The culmination of a frustrating FB day for GMM – a court case!

What a day. Approaching the 4 year mark on FB. In the beginning I requested any Tom, Dick & Harry. I wanted a cross-section of opinion so there could be some constructive discussion. Hard as I tried, the moment there was a difference of opinion, personal insults ensued, like a long tennis rally. As a result I was inundated with messages saying all sorts – people wanting to leave because of the way they were scared to say anything without being ambushed & then others would come out with “how can you have that person as a friend He’s a troll. if you don’t do this I’m going to blah blah blah. It never stopped. How I never dumped FB  I’ll never know.

Fortunately, the last 3 years on FB I had no need to request friends because the floodgates had opened. I’ll never forget the day I switched on the computer & the previous post the night before had over 7000 shares & over 1000 likes! Posts would have well in access of 500 comments. So I thought I’m going to vet every friend request. In the last 3 years as spaces opened up, I only accepted those who I felt were serious people.

Instead of seeing growth, a gradual decline ensued. At first it was really pissing me off, but then I gradually managed to ignore it and just get on with it. It was obvious FB was censoring certain people. Then I’d get messages with people who’d previously been regularly contributing saying ‘I thought you left FB’. Suddenly people who wanted to receive my posts weren’t.

Today, along with the full package of friends, there are over 1600 followers yet lately, I’ve noticed a decline in everything, except for a sharp rise in the number of comments with no relevance to the post, where many times a daft comment would be the last comment. And what I’ve had to put up with in some of the groups, today alone, it’s beginning to wear me down. so what can I do? Stick it to them? How about this?

Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie


In the dock, a mass-murderer is explaining himself. Bear in mind, this court is slightly different. Here the accused is allowed to make up any cock and bull story, literally concoct a package of fairy-tales. The families of the victims have to sit and listen to this garbage. This mass-murderer is offered an unchallenged platform to go on & on & then to add insult to injury, suddenly, the accused says. ‘Your honor. It was their fault. I was only defending myself. Isn’t this my right? If you could only see how every day these people attack me. They want to kill me & wipe me off the map. In fact your honor, the victim is guilty of the very thing I’ve been wrongly accused of.’

Now it’s the turn of the prosecution. The prosecutor gets up only for the judge to say, ‘What nasty victims we have here. Mr. Prosecutor, I don’t want to hear your side of the story. You’re not allowed to criticise this man. It would be anti mass-murderer! You don’t want me to be accusing you of being anti-mass-murderer, do you?’ Well then.’ The prosecutor says ‘but he made all these outrageous claims. Where’s the evidence? He’s alive & the people he’s accusing are all dead! The judge says ‘he doesn’t need evidence. I believe everything this man says. Can’t you see he’s telling the truth. He had to defend himself. He’s the victim. In fact you should apologise to him.’



  • denis mcgreevy

    And to think this is actually true fkn bill.what i dont get michael is you have the guts of 5000 fb friends.when you post a piece,I HAVE TO READ IT..But you only get say 20 or 30,50 maximum likes.Were the fk is the rest of your followers or friends?

    • Thanks Denis – FB ia site specifically designed to encourage social interaction actually does everything it can to suppress social interaction. After the first year on FB I had less than half the friends & 2oo likes was commonplace. Now something less than 1% of my friends ever see anything I put up but what’s so annoying is most of them want to . They requested me. i have over 1600 people right now wanting me to ‘[friend’ them. It’s ridiculous. And the thing is I’m loathed to ask people to go directly to my wall or page. Now that I have this website I want as many FB friends as possible subscribing to me here – not on FB because every time I post anything from here an email is sent to everyone who subscribes notifying them of a post. But again when I put up the info on FB it reaches so few people. it’s rather soul-destroying because of the hours I have to put in but I won’t stop. they may get me down – never out!

  • Linda

    Can I say Michael, when I first became your friend you articles were in my notifications and appeared on my page. Now if it wasn’t for the fact I get them straight into my email box I have to search right through Israel Deceit And Lies and it takes ages to find your piece. The only notification I get is that you have posted in Israel Deceit and Lies so people are just not being reached. At one point I thought you had left or been blocked. So something dodgy is going on. I share your articles everywhere, always brilliant, always on the nail.

    • denis mcgreevy

      Indeed linda.i get them straight to email alerts,the

    • Yes Linda – what you say has been the case with several people. Just the other day the person who for years told me to start writing on FB in the end opened an account for me in March 2011. I didn’t use it till Oct 2011 and then something happened – a couple of posts; few more friends. Before the end of the year 50 likes & every day it increased. after 6 months my friend said, hope it keeps going up. A year later I had 30,000 hits a day! Both of us felt if things were left to their own volition the sky was the limit. I never courted friendship. i never held back on my views. i put my money where my mouth was , telling people, THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN! And almost to a fault every prediction I made was spot on – a year before the last election in the UK I said Cameron will get in again because they will cheat. Right up until the last minute they’ll make out its close & then bang – they’ll say ooohh. what a surprise – Cameron majority. No mention of the Paedophiles or the Chilcot inquiry, the fact he’s made an enemy out of Russia for no good reason? Anyway thank you for your support. What I must do is try & get people to subscribe here. If there’s a good way of doing this please tell me.

  • Gord Tyrrell

    i found out about Facebook bubbles a month ago . FB filters your post you see so only people who agree with your opinions . it keeps us in a little box where we can not spread truth to sheople.

  • Sheila Burns

    I think the reason for the decline of comments is because people are in denial of what’s happening or they agree with you but have no idea what to do with the situation.In America Jade Helm 15 is on the brink of kicking off and still no active response from people who should have Obama kicked out by now.America bought 30000 guillotine and have fema camps all over the place ,no doubt intended for the Christian population .And also as you pointed out the internet is full of shills which people turn a blind eye too.Until something serious does happen that affects the whole world I believe people will continue to turn a blind eye.

    • Indeed Sheila. And for me the greatest problem is virtually no one in America is saying who’s behind all this. Obama hasn’t any power. He shouldn’t have ever been President, the way the last few elections have been so rigged, my God! What I do feel is America is the key. If you go, we go. If Americans can somehow take their country back & immediately seize control of all media outlets so that once & for all the dual national Zionists can be exposed, then it becomes a situation where the terrible hunter will become the hunted. You need the military.

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