The fix is in. Independent poll states 67% want Corbyn. Don’t let the warmongering liars cheat us

Everybody knows I want Jeremy Corbyn to win the election. We know the establishment hates him; we know he supports the Palestinians; we know those undermining him in the Labour Party belong to what should be an illegal group, the Labour Friends of Israel. Therefore, with the deck so terribly stacked against him, I’m amazed JC is not using all the weapons he has. Virtually the whole country is opposed to our pro-Zionist, warmongering foreign policy, most especially the inexplicable stance we’ve adopted regarding Russia? Why isn’t JC saying anything about this?
How can this make any sense? There can be only one explanation – JC’s been told – mention foreign policy at your peril. Don’t think this is pie-in-the-sky. You can be sure this is what’s occurred because nothing else makes sense? Also this is exactly how Zionists operate – if they can’t bribe, they threaten. The Globalists have already sunk their teeth into our political process & done so to the extent our opposition leader can be warned off. We simply cannot allow this ridiculous state of affairs to continue. In the link below you’ll see JC giving a rousing speech yet he fails to mention Syria or Russia. He’d have set the crowd alight if he talked about foreign policy. Come on now.


Do not for one minute think Theresa May had anything to do with the decision to call a snap election. She’s nothing! She merely does what she’s told. She most certainly does not represent you or me. In fact, in a fair & just world she’d be arrested, tried & jailed for Treason. She works for a cartel of Zionist bankers who want to see the creation of Greater Israel & eventually the establishment of a one world government that’s controlled by the Rothschild banking dynasty. Theresa May is simply one of their agents.
As are those who work in the mass media. The harsh reality is you & I will never hear the truth if it hurts the establishment. Since those in control are the greatest gangsters in history, today, hearing the truth is limited to the time & date. Hot on the heels of the media’s bare-faced lies about Russian aggression, Syrian war crimes & Assad gassing his own people, the latest offering of pure unadulterated Zionist tripe is the Tories have a double digit lead in the polls. This is one humongous lie!  
Once again the dreaded establishment is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Not that I need to prove what liars they are. Most people know but just look at this independent poll. It’s the exact opposite of what the media will have you believe. Truth is the British people are literally gagging for a politician who’s not in the pockets of bankers. Jeremy Corbyn is one of the few who’s never sold out. This is who the vast majority in the UK want, not Theresa May.


The media’s job is to make people believe the Tories are ahead in the polls. Why? BECAUSE THEY INTEND TO CHEAT & when they do cheat enough people would have been programmed into believing Corbyn never had a chance & so when anyone screams blue murder after the Tories are handed a majority on a silver plate, a result that would be nigh on impossible if the election was a fair one, nothing much will be made of it. They’ll say sour grapes. That’s the plan.
For the crooks, it doesn’t matter how many votes Labour actually receive. When we vote Labour, individually it counts for nothing. We have to know our power collectively. But how are we to know how many people voted for Labour if the vote counting is rigged from top to bottom? Also the conspirators have all the bases covered with the media, police & judicial system who are all set to say & do nothing when people scream foul. So it’s obvious the fix is already in. How do I know this? Because these are the latest Betfair odds & the odds never lie. 

Tory win with majority – 1/6

No majority – 7/1

Labour majority – 55/1

Now ask yourself – is anyone pleased with the job the Tories are doing? Only millionaires, Zionists & blithering idiots! It seems impossible they could increase their majority yet the odds state they’re a certainty to do so. This means the decision has already been made. Of course they want the Tories to have a big majority in order for May to justify ushering in laws similar to the NDA Act where anyone can be arrested & detained indefinitely without trial or legal representation. This is what the Zionists want because they need to outlaw the BDS movement & eliminate any criticism of Israel. Now look at this poll which has JC on a whopping 67%. Yes. You heard it – 67%! Theresa May doesn’t have 1 in 4 voters. Tell me you don’t think you’re being played. Tory majority my arse!



Now look how they’re rigging everything so that it’s all plain-sailing for Theresa May. No debates. Here’s yet another paradox. We have an election where everything’s in Theresa May’s favor yet she’s too chicken shit to even debate? So much for being a strong leader! Hardly surprising though. The last thing they want to talk about is war & the fact that the British people two years ago were dead against any military intervention overseas.
What people perhaps need to understand is the rigging of this election started the day JC became Labour leader. From the word go the media have worked overtime brainwashing the uninitiated by insisting JC was unelectable. The facts though tell a completely different story – 34 years an MP for Islington North, JC inherited a 5000 majority. He’s turned that into a 20,000+ majority! How’s that unelectable when the people he serves want him back all the time?
Then there’s all this garbage about JC being a weak leader at a time when we need a strong one. What people need to realise is, firstly, a strong leader isn’t one that indiscriminately bombs other countries because Netanyahu tells you to. THAT’S A WEAK LEADER! Moreover, no country is about to attack the UK. This is why the media keep ramping up the fear factor. They’re desperate for people to believe we’re under threat. Nothing could be further from the truth. No one’s going to attack us unless we play silly buggers with Russia which is precisely what May & the Tories are doing.
What we have to do now is make ourselves ultra busy. We have to let them know we’re aware of the outrageous bias, the fact there’s no debate between May & Corbyn, no mention of foreign policy & above all, we have to talk about election fraud. Why are independent polls saying JC is miles in front? Surely if elections are rigged in America, THEN THEY’RE RIGGED HERE TOO! It’s imperative we let them know, that we know exactly what their intentions are.
Remember, the fix was in for Hillary. Trump, at one time, was an even bigger outsider than Corbyn. In fact on the day of the US Presidential election you could have backed Trump at 20/1! That means in the last minute they realised it would be a bad idea to cheat. In short, way too many people knew the fix was in & so they got cold feet. If we do the same & get behind Corbyn, you watch the odds change dramatically.



  • Ron Wright

    I hear what you are saying and it’s much as I’m thinking. But just to play devils advocate, how can JC do anything differently from May? You say that he’s been warned off talking about foreign policy and is doing what he is told. Then he will do as he is told in other matters too and so it makes no difference which puppet hold the title of UK PM.

    • It’s step by step Ron & Neil. Of course you’re right. The Zionists have no option but to keep pursuing their agenda. They can ill-afford to go backwards because more people will realise they’re the bastards behind everything. Therefore they will do as you say. The thing is though – each time this happens it will encourage more & more people to speak out. This is not about fixing all our ills. We’ve taken centuries to get into this mess. We have to pay a big price no matter what. It’s all about exposing Zionist coercion & treachery. One step at a time.

  • Neil Unwin

    I agree Ron. The Establishment (Bankers, Corporations, Zionists etc) rule & control this country, & have done since 1979 (Thatcher).. Having said that, Id much rather see a decent person like JC as PM instead of those we`ve had for the last 38 years..

  • Jo

    You are right. I have been taking screen shots of that poll and posting it everywhere. The media always quotes yougov polls but they can be voted on multiple times by the same person so you can’t get accurate results. The itv poll could only be voted once per person/facebook account there was another poll on polirants too with JC leading. I feel (I may be wrong ) that he is being very careful in regards to Russia Syria and Israel because he doesn’t want to start a war with the usa before the vote. His oppositions to those particular things pit him directly at odds with them and it is his way of reducing the inevitable daily fail and scum newspapers (rags) sensationalist headlines saying he is a sell out. See it as damage control. I believe he shares my view of the pen being mightier than the sword and once in power he will take action to oppose the actions of the usa and Israel without jumping feet first into a fight aka fight now ask questions later. He has to be careful because he is constantly accused of being anti semitic because he’s not one. He just opposes apartheid and making innocent people suffer. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now tbf

    • I agree Jo though I feel he’s treading a bit too carefully. He really needs to take the gloves off & he most certainly should start talking about the bias of the media & the distinct possibility of election fraud.

  • Interesting view, except, you say the bookies odds never lie, how I wish I had a few hundred on the Brexit vote, the bookies got it BADLY wrong. There are so many accusations of ‘rigged’ voting, that is no more than an assumption, no-one ever comes up with a ‘how-to’ explanation. I have two friends that are election counters. Believe me they KNOW for certain who has won their long before the public do, or are you suggesting they are also all under the zionist power? If the election is rigged, how is it achieved? Far too much propaganda and conspiracy theories that abound is believed by too many without a shred of ‘factual’ proof. One example is the supposed non-existent moon landing, The theorists slunk back into their boltholes when the actual flag left on the moon was photographed – or will you say that is untrue?

    • Look. I only write what I feel & the only reason I do that is because I know the media is lying through it’s back teeth. But I’m glad you’ve mentioned the Brexit vote. Nearly everyone I spoke to wanted out. The general feeling up & down the country was people were fed up with the EU. Yet the polls suggested a totally different story, just like they’re doing with Corbyn. So don’t ask me to prove everything. I never asked you to read my work. You work it out for yourself!

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