The GMMuk proclamation: If you yearn for the truth whatever the media says believe the exact opposite!

The media is deliberately misleading the public into believing Jeremy Corbyn does not represent the people of the UK – both the young & the elderly. It is imperative people do not allow the media to rule their mind. Their ability to do this is the only thing they’ve got. Of course they’re going to cheat if it gets to the election. In fact along with their relentless lies, they’re planning how to cheat now. If you watched Corbyn’s excellent speech, which may I say is the only conference speech by a leader that I’ve ever wanted to watch, he alerted us as to how the Tories were planning a massive bout of gerrymandering which is another word for blatant election fraud. We’re up against it because those in control can do what they like. Therefore the last thing we need is for people to believe what the media says. Thanks to Catherine Ebard for this  



Of course you won’t see the media highlight anything like this – 

British Jews challenge community leaders over Corbyn –


JC & Jews


In the meantime over the other side of the pond 60% of Americans don’t trust their mass media – Gallop poll


Well now we know it folks! 33% of the people trust the media a fair amount. That means a third of Americans are totally brainless. So there’s a severe problem with the 7% who trust the media a great deal because that means 1 in 15 Americans are mentally retarded. I’d love to know who fairs better – the UK or the US. Me thinks there ain’t much in it!




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