The critical question about ISIS is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT & WHO IS BENEFITING?

Who wants war? Even though the vast majority of us would much prefer to live in harmony, our history is littered with wars & conflicts. Lamentably for mankind Banksters & war-mongers possess an iron clad grip over decision makers & it doesn’t look like they’re going to give it up anytime soon.



So we have this paradox & I believe the explanation lies in our genetic code ie DNA. Since 97% of our DNA is identical to the Chimpanzee, it is our closest relative. Around 3 million years ago Chimps were forced onto the open plains of the Savannah. These creatures eventually evolved to bi-pedal status & became Apes or the early Hominids, who then evolved to become our direct ancestors. The same rules applied for all creatures – those best able to adapt were more likely to procreate & so pass their successful genes on. 


Now 3 million years in geological terms is but a heartbeat yet here was a creature making the extraordinary evolutionary transformation from Chimpanzee to human in this relative short time-span. For this to happen there had to be an eruption in brain size. We evolved because we had to learn. By learning our brain size increased. This process continued so that eventually we arrived at the tip of biological complexity. Ironically, the fact our brainpower has reached this point where we are cognizant creatures, many folk today feel we are actually apart from the animal kingdom!


Now what one must consider here is our DNA had altered by 0.1% every 100,000 years. Therefore, the difference between man today & man 100,000 years ago is negligible. This includes brainpower. However, even as successful hunter/gatherers in the Stone Age life was brutish & short! The law of the jungle persisted. This meant a preponderance of aggression & greed was not just good but NECESSARY! Those born with an abundance of ‘kinder’ genes, the thinkers & the not so aggressive were actually living on borrowed time whereas those with a healthy appetite for brawn were far more likely to survive & therefore procreate.  


And herein lies the problem. Mankind’s ability to learn seemingly holds no bounds. We’re learning at an exponential rate. In the past 100 years alone what we’ve achieved technologically & scientifically is remarkable. It’s now a case of what can’t we do. However, in contrast, alteration of our DNA occurs at the pace of a snail’s funeral. Since our ancestors were flush with aggressive, greedy genes, then it is unequivocal – SO ARE WE…… & that’s why to this very day brawn triumphs over brainpower. Greed isn’t just good. Making money is the be all & end all. The business world has the identical mindset of our ancestors in the Stone Age – kill or be killed. 

If superior beings were looking down on us, they’d probably be thinking, we were like that a long time ago! Sadly we live in a world where our leaders are under the thumb of the super-wealthy, yet though this is obvious I sometimes wonder if we’re aware of the true extent of this control & the ramifications. What are they you may ask? Only a return to the days of Julius Caesar where a select few have nothing less than the ability to do whatever they want, while the vast majority of folk have no rights & effectively will be totally at the mercy of these despotic rulers. 


Netanyahu, Obama, Bush, Blair, Cameron, Hollande etc are merely mouthpieces for the super wealthy who’s goal naturally is for ultimate power – a New World Order. But how can they create a world where there’s no dissent, where individuals possess no rights? They can’t tell us they want to do this because we still have one thing that can UNDERMINE them – strength in numbers. So the only way they can achieve this is by pulling the wool over our eyes. This is why we have this ludicrous situation where the world’s greatest war-mongers, thus the very people responsible for creating turmoil & upheaval, never stop going on about the scourge of terrorism. 


So let’s try & piece this all together. Here is the crux of the problem – 

i) We know the chief goal of the Zionist Rothschild banking dynasty is for the creation of a one world government.

ii) We know America, the country at the forefront of this fictitious war on terror is in Zionist hands.

iii) The same can be said of the UK – 

Israel/Zionist control of UK government

I mean just look at this – 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel

iv) We know US corporate media is also in Zionist hands – 


v) The same can be said of the UK media – 

Near Total Zionist Jewish Control Of The British Media

Now we’ve already reached the point where alarm bells should be ringing. If you want to call this anti-Semitism as far as I’m concerned, go ahead. All you’re doing is supporting the worst gangsters in history because whether you like it or not, here’s the concentration of power that’s directly responsible for all the pain & suffering in this world. Whatever terrorism there is, it’s down to those I just referred to.


This is how they’re trying to fool us –

1) We have two indisputable facts – the Rothschild/Illuminati plan for a New World Order & Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel.


Just to confirm Israel’s penchant for land-grabbing

Land theft

   But there was a problem 

2) US intelligence agencies were asked if there existed any terrorist threat in the world. All 16 agencies reported back to Donald Rumsfeld – THERE EXISTED NO DISCERNIBLE THREAT!
3) In September 2000 A Zionist Neo-Con think tank called PNAC (Project for New American Century) released a report entitled ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences.’ It stated –

“the process for transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.”  

4) 3 months later the rigged Florida primary was enough to hand George W. Bush the presidency.
5) Within a year the PNAC group got their wish – 9/11.
6) Within two hours, every major news outlet had conducted live interviews with Zionists who all declared Osama Bin Laden & Islamic fundamentalists were responsible.
7) No one in the Zionist controlled media bothered to ask the most patently obvious question – HOW THE HELL COULD ANY OF THEM KNOW THIS? In no time it became obvious why.
8) Even though the entire US Civil Air Defense inexplicably failed to respond, the media never once mentioned this outrageous anomaly. 
9) The war on terror was declared despite the official account being riddled with glaring discrepancies.
10) While US forces pounded Afghanistan a case was being made to switch attention to Iraq. 
11) 3 Zionists, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith came up with 3 reasons to invade Iraq – Weapons of mass destruction, links to Al Qaeda & an ability to attack any city in Europe within 45 minutes.  
12) Even though there was not a shred of evidence to back up any one of these claims, for over a year the media ramped up the fear factor by relentlessly bombarding the public with these bare-faced lies.
13) General Wesley Clark revealed how just 10 days after 9/11 the decision HAD ALREADY BEEN MADE TO TAKE OUT SEVEN COUNTRIES –

14) Of course there’s no way this could have been a spur of the moment decision. 9/11 had to be an inside job.
15) And it just so happened taking out these seven countries was in accordance with Oded Yinon’s plan for the creation of Greater Israel.
16) Syria, the 6th stage of the plan hit a snag when the UK parliament voted against Cameron’s call to bomb Syria. MP’s were in no doubt – the British people had had enough of war & weren’t buying the lies. This made it easy for Obama to back off especially when a poll revealed 92% of the US public was opposed to military intervention in Syria.
17) With the ‘rebels’ void of the air support they enjoyed in Libya, Assad was able to gain the upper hand.
18) Plan B was put into motion. A shitload of US military hardware was deliberately ‘left’ in Iraq for these so-called rebels.
19) Suddenly these ‘rebels’ began seizing control of vast swathes of land in both Iraq & Syria. Incredibly, the media made nothing of the fact all this state-of-the-art weaponry simply donated the opportunity for these thugs to run riot. And we’re supposed to be fighting terrorism?
20) Instead, the media were once again up to their old tricks, ramping up the fear factor, treating the public to a series of executions & beheadings from Iraq & Syria. Some were so obviously staged it was almost laughable.
21) In no time we are told of this ‘new’ terrorist threat, one that’s even worse than Al Qaeda. Ladies & gentlemen – welcome to ISIS.
22) We were told it was essential to neutralise this new threat. We had to bomb Syria. This was merely the excuse the West needed to reestablish their original goal – bring about regime change in Syria so that a puppet ruler subservient to Israel could be installed.
23) On cue, Netanyahu who had no option but to drop talk of bombing Iran for a year (the final stage of the plan) suddenly, like a Jack in a box, was once again telling everyone how terrible Iran was. 
24) No surprise – ISIS went from strength to strength & all of a sudden the mightiest military in the world was rendered deaf, dumb & blind.
25) Several reports began surfacing that ISIS injured were being treated in Israeli hospitals. Netanyahu is seen here offering his gratitude & best wishes to them.



26) With Assad teetering on the edge, he had no option but to ask the Russians for their help.
27) Within two weeks the Russian air-force had ISIS on the run. This proved the West never had any intention of taking out ISIS. Naturally the media ignored this crucial detail. 
28) Instead they trumped the ludicrous claim that the Russians were taking out imaginary ‘moderate’ rebels.
29) The US & UK were now stuck between a rock & a hard place. If they helped the Russians, they’d be destroying Israel’s mercenary band of butchers. If they refused it would merely reinforce what many analysts felt – ISIS WAS OUR TERRORIST ORGANISATION!
30) True to form, retribution – a Russian passenger plane is blown up killing all 224 on board.
31) Within half an hour we were told it had to be ISIS. Quite how ISIS could undergo such a rapid metamorphism from mercenary killers to saboteurs that could get through airport security in a foreign land, all while being routed by the Russians………. IS SOME FEAT!  
32) Instead of the media blaming the West for creating the horrendous humanitarian crisis, we were fed the line ISIS terrorists had mingled among the refugees & were now poised to attack Europe!
33) No one asked how they could possibly know this. In any case, how were they going to bring all their firepower with them across borders?
34) Undeterred they went ahead with the Paris attacks. ISIS was blamed even though it’s inconceivable they had the time to arrange & coordinate such an attack. 
35) Once again one of the terrorists kindly brought his passport along.
36) Once again we are told all the terrorists are killed.
37) In no time UK Home Secretary Theresa May unveils plans to usher in new security laws that will further erode our fundamental rights & allow these war-mongers to label people like me as terrorists.
38) All of a sudden – LET’S BOMB SYRIA IS BACK ON THE AGENDA! 




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