The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel – Alison Weir

Today once again I experienced Zionist censorship, dirty tricks, call it what you like. Now, I pretty much expected it to happen on FB. It was no surprise my GMMuk website has been targeted too. However, what happened today knocked me bandy. I received a message from Press TV with a link to an article asking whether I could give them my opinion. I thought Jesus – hold me back!


‘Boycott and sanction’ power to be stripped from UK councils


So I opened up with both barrels & it just flowed out. I waited for Press TV to send the link thinking this is great – got my first post of the day out the way & it’s a beaut. I get the link back & my radio interview wouldn’t come on. So I sent my contact at Press TV a caption of what came up –





Apparently the Zionists are hard at work even on Press TV. My contact said lately this has been happening a lot. So while all this was going on Amjad Abu Ali sent me a video – the Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel by Alison Weir. I put it on & I kid you not – almost immediately she was explaining how biased the U.S. media was & that the news was so manipulated it was no surprise so many Americans have no idea what’s really going on in Gaza & the West Bank. It really is a superb effort by Weir to put the record straight & show how the clever tactics used by Zionists totally distort the truth, not so much by lying but by what they deliberately hold back from the U.S. public. This is as good a video to show those who fall foul of Mark Twain’s famous quote – it’s a whole lot easier fooling someone than telling them they’ve been fooled!


Unfortunately Press TV are yet to resolve the problem so here’s a transcript of my radio interview –


Once again we see how democracy is being usurped by outside forces. The Zionist way is to apply untold pressure at the highest level behind closed doors. However, this in itself is hardly adequate for if the public was to learn our senior politicians were being got at in order to usurp the will of the people, there would be uproar. This is where media control opens Pandora’s box because if the media were free & independent to report such shenanigans, they could never occur. We’re talking about violations which are nothing less than an affront to democracy.

Gilad Atzmon once said “JEWISH POWER IS THE ABILITY TO SILENCE DISCUSSION ON JEWISH POWER!” This is the key – to possess the ability to silence discussion. Were such a story to appear as headlines on the front pages of every UK newspaper, as it so rightly should, inevitably this would lead to debate. Serious questions would have to be asked as to who is being bribed & coerced & most significantly WHY?

The situation here is all about the disgraceful treatment of the Palestinians at the hand of the Israelis who are the occupying force. What’s more, it’s abundantly clear to free-thinking folk that Palestinians are suffering a fate worse than the South Africans did under the brutal Apartheid regime. Former US President Jimmy Carter in his book PALESTINE: PEACE NOT APARTHEID actually stated the Palestinians are suffering an even worse fate! These poor people have no rights whatsoever on their own land, yet the media portrays this conflict as if the Israelis are simply defending themselves. Nothing could be futher from the truth. You cannot be defending yourself when you’re on foreign soil.

Hardly surprising that people all over the world are now flocking to the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement. Why has this come about? Because of what I’ve just said about the media & the fact senior politicians in the West are under the thumb of the all-powerful Zionist lobbies. The media even refer to Palestine as Occupied Territories. Now what’s interesting here is when Germany invaded France in WW II, those who naturally fought against this occupation were referred to as the French Resistance. They were never looked upon as terrorists! Yet even though the situation is no different in Palestine, nothing is ever done & in the meantime, more & more Palestinian land is being annexed to make way for further illegal settlements.

It is no surprise therefore, the BDS movement has taken off. However instead of the media reporting that finally pressure is being brought to bear on the Israelis; instead of being forced to compromise, so that the Palestinians can be freed from this inhumane blockade of Gaza, behind closed doors our senior politicians are being pressured into moving the goalposts. Such a decision to forbid local councils of boycotting Israeli products is an absolute travesty of justice. It is everybody’s God given right to spend their money how they see fit!


I was just sent this by Cliff Jones. (Critical Professional Learning) 

It’s his review of Alison Weir’s latest book – America’s Role in Creating a Massive Moral Deficit Against Our Better Judgment


  • richard norwood

    the jews own the media

  • Khaled Azzam

    Wow, its going to get worse and worse Michael, Every year or 2 I will go to Palestine to visit my family, all of my extended family lives in the west bank so I know and see the Israeli truth through personal experience.. I fly from JFK TO TEL AVIV and when we get to Tel Aviv, because we are Palestinian we are sent to a holding area where we are interrogated like dogs, the airport security, really idf soldiers literally spoke to me like I was garbage(first time ever, I usually think im ok cuz of my US passport) they will ask what you ate, what your cell number is in the states, what your dads cell number is, questions as tho im a criminal come to do crime) and if you are lucky they let you go, I know of people spening days in that holding area…
    Today I thought to myself what better could I be doing than to just go to Palestine with my iPhone, some cameras, and do exactly what some of these hero activists are doing.. Just record and show truth.. I have a bunch of news outlets I can send videos and pictures of, like yours for instance…

    Than I came to the realization that the second I am identified, I will be kicked out of the country and not allowed to return. Being killed for that cause is fine, but to be kicked out of my familys birthplace and not allowed to return is my worst nightmare..

    Today I spoke to someone from New Jersey where a Rabbi was caught selling organs on the black market.. hardly made the news locally and it was on the hush hush.. than they released the rabbi saying he would buy the organ from a needy person and sell it in the states..

    than I read about how the idf told Palestinian families of murdered kids that if they want to bury there loved ones they have to do it without autoposy and fast… ugh.. they are taking the organs of the Palestinians.. this is why they are killing them 2 a day..

    I remember reading an article written by a jew to the jewish people giving them instructions how to frame and kill a Palestinian.. under the knif attack pretext.. than they steal the organs and sell them.. If you ever seen the IDF in action, they literally listen to the settlers, not the other way around… its so weirdly evil.

  • Khaled Azzam

    Hey you were right, I was reading into some Ashkenazi jews, they are not all bad(or on the same page).
    Ever heard of Noam Chomsky.. Ashkenazi jew… smart man…

    However, acknowledging the realpolitik of the situation, Chomsky has also considered a two state solution on the condition that both nation-states exist on equal terms.[199] As a result of his views on the Middle East conflict, Chomsky has been officially banned from entering Israel since 2010.[200]


    • Khaled thank you for mentioning another classic example. Professor Noam Chomsky has been a huge vocal critic of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Though not on same level as Einstein, intellectuals are singled out for special treatment because their criticism carries that much more weight. It is a major embarrassment for Israel whenever people like Chomsky say anything. It is also far more likely other Israelis will listen to Chomsy as opposed to a Goyim! This is the last thing right-wing Israelis want – opposition from their own people. Therefore, this is not only the reason he’s been banned from entering Israel but every opportunity is used to sully his reputation. I believe one of the major ways this is done is by concentrating on one or two aspects of what he may or may not believe for the purpose of putting him at odds with Truthers.

      For instance, Chomsky is apparently not on the side of those who believe 9/11 was an inside job. He has even so much as said this. Now I don’t for one minute believe someone as smart as Chomsky can’t see the patently obvious. There were way too many glaring discrepancies in the official account of 9/11 where anyone with Chomsky’s level of intelligence would see through almost immediately. However, I do believe Zionists would have paid great attention to the fact that having someone like him openly state 9/11 was an operation carried out by Zionists could be disastrous. So would it be such a leap of faith to suggest Chomsky was approached & told in no uncertain terms ‘you can say what you like about the Israeli/Palestinian problem but don’t ever, ever say a word about 9/11 otherwise you & your family will not live to regret it. Are we making ourselves absolutely clear here?’

      Many may think this is far-fetched but mafiosi style tactics has always been the domain where Zionists excel. If bribery & coercion fail, assassination is often the end result. Hollywood myth though has us believe this is strictly the domain of Italian families where time & again in films, TV (the Godfather, Goodfellas etc) & just about anything involving gangsters has an Italian overtone. This myth is enhanced by forever promoting the nonsense that Al Capone was the greatest gangster of them all when in truth Meyer Lansky’s Murder Incorporated made Al Capone & most other major crime syndicates look like chicken feed. There is no comparison – the terror Lansky wrought has deliberately been played down while the exploits of Italian mafiosi is the stuff legends are made out of!

      Therefore, I tend to look upon this term ‘controlled opposition’ as Chomsky is often categorized, with the contempt it deserves. That’s not to say there aren’t those who are controlled opposition. I simply do not include anyone who’s regularly stood up to be counted on certain crucial issues. It seems way too convenient that someone like Chomsky is being attacked by so many Truthers. To not entertain the idea that Zionist manipulators, the masters of propaganda who lie for a living, could be behind all this, for me at least, is the height of folly. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – if there are certain unfavorable rumors regarding that person – ASK YOURSELF WHY? Ultimately, judge a person by their actions.

  • Marjorie

    Everyone buy the book by Alison Weir. Then it cannot be taken from you or removed from the Internet

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