The Israeli Lobby: A Danger to the World – Banned Documentary

Carrying on from my post yesterday regarding how best to describe the chief power-brokers, Gale Obler & Doug Mare came up with some decent suggestions – Global Elites & Globalists respectively. My response was “but the vast majority of these global elites are Zionists. I guarantee – you cannot find one member of the global elite that does not support Israel.”
My old buddy Jonathan L Trapman then chipped in with ‘cuckoos’ which at first I thought was hilarious only to realise such a label was more accurate than I initially felt. After utilising the phrase Global Elite, of the two, Globalists is for me, by far the better term. I’ll be damned if I’m going to refer to the scum of the earth with the word ‘elite’ anywhere in the vicinity!
However, as Doug so rightly points out, “Why let folks dismiss you in the opening paragraph when you’re telling them the truth they need to hear?” There’s no question, as I alluded to yesterday, the Rothschilds did a fantastic job making it as difficult as possible to accuse their fiefdom Israel of doing anything untoward. The problem for me, I’m in no doubt 9/11 was a Mossad operation for the benefit of dual national Zionists & Israel. This is what people need to know more than anything.
Graham Harknett responded to Doug by saying, “Well Doug I don’t suppose that all the good people of Israel will vote that nutter (Netanyahu) out of office or rally against the evil regime and I believe what Michael says as the truth but there are so many people that don’t want to know that.
I responded, “That’s a good point Graham because crazy as Netanyahu is, so deluded are most Israelis, they actually believe he is not nearly as aggressive as he should be, perish the thought. This is what’s so frightening. Do people have such short memories of how Israelis gathered on hills over Gaza to watch defenseless Palestinian neighborhoods flattened by the IDF? Every time a bomb hit, those bastards cheered & celebrated as if their team scored a goal. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything so sickening.
This is what this vermin thinks – leave no one alive.
If the Israelis are always in the right as the media portrays, why don’t they highlight things like this? Also I keep hearing how Jews don’t support Israel & they oppose the madness of Netanyahu. Much as I’m aware the media never highlights groups like the Jewish Voice for Peace & great people like Miko Peled & Rabbi Weiss, I feel more Jews need to step up to the plate. Sadly, as I’ve stated on several occasions, Jews are the most brainwashed people on the planet.”
I’ve also stated so prolific are their crimes we’ve passed the point of no return. It’s either us, which means the truth comes out, or them, which means we’re bang in trouble! For them to get away with 9/11 they cannot afford to go backwards at any time. In other words anything that occurs has to go Israel’s way. Mainstream media has to remain under their control; people who speak the truth on the Internet have to be censored; Iran has to be attacked; Palestinians can never get their land back. One can go on & on. Why do you think Putin bashing has gone stratospheric when he’s the only decent world leader by a mile? It’s because what occurred in Syria is the one time the Israelis never got their way….. for now that is. You can be sure of one thing – THEY WILL NOT STOP!
This also explains why Zionists are the specialists of false flag events. Only those who can rely on the media to inexplicably blame Israel’s adversaries can indulge in such heinous acts. I will endeavor to utilise words like ‘Globalists’ & ‘cuckoos’ when I feel it’s appropriate. However, the media will always refer to anti-Semitism no matter what we do. If we do everything by the book they will still lie cheat as much as they possibly can. Therefore, I feel the greatest mistake we can make is to allow Zionist gangsters to continue to slip under the radar.


The Israeli Lobby: A Danger to the World – Banned Documentary. There are some superb videos in this link.


  • Andrew Logan

    We were taught Nazi Germany slogan Lebensrom for the Herenvolk at school.Is it a coincidence that Nazi Germany then becomes Israel ideologically, but masked by sympathy from the holocaust, whilst the Palestinians get labelled terrorists by the Self proclaimed progenitors of terrorism who funded Palestinian Hamas into existence for this purpose and further reinforced by a “war on terror” which co -opts the readily anointed exceptional Americans and former terror fodder GB to engage in Regime change in the moderate Islamist and anti terror Terrortories of Iraq and Libya and thereby creating an hypocracy gatekeeper that couples seemlesley with lesser crimes of Israeli expansion and apartheid.Was George W Bush observing 6 year olds or was he one voted in by America as their president.Do the Zionists mock us as they conquer us and then in return we feel the opposite of humiliation.We feel sympathy and protection.If so,they have definitely proved Master of Cattle.I wonder if any of them die laughing.

    • Thank you Andrew for your excellent comment. I believe what you say is wholly justified for though they will destroy people’s lives, even kill if anyone so much as mentions how they so deceitfully usurp control, it’s as if they want us to know they do exert this ungodly influence over us. I think as you do – they laugh at the mug Goyim who defend them!

  • Ramsey McVicker

    My attitude towards Israel was forever changed when I went to Israel about 20 years ago. Not one Israeli smiled or would greet you. They’ll take your tourist dollars though.
    I found the Arabs much more friendly. But this is not the me not reason I despise the IDF. They are shooting dead children for throwing stones. I threw stones at the British Army when I was a child. It was just something to do but they never shot us dead.
    Israelis are obsessed with guns. America rights a blank cheque every year for these war mongers. How can a people who suffered so much at the hands of the Nazis treat the Palestinians the same way. They are not God’s chosen people and their historical entitlement to East Jerusalem is a lie.
    Of course I will now be labelled an Anti Semite. I’m not I’m pro humanity and anti children murder.
    Netanyahu is a blood thristy bigot. He openly mocks America and the American people but at the same time taking their tax dollars. They are going to start another world war. Just wait and see.

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