The Elites are Crazy – Alex Jones interviewing Dr Paul Craig Roberts

The guts of this clip is from 7 – 23 minutes when Dr Paul Craig Roberts tries to make head or tail of American foreign policy. Of course, how can one make any sense of this madness where Russia particularly is being accused of all sorts of diabolical things. Knowing why the power-brokers are doing this? You tell me. What I know is what’s needed – Americans have to somehow take their country back. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve said who’s really in control. It wouldn’t matter all that if they were doing some good but the harsh reality is these Zionists are complete lunatics.




In this clip Roberts says “the only media the West has is alternative media – the rest of it is the ministry of propaganda”. Obviously he’s right. To have a media this full of shit takes some believing? We know they’re lying through their back teeth & therefore whoever owns the media has plenty to answer for. And we know who commands ungodly influence in Washington DC. You only have to look at who’s desperately trying to derail the recent agreement with Iran. The time is long since overdue to start naming & shaming these crazy people because I’ll bet now, those pushing it to the max have all booked their place in underground bunkers.


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