The Dumbing-down Process: Have We Passed the Point of No Return?

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The Dumbing-down Process: Have We Passed the Point of No Return?

Whatsupic — I’m frankly amazed so many of the more intelligent friends and acquaintances I have to all intents and purposes are oblivious to what’s really occurring in politics and the media. It’s as if their brains switch off as soon as mainstream media opens an orifice, most especially on matters of foreign policy. Maddening to say the very least how the same folk who so readily utter the words ‘aaahh you can’t believe what the papers say’ seemingly remain incapable of working anything out for themselves. 

For instance 88% of the Syrian people voted for Assad whereas less than 1 in 4 UK voters chose Cameron as leader, yet no one admonishes Cameron for having the temerity to say Assad must go? After a decade of a war on terror, what does it take for people to realise that Israel, Saudi Arabia, US and UK are in cahoots with the most evil Islamic extremists such as Al Qaeda & ISIS in order to create terrorism? Yet the Zionist axis of evil is allowed to have its cake and eat it, forever vociferously moaning about terrorism. Forget about having an unchallenged media platform to spout garbage day in and day out, the other side of the story never gets so much as a look in! 

Moreover, so far Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have been destroyed. Syria, Lebanon and Yemen are in the process of being destroyed. 6 down, 1 to go as General Wesley Clark told us all those years ago – ‘7 countries are going to be taken out’ and they all just happen to be countries Israel doesn’t like. That’s lucky! Well you’d think so because so few people ever stop and think that the only ones truly suffering are Arabs and Muslims! This is stating the obvious yet so few seem capable of putting 2 & 2 together. All it requires for 80% of people in the West to forget about any Arab suffering is for the media to say anti-Semitism is on the rise. I’m fed up with having to say those bemoaning the fact that what’s occurring in the region doesn’t make any sense, in the same breath support those who are largely responsible for creating the chaos. It seems for the world the media has a hypnotic effect even upon relatively intelligent folk.

Incredible too how people have such short memories. Do you remember how Tony Blair was made to look a complete wally by a lady in the street? Blair was out in the open, in the midst of an election campaign when she steamed in complaining about the NHS being deliberately run down. When Blair tried to counter with the obligatory bull, she turned the screws putting him properly in his place. It was beautiful. Media barons inextricably linked to those who control our politicians, quickly realised interaction of this sort was highly detrimental so they’ve virtually eliminated any possibility of ‘their’ man ever again being made to look decidedly foolish. Perfect Zionist puppets like Cameron are now protected to the hilt, shielded from any embarrassing situations. But try telling that to the people! Most have no idea the level of collusion between politicians & media distends to such chronic proportions. 

I reckon 5 minutes on live TV is all I need to make Cameron look like a lost fart in a gasbag. How’s this? “From what I see Mr Prime Minister, the Paedophiles in parliament are still there. Yes indeed sir. Some of our law-makers like molesting children. What do you have to say about that?” After the usual claptrap I’d counter any Cameron waffle with “but you said you wouldn’t leave a stone unturned? Never mind any gardening – you left the whole edifice intact! And what about the Chilcott inquiry? It’s gathering dust as are the Black Boxes of Malaysian flight MH17. Mr PM – what would you say to the people of the UK if a British plane was shot down over Ukraine but the Black Boxes were inexplicably sent to Malaysia and the data was then deliberately withheld for over 6 months?”….. Somehow me thinks Mr. Cameron would be a touch tongue tied and twisted to say the very least. 

Mainstream media’s lies may well have reached epidemic proportions but I believe a considerable portion of media power lies in their ability to say nothing. What do you think would have occurred if right from the word go the media questioned Cameron’s incomprehensible stance on Russia? I mean we’ve made an enemy out of a super-power for no good reason for crying out loud and the media behaved as if this was business as usual. Whenever I tell people ‘when Cameron came to power we were on friendly terms with Russia. Well, now we’re enemies. Are you entirely happy with that?’ I can’t tell you the amount of times people have said “Oh yeah. You’ve got a point there” as if I’ve told them something special. This merely confirms my long-held belief the media tell the uninitiated when to get angry & what to get angry about!

What’s every bit as annoying is putting pen to paper trying to explain all this. Often, bizarrely, the central theme of people’s criticism is being too opinionated. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, after all, whenever anyone puts pen to paper at what point is one not expressing an opinion? How far does one’s research or one’s thought process have to delve to constitute more than an opinion? There will always be people who say mere conjecture regardless of how much evidence one collates. I don’t have to hard evidence or proof to say Zionists were behind Cameron’s decision to make an enemy out of Russia. Why? Because of what I said earlier – the media totally ignored that Cameron was doing this. Well, it goes without saying the vast majority of the British public would be livid with Cameron for pursuing such a dangerous, daft policy and since the media is owned by Zionists, why would they cover up such crass stupidity, even treachery if they weren’t the ones behind it? All I’ve done is connect the dots and I don’t care what anyone says. For me I’ve arrived at the only logical conclusion. Where’s the proof indeed!

This in fact is an integral reason we now find ourselves in such a dire predicament. While the entire mainstream media is allowed to make up a pack of lies and is thus able to initiate wars, woe betide if you’re able to see the wood from the trees. Your conscience compels you to write but often it’s tantamount to stepping into an arena where daggers are drawn – ‘oh you can’t say that!…. WHY BLOODY WELL NOT! Ordinary folk are being taken for an almighty ride and the chances are it’s going to get a lot worse. I’m not asking anyone to read my work. I’m merely saying what I believe is true. Ultimately one’s work is judged by viewership. Controversy may initially raise ratings but when this begins to border sensationalism, one runs the risk of alienating readers. Therefore one is obliged to strike a balance. But these are heady times so I’ll be damned if I’m going to hold back. 

If by now you haven’t worked out the greatest gangsters in history are calling the shots, then you’re unwittingly part of the problem. The sad truth is most people are unaware our fundamental rights are in grave jeopardy but it’s hardly a surprise so many have become victims of what’s been a long-standing agenda by the wealthiest and most influential to become despotic lords of the planet. In order to achieve their despicable goals it was essential people had as little reason as possible to question. Was it Thomas Jefferson who said “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Political correctness, the dumbing-down process – call it what you like – how dare anyone tell me what I can or cannot say. If I’m a blithering idiot people will react accordingly by taking a wide berth. If I make sense people will tune in. I’ve got no problem with constructive criticism. In fact I welcome it. Don’t tell me I’m wrong; tell me why I’m wrong. After all, it’s impossible to always be right!


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