The Illuminati are about to make their Final Move

Want to know what life would be like under a Rothschild New World Order? Well these two clips put in a nutshell. If you don’t think you should get more involved or if you’re just too damn selfish, I guarantee these videos will make you think again.

What would life be like in this world empire with one world religion, one world army, one world economy, one world court, one world media, one world government & one world dictator? What the public doesn’t know is that Karl Marx Communist manifesto & the Russian Constitution have been built into the UN charter & that the New World Order will be a Communist world order. Peace on earth will be a forced peace in which citizens will have no rights”…….

  1. no right to bear children without approval
  2. no right to travel without authorisation
  3. no right to own private property
  4. no right to privacy
  5. no right to bear arms
  6. no right to protest
  7. no right to receive an inheritance
  8. no right to choose an education or a job or even a place of residence & worst of all,
  9. no right to live!

The right to live will be based on an individual’s rating of usefulness to the Royal Elite. In this planned world without borders or nations, citizens will be disarmed of all weapons including hand guns & will have no means to protest, fight, resist or challenge this one world authority who will control them spiritually, economically & militarily. Every human being will be electronically tattooed & will become helplessly dependent on this one world authority for all of their most basic needs. The masses will eventually be taught to bow down & worship this one world dictator who’ll rule the entire world from his eternal throne in Israel.”


  • brian mitchell

    Thankyou so much michael for what you do

    • Thanks Brian. I’m on a 30 day FB ban now so I’m going to take it easy for now. I thought that was a good video & I believe it’s pretty accurate. What do you think?

      • Jenny Goddard

        I got banned for 30 days for posting a Video, I added no comments…

        • Don’t tell me you got banned for posting the Illuminati video? If so, sorry Jenny. I’m currently on a 30 day ban myself. It’s strange but paradoxically, this is a good sign. I’m glad they’re doing this because it shows they’re still concerned. That means, whatever they’re planning, we’re still in with a chance. Put it this way, I’d feel more worried if didn’t care.

          • Jenny

            No it was Not your videos above, but “The greatest story Never told” (about Hitler) by Dennis Wiseman It is an amazing Video, but of course it was classed as hate BS, I made no comment on it when I posted it, but got a 30 day ban, “What are they so frighten of, it can only be the truth…

          • Exactly right Jenny & the thing is this is the first time I’ve ever posted anything which countered the official 6,000,000 narrative without being labeled a ‘holocaust denier.’ Every other time some idiot would call me that. Not this time & I’m sure it’s because of the way I presented the post. Those who’ve been fooled so long might have actually thought, ‘jesus. I really believed all the crap I’ve been told!’

    • If you replaced illuminati with Jews you would be more accurate. Also, the Nazis were not part of any of this but were actually trying to stop the NWO Jew world order. It’s the Jews and always has been. The U.S. was on the wrong side of the war and is totally Jew controlled.

  • Umrana

    The Video is very good, the prediction of the one ruler are known by the muslims who care to study the teachings (Hadith) of Prophet Muhammed, according to Islamic teachings, the name of the one ruler is Dajjal (anti Christ) , the state of the world will be so hopeless that people will believe him when he says that he can fix every thing provided they submit to him fully and bow down to him, will also be able to perform some miracles, people will be mesmerised and will submit to him. This will surely happen till Jesus returns and challenges him.
    I know a lot of people don’t believe in God, its their choice to believe what they wish. I for one am always seeking truth and believe in all the predictions of Quran.
    Always respect your fight for truth and justice.Michael

  • Esther Schmeer

    Thank you for this important mail and the videos. I will get to them asap.

  • John Cook

    Like most products of its time, the video glosses over the Jewish source of the evil.

    • For goodness knows how many years that’s been my gripe – the way the Zionists & Jews are seemingly so able to side-step criticism that’s wholly justified. I feel their ability to slip under the radar for so long has been the key to their success. Had the Internet arrived 50 years sooner I somehow feel they wouldn’t have us by the barrel. However, I wouldn’t go as far to say this video glosses over the problem. Had every video gone this far we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

  • Peace be with the reader.

    The idea of human rights is flawed.
    In reality human rights are special privileges granted to those who conform to the corrupt world system.

    The faithful witness

  • Jenny Goddard

    Well done Michael, all so on the ball, I have shared this post with a few people, yo do so well, I am so grateful for all you do to help humanity wake up.

  • J Duane Robinson

    I have been forced to live in this joke of a country all my life; the only thing that they teach in the stupid Missouri Ozarks is “how great it is to work for the shit wages they pay here…’

    I have ten years fo college but no degree; every time I get within a few credits of a degree, they find out that I plan on leaving thsi joke of a country, and cut off my funding for whagt schooling have left.

    I can do anyting I am shown to do on a new job, but I cannot get past the ‘good ole’ boy system to get a job.

    I, too, would never allow a child of mine to be born in this country, be poisoned by Big Pharma into autism, attend this joke of an water-down educational system in America, or even date a women too stupid to leave this country.

    The public is too stupid to refuse all vaccinations, home-school their children and emphasize respect and common decency, and help your neighbor occasionally; not let him or her walk all over you, but occasionally help him or her.

    Our last couple of generations would trade their souls for free phones, free Internet, free that or that…taht doesn’t build a great nation or solve our problems; it magnifies our problems!

  • Eileen Brophy

    There is a video on YouTube by David Icke about the Matrix we live in, it is 6 hours long but well worth watching as it opens people’s eyes to the lies we are told and how the system manipulates everybody. He also discloses information about 9/11, the lies about the US legal system and a lot of other things too. I would highly recommend it.

  • Larry

    When Jesus was tempted by Satan, his ultimate reward would be all the kingdoms of the world. Two power blocks were responsible for Jesus’ death. So their reward? Pretty obvious to me. Satan has handed the world over to them! If you can’t work out who those power blocks are, then you are asleep, IMO.
    But the good news is……….and you need to be awake……. Satan has no ultimate victory.

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