The Function of the Law is to keep those who hold Power, in Power – Gerry Spence

Each year our civil liberties are slowly but surely being eroded while the US & UK Police forces are being given more power. All this is occurring on the back of a fictitious war on terror, engineered by the very people who are dismantling our fundamental rights. But let’s for argument sake say this phony war on terror is genuine. If so, in the UK one is nevertheless far more likely to be killed by a Policeman than a terrorist. However, sitting next to a terrorist could be the very essence of tranquility in America because over there one is 50 times more likely to die at the hands of a Police Officer! Therefore, whichever way you cut it, it’s unequivocal – on the back of a not so serious threat our basic rights are being stripped away so that a far more dangerous threat can become an even greater one!

Damn right 1 –

Damn right 2 –

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