The fictitious war on terror – ISIS is run by Israel

Vladimir Putin –

“if you would like to stop the flow of migrants into Europe; if you want them to live in their own countries, then you must return sovereignty to those countries where it has been taken away.” (3.30)


I’d go a touch further & say stop bombing the shit out of them. How would we like it? The countries we’re destroying never caused us any grief. They attacked no one. No surprise, therefore, the vast majority of folk in so-called coalition nations are opposed to utilising their military in far off lands. On this basis alone, I believe politicians who even suggest regime change should at the very least be disbarred from ever holding office. If I had my way, the John Bolton’s of this world would be strung up. Nations have to be left to solve their own problems. What’s the point of having national boundaries for crying out loud?
Not only do most of us vehemently oppose Western foreign policy, what’s so sickening is the manner in which our politicians pay scant regard to how we feel. How can this be? They’re supposed to represent us. They’re our servants. We pay their wages yet on the gravest of all issues, war, they couldn’t give a toss about what we think!….. Oh but wait. It gets worse. You cannot even be excused for thinking this particular brand of Mickey Mouse democracy may be down to the fact those in higher office know what they’re doing & mere mortals ie the people, simply cannot see the bigger picture. This is total, utter nonsense.
That piece of excrement Blair got away with it by saying – ‘sometimes you’ve got to make tough decisions’ – typical media spin bullshit! Why? Because all of us make tough decisions. Often our children’s lives depend on our judgement. For Blair though, there was no downside. In fact he knew full well if it all went pear-shaped he’d be looked after come what may. Well……am I wrong? Look what’s happened. Blair lied to go to war. Millions died as a result. His tough decision proved to be a cataclysmic disaster. Oh, but there’s worse. HIS TOUGH CHOICE WAS ILLEGAL! It was simply a question of whether he had wanted to become a multi-millionaire war criminal. When we make tough decisions, 99.9% of the time, breaking the law never enters the equation.
Worse still: This senseless mass-murder & destruction served no purpose whatsoever for the interests of the people of the US, UK, Canada, France & all other Euro nations coerced into employing their military abroad. America is squandering a king’s ransom while the UK & Euro nations are wasting chunks they can ill-afford to lose. Yet for nearly 10 years, our bent, war-mongering politicians have insisted we have to tighten our belts. Austerity still rules to this day. How can this be? I just can’t believe these vermin continue to get away with this baloney. Isn’t someone ever going to say ‘how come there’s always more money for war?’
But it gets even worse: Crazy as it is, not only these policies have no upside; we’re creating the very hatred we’re supposed to be nullifying! From where I’m sitting, Western Politicians are doing their level best to create terrorism. What do they honestly expect when we kill millions of innocent civilians & create a refugee crisis the likes of which the world’s never seen? As I said, the mind boggles – we’re opposed to these wars; we can’t afford them; we’re struggling to support ourselves yet due to this madness, the very people responsible are faced with the dilemma of having to deal with the humanitarian catastrophe they engineered. I guarantee – the Divide & Conquer merchants are laughing at us.
Now, if you wish to unravel this conundrum as to why all this carnage is taking place when it makes no sense whatsoever, all you have to do is ask – WHY DOESN’T THE MEDIA APPLY ANY PRESSURE? Say just some of things I’ve just said! If I know this then so do 1000’s of journalists. I promise – if the media did what they’re supposed to do, there’s no possible chance successive Western governments could continue with this lunacy. The media is the tool that allows the West to get away with barbaric mass-murder & then adding insult to injury, it has the effrontery to blame the very people we’re massacring.
However, not only does the entire corporate media ignore the truth, it then fabricates news out of thin air so that all the brainless dumbos out there continue to believe there actually exists a genuine terrorist threat. Before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld received the findings of 16 US intelligence agencies – each & every one decreed there was no discernible threat ANYWHERE! THAT’S WHY THE ZIONISTS PLANNED & EXECUTED 9/11! We’re the terrorists! The only people being slaughtered are Muslims, Arabs & Christians.
So, why is the media so deceitful? Why does it not admonish Western nations for adopting & steadfastly continuing such a destructive course of action, even though nothing positive has occurred? THERE HAS TO BE A DEFINITIVE REASON! Naturally, the answer lies in who owns the media. Here ya go……..



Of course I could give you a step-by-step run down on who owns or controls each & every newspaper, radio stations too. That’s mere detail. What you’ve got to understand is none of this shit could be happening if what I say is wrong! You do the homework. I’ve already done mine. The harsh reality is, if it’s not in our interests to do what we’re doing, then our politicians have been bought. THERE’S NO OTHER EXPLANATION! Since virtually all the Tory party are members of the Conservative friends of Israel; since there are 80 odd Labour MP’s who’ve signed up to Labour friends of Israel & most significantly, since THERE ARE NO SUCH GROUPS FOR ANY OTHER COUNTRY, how can it even be news that we’re pulverising nations that Israel wants to see destroyed?


And here are the ISIS, DAESH, call them what you like, mercenaries that Mossad controls….. (14.29)



Apart from all I’ve said & the fact Israel is the only country gaining from all this chaos, there are two major smoking guns that more than lend credence to what I’m saying. First, Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan for the creation of Greater Israel……
…… then from the horses mouth – the plan all along was to take out 7 Arab Muslim nations. Wesley Clark said this just a few weeks after 9/11. Therefore all this had to have been in accordance with Yinon’s plan. Only the brain-dead do not concede America is totally in the hands of dual national Zionists. In this clip the General spills the beans…… (2.12) I suppose it’s pointless asking why this ground-breaking, earth-shattering video clip has never been shown on mainstream media.



HERE’S THE TRUTH (3.05) – 


Israeli hospital – Netanyahu showing his respect for an ISIS mercenary.






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