The fact so few people have any idea RON PAUL would have defeated Obama by the biggest landslide in the history of US politics is a testament of media power.

Had the US Presidential elections not had the skullduggerous hand of Zionism all over it, Obama would never have been President. RON PAUL was the people’s choice & I’m convinced had the elections been fair, in 2012 RP would have won by the greatest landslide in the history of US politics. If you don’t believe me check out the video below & tell me Mitt the shit won Nevada & Newt Gingrich came second……..






I predicted it would happen before the first primary. It was obvious Ron Paul should have won by a landslide. All the other candidates together never had the support RP had. You could see it in the rallies alone. Then when you saw how the media went out their way to undermine RP, it couldn’t have been more obvious the 2012 GOP election was rigged from top to bottom but frankly if I know this in London & RON PAUL was never so much as mentioned by the contemptible BBC, quite how every American doesn’t realise just how RP was robbed of the Presidency TWICE, is beyond me. Anyone who doesn’t think US elections are rigged think again. See who really won Nevada!


RON PAUL on the Internet showed an altogether different picture to the one the media created. In fact the interest was far greater than the 65.91% below. On the Internet there was literally 90%+ interest for RP. All the other candidates weren’t worth a bar of soap!

Voter fraud!

Voter fraud!



This says it all


RP rocks!




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