The Dollar Vigilante – Bilderberg, media silence, Treason & hell in Aleppo

Thanks to Tony Crane for this 7 minute clip. What’s significant here is how alternative media is being harassed & threatened by Police who are perfectly happy to behave like thugs. How can this be? WE PAY THEIR WAGES! SINCE WHEN WERE POLICE USED AS BOUNCERS SO THAT THE GREATEST CROOKS ON THE PLANET CAN PLAN THEIR EVIL DEEDS? The Bilderberg group & those invited are meeting in secret to decide policy on the sly. Apart from making a complete mockery of democracy, all those involved are committing Treason, plain & simple. So what are they discussing?


1) What NATO must continue to do in order to provoke Russia into a military conflict 
2) How to go about amalgamating the armed forces of Britain, France & Germany into a European outfit.
3) Making sure terrorists like ISIS & Al Qaeda are tooled up to the hilt so that they can continue to destabilise Syria
4) Discuss the possibility of more false flag events like Paris & Brussels or perhaps another major one like 9/11.
5) Rigging US elections so lunatic Hillary Clinton becomes President
6) Discuss how they’re going to screw Iran so that Israel can realise Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel.
7) Rigging any vote to leave the EU
8) Spell out & perhaps fine-tune mainstream media’s tactics so that they can continue to lie to us effectively.




I don't think so


It doesn’t take rocket science to work out why these meetings are held in secret. Of course, no prizes for guessing why alternative media is desperately trying to do mainstream media’s job. But then, THE MSM IS THERE…. BUT NOT TO REPORT! THEY’RE ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS! The MSM is very much part of the Bilderberg group & I’ll say it one more time – mainstream media is our enemy every bit as if we were facing each other in the trenches! At the end of this clip we’re given the advice to not listen to the MSM. That’s good advice. However, my GMMuk FB page has this on it for a reason – I like to think laterally……

If you really do have a yearning for the truth there’s a simple rule worth sticking to – WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS, IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

I particularly like the bit about Tony Gosling who used to work for the BBC but quit to work for alternative media. He said the EU itself was a brainchild of the Bilderberg group & that the chances are we won’t be allowed to leave even if we want to! Just want to thank these brave guys who go out there & do it. They’re the real heroes.



Thanks to Tony Crane for this one too. I thought I’d slip this 4 minute clip in also because this is a classic example of how the MSM deliberately withholds news when it suits them. Of course such is the situation where so many lies are being told, the media often has no option but to rely on people being incapable of putting 2 & 2 together.
First a quick recap: The media went out of their way to label refugees, migrants. Then instead of lambasting Western governments for creating this very crisis, the age-old method of setting ordinary folk against each other, Divide & Conquer, once again was put into motion. If only people realised how the media plays them! No mention of how the ‘migrants’ never wanted to leave their country. The only reason they did is because they were forced to.


Fleeing bombs

With the West helping Israel implement Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel, once again, the Zionists kill two birds with one stone – we’ve created this humanitarian crisis so that Israel gets what it wants & the Zionist controlled media are then able to create civil unrest through the influx of refugees into Europe, also getting what it wants. Many, including myself, believe all these so-called terrorist acts are in fact Mossad planned, false flag events designed to paint refugees & Muslims in a bad light.
The last thing the media does is factor in how these poor, desperate folk must feel having lost everything. So it can hardly be a surprise many have had enough. With the media deliberately inciting Islamophobia, knowing it would fire up far-right fringe groups, it seems for the world, the plan all along was to create civil unrest & show everyone ‘here. Look at all these crazy Muslims causing trouble wherever they go!’
Now watch this clip & see what’s happening in Paris right now & ask why has the media suddenly gone quiet? Full blown riots all over the place! Normally, this would be plastered on our screens. There can only be one explanation – since media barons are very much part of the Bilderberg group, what’s of the utmost importance is making sure the EU does not break up. So, with the UK less than two weeks away from it’s bent referendum, the last thing they need is publicity that makes people think ‘maybe we should just get the hell out of this EU.’ The fact the media is not reporting any of this PROVES THE WHOLE COUP IS BENT!






I thought it would be a good idea to include June 7 edition of UK Column News. I love all the people who appear on this show but Brian Gerrish & Patrick Henningsen are two of the best. There’s a list below of what is discussed but I want to refer to what’s said from 29.30 – 32 minutes – how the UK military is being merged into a European force.
Okay. Fine. If this is what our politicians think we should do, why is this all being done on the quiet? Surely, on a matter of such gravity ABOVE ALL, THERE HAS TO BE DEBATE! I’m sorry. I don’t care what side you’re on. If you don’t agree we all have a right to know what’s going on, then you’re a complete fool! Brian calls it as I do – this is Treason & everyone involved should be taken & shot!
Also from 40 minutes on the guys discuss the utter nonsense we’re being told about Syria. The truth is the West has used the recent peace deal merely to revamp & re-arm the terrorists so that once again the fighting has resumed. Patrick so rightly calls this US led coalition the biggest fraud in history. Of course the last thing the West wants is Syria to stabilize & that’s ultimately what will happen if there’s no war.
I do disagree with Patrick who says Saudi Arabia & Qatar are sponsoring the terrorists. These two countries do what they’re told. If they’re helping financially it’s because they have no option. Moreover, what have they got to gain from destroying Syria? The chief players behind this are Israel & the dual national Zionists in America. The creation of Greater Israel depends on annexing Syria. The only way Israel can have total control of Syria is if Assad is toppled & a puppet ruler is installed. That’s what this is all about – GREATER ISRAEL!


UK Column News


START	D-Notice as British Military personnel are told to vote Remain
3:00	Armed Forces of the EU : & rapid transnational disintegration
7:40	BBC disseminates propaganda lies in #EUReferendumPsyOp
10:20	the role of Boris Johnson as a foil to dominate the Brexit camp
15:30	NATO expansionism & Western ambitions to dismantle Russia
19:00	Lithuanian ‘Iron Wolf Brigade’ reminiscent of WWII Operation
21:20	Michael Fallon spins idiotic self-aggrandising lies of wild fantasy
25:10	reduction of British Forces to a level suitable for E.U. vassalage
33:00	Military fitness exams to be rewritten to destabalise UK Army
40:50	Special Forces fighting inside Syria alongside Al Qaeda rebels
43:40	terrorist “Moderate Opposition” fighters siege Syrian civilians
45:50	United States asks Russia to stop its offensive against Al Qaeda



Well said


Finally note on 41.15 the outrageous headline from 21st Century Wire –

SYRIA: US requests protection for Al Qaeda as terrorist atrocities in Aleppo escalate by Vanessa Beeley


As the boys rightly point out the lies we’re being told are so blatant & obvious, yet the media says nothing. Well, here’s a 3 minute clip that once again I have to thank Tony Crane for. Watch this because your taxes are being used to do this, both in America & the UK!



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