The Heroin trade & a cool trillion in rare Minerals in Afghanistan

Yesterday I heard a report on RT about how the Heroin trade in America is going through the roof. Believe it or not, today 80% of the world’s Heroin comes from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. How corrupt & contemptible can the media be to ignore the fact before the invasion the Taliban had altogether brought an end to the production of Heroin. This country, 15 years later, remains an occupied nation. Therefore anything that goes in or out on a large scale is down to the fact the US military has been instructed to allow such ‘trade’ to proceed.



What can one say about the sorry state of the human race? To have made such monumental scientific & technological strides is a testament to mankind’s ingenuity yet like blithering idiots we find ourselves governed by the worst people imaginable. Like having Charles Manson at the helm, multiply 1000 fold & you have a conglomeration of the greatest gangsters in history! Compounding the situation is the fact these crooks effectively decide what the media says. Small wonder, whenever I write some idiot tells me I’m a paranoid conspiracy freak! Oh well – onward we march……


War lobbies!

So no surprise – the war on drugs US politicians declared all those years ago was actually made by the same guys who are the greatest drug dealers on the planet! Yet it’s questionable what the biggest joke is – this or the so-called war on terror? You see those who committed 9/11 are the only ones gaining from it. Those responsible blamed their enemies & as a result the country that was attacked is doing the dirty work, all for the benefit of the real terrorists behind 9/11! It does not get dafter than that! Thus, we have a war on terror that is actually a WAR OF TERROR!


Imagine Indeed!

What the media never say is the Taliban had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11. They even offered to turn Osama Bin Ladin over to US authorities. All they asked Bush & Cheney was some concrete evidence that Bin Ladin was responsible but since it had already been decided Afghanistan was to be invaded the media were hardly going to inform us of such earth-shattering news.
So why does the media ignore news items that would make people’s hair stand on end as well as tell such outrageous lies? Answer – the same people who own our politicians also own the media & without the full cooperation of the media barons, 9/11 could never have taken place. The conspirators had to rely on the media covering up the whole sordid affair as well as pointing the finger at all the countries Israel wanted to see destroyed! What’s happened? Precisely what the perpetrators wanted.



War on terror my arse!


But even the string-pullers in the Bush administration have their limits. Lucrative as it may be, cornering the Heroin market is hardly the reason Afghanistan was invaded; more a handy bonus. The country’s geo-strategic position simply cannot be understated. To the West – Iran; to the East – India & to the North – Central Asia. The West did not want pipelines to be built through Afghanistan so that countries like Iran could sell their oil directly to where it was most needed – India, China & Japan. This could have been disastrous for the Petro-dollar & ultimately America. In short, controlling Afghanistan meant you controlled a lot!
The detail though is not for me. If you wish to learn more there are several articles on the Internet that explain why Afghanistan is so strategically significant. However, I was sent this very interesting link – I apologise to the person for having misplaced their name – still sometimes having too many precious natural resources can be your worst nightmare. It’s easy to say a trillion but imagining how much money this is is nigh on impossible –

$1 Trillion in Rare Minerals Found Under Afghanistan


“Despite being one of the poorest nations in the world, Afghanistan may be sitting on one of the richest troves of minerals in the world, valued at nearly $1 trillion, according to U.S. scientists.”
How often do we hear this? Africa for instance is the richest continent yet it’s people starve & most live in squalor. It is a sad indictment of the human race that such vile exploitation & theft is the order of the day. So I thought I’d add this piece which I put together just over a year ago –

Israel’s greatest fear – its diamond trade exposed.

It’s a staggering example of how those who can not only take everything, leave a trail of death & destruction behind that’s scarcely imaginable. This puts a new meaning to the word ‘exploitation.’


Israel’s greatest fear – its diamond trade exposed.

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