The IDF are the same as Nazis that occupied France in WW II. What would we say if this happened to a member of the French Resistance?

There is zero difference because both the IDF & the Nazis are & were on land that’s not theirs. In fact the Israelis aren’t up against a resistance force that is armed & has the element of surprise. What a bunch of evil, cowards these people are. Thanks to Veronica Sanchez for this awful clip…….




The real difference is, if exactly the same thing occurred to a member of the French Resistance where the Nazis kicked & battered a boy in an identical manner as the Israelis are doing here, everyone would be screaming blue murder. When are we going to stop believing media lies & realise we’re being properly had? I just cannot believe how anyone is idiot enough to support these thugs…… & these are hardly isolated incidents. All over the place the Palestinians are being battered by these bastards. 





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