrorism! Let’s for now ignore the outrageous loss of life that’s occurred as a result of 9/11 & think of the outrageous cost of this so-called war on terror.

The fact the US is $17 trillion in debt & its citizens are struggling like never before, one simply must wonder what the devil is going on? This is no longer a question of whether America has its priorities in order! Nobody can be so oblivious to the facts & figures I’ve just outlined! So what’s going on here? Since this does not make any sense & since we know those responsible for making decisions aren’t complete imbeciles, how can one make all the pieces of the puzzle fit & so correctly ascertain why we have arrived at this predicament?

Well for starters, the Bush Administration’s account of 9/11 was impossible! In fact there are so many glaring inconsistencies in the official account, it’s a wonder how the true conspirators to this day remain free! Recall the view of the right-wing Neo-Con Project for the New American Century (the PNAC Group), their assertion in 2000 that what was needed was a ‘catastrophic & catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor!’ Now the PNAC group was loaded with dual national Zionists. This is hardly surprising for it is widely considered US politicians are very much under the thumb of the all-powerful Jewish lobbies such as AIPAC & the ADL. Small wonder America has consistently unconditionally supported Israel even though Israel has broke more international laws than any other country by far! Add to this Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to 9/11 where he said ‘it is good for Israel!’

It goes without saying that had the media been independent & therefore free to investigate, then Bush & Cheney would have long since been at the end of a hangman’s noose! To this day a multitude of blatantly obvious questions remain unanswered as to how Osama Bin Laden could have carried out such a devastating attack, yet the mainstream media has merely trumpeted the pathetic & in all honesty embarrassing explanation of the official account. Therefore one can only conclude that the media too had to be complicit, for the conspirators would have known without the media they could never have pulled it off! They had to be relied upon so that contentious issues were side-stepped with waffle or avoided like the plague, as well as to make sure doubters were unpatriotic, mere ‘conspiracy theorists!’ This they accomplished with flying colors!

Newsreaders who didn’t buy the story such as 23 year veteran anchorman, the squeaky clean Dan Rather, were duly dismissed. Since the entire mainstream media consists of but 6 companies, then one can safely conclude a handful of people decide what newsreaders say. 5 of these companies are owned by Zionists; the other is Rupert Murdoch’s News International & he’s as right-wing as a Neo-con can get!  

Of course with any crime one must always take into consideration Cui Bono – who gains? Well those blamed ie Osama Bin Laden & Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein & Iraq, LOST EVERYTHING! One wonders how they could have ever been so foolish to embark on such an operation where America would surely respond with all its might? Indeed the reasons for suddenly diverting all the attention to Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction & Saddam’s links to Al Qaeda were tenuous to say the very least, yet the media trumpeted these claims as if they were gospel. Needless to say they’ve now been proven to be a pack of lies, yet has anyone been charged or sacked for such monstrosity? Hell no! No one’s even apologized! Small wonder the media continued to lie through it’s back teeth when it came to toppling Gadaffi & reducing Libya to rubble.

The penny finally dropped with Assad, though Syria has to all intents & purposes been decimated! The only thing Israel & the US have as yet failed to achieve in Syria is installing a puppet ruler! 

Yet do not for one minute believe that the chief protagonists, the US & UK, have gained one iota from all this mayhem! Forget about astronomical energy prices as a result of all the uncertainty being created in the Middle East, both countries can ill afford spending a king’s ransom on seemingly endless foreign conflicts. Yet both countries continue to do so even though our politicians keep insisting we, the people must tighten our belts! Moreover such meddling in the affairs of countries that, after all, have never attacked anyone, has pretty much destroyed any credibility the US & UK had.

There can be no question, especially for America, their foreign policy since 9/11 has resulted in seething worldwide revulsion toward them. As I said, they’re very actions are creating terrorism! So why on earth do they persist in the same vein? It all boils down to Cui Bono? Who has gained & continues to gain? Only one country – ISRAEL! 

To be perfectly honest, quite how this isn’t common knowledge, for me, is a wonder of the world! We know dual national Zionists control US politics, the mainstream media, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, even the judiciary. Therefore anything of any significance that occurs in America has to be rubber stamped by them…….. & this most definitely includes 9/11! The perpetrators had to have the media in their pocket; they had to have control of America’s civil air defense! The most basic research will alert you of Zionist plans to create ‘Greater Israel’ which involves the annexation of huge tracts of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria. The only way these goals can be achieved is by destabilizing the whole region. 9/11 WAS THE CATALYZING EVENT…….. & what better way? Attack America so that their soldiers & their money are utilized in wiping out your enemies so that you can pursue your hidden agenda? No wonder Netanyahu couldn’t contain himself when he said “9/11 is good for Israel!” IT’S THE ONLY TIME HE’S EVER TOLD THE TRUTH! 

The irony is that Al Qaeda is a figment of people’s imagination. It doesn’t exist anymore! It’s leaders are dead; it’s finances kaput! This organisation is effectively on a life-support system that is secretively sustained by the very words uttered by politicians & the media! Whenever anything untoward occurs in the world we’re forever told ‘Al Qaeda did this! Al Qaeda did that!’ Who was it who said ‘repeat a lie over & over again, soon it will become fact?’ The IRA always claimed responsibility for any attack they carried out. When are people going to question the fact that Al Qaeda never do? 

Even more galling is the undeniable truth that Al Qaeda was founded & funded by the CIA. Due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, America could not be seen to openly provide arms to the Mujahedin freedom fighters. Therefore Al Qaeda was created in order to channel money through to them. Since Bin Laden was a disgruntled Saudi billionaire who was more than keen to repel the Russian invaders from the home of his Muslim brothers, who better to become Al Qaeda’s leader? It’s amazing how the very same fighters in Afghanistan are now referred to as terrorists!

9/11 was a classic false flag event! It was designed to make uninitiated folk believe Muslims are the terrorists when the truth is they are the terrible victim; it was designed so that terrorism could be instilled as a legitimate fear when it is nothing of the sort; it was designed so that on the pretext of establishing greater security, we could be stripped of our most fundamental civil liberties. Well one cannot deny that for the true conspirators, the real power-brokers, 9/11 & the fictitious war on terror, has been nothing short of a resounding success because ALL THESE GOALS HAVE BEEN REALIZED!

Before 9/11 Major Wesley Clark said that the plan after Afghanistan was to take out 7 more countries, starting off with Iraq, then Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria & finally Iran. This plan has hit a stumbling block both due to Assad’s resilience & the fact Russia was backing him up! Perhaps due to this, Capitol Hill began having second thoughts about a confrontation with Israel’s greatest foe, Iran! It seems people too are fed up with war & more folk are waking up to the fact that Israel is the chief source of irritation in the world. For me the only question remaining is whether enough of us wake up in time so that the true power-brokers are forced to rethink their strategy & so put a stop to this nonsense?

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