The Jerusalem Post: “Jimmy Carter’s Cancer is God’s Punishment.”

This is a story of two links. What amazes me about the Israelis is they despise criticism with seething hatred yet look at what they write in one of their main newspapers. Is it possible to sink any lower? It’s as if they’re trying their damnedest to make everyone hate them. Moreover, we’re talking about a President of a country that’s given more help to Israel than any other country has ever received in the history of mankind. You’d think even they felt that way they wouldn’t want to advertise it. NOT ONE BIT! All because Jimmy Carter told the truth in a book he wrote called ‘Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid’. Here’s the despicable link –




And yet when the boot’s on the other foot they squeal like stuffed pigs! Here’s the link –




To be honest, it takes some believing. Jimmy Carter is a great man. One of the few President’s in US history that never fired a shot in anger. He gets Cancer & the Israelis say it’s God’s punishment. Netanyahu is a proven mass-murderer. Someone draws a cartoon ……..





Thanks Nicky



  • Irene Shemaria

    This disgusting article by the Jerusalem Post is typical of Israeli double standerds.

    • Thank you Irene. Israeli double standards are legendary. What I find so astonishing is the level of their delusion – they behave disgracefully going out of their way to show how racist they are & yet criticise them & they attack you as if you’re the racist!

  • mohamed aissati

    very interesting, would you please forward me with the links in the jerusalem post about this article, thank you,


      • mohamed aissati

        Sure I can. Iwork for a pro-Palestinian NGO but I have not founf those two articles you mentioned in the Jerusalem Post even though I scrutenize a few Zionist newspapers daily for my job.So can you please tell me on which dates those articles were written and by whom? Thank you.

        • I’m sorry Mohamed. While I try to make sure everything I post is genuine I get sent so much stuff I would not have time to post anything if I personally vetted every video & link. I have to trust the people who send me stuff. I find it particularly galling to have to explain this to you not because your not right because you are – news should be real news! I find it annoying because look what are we up against – we have to authenticate everything we write & even then we get accused of all sorts of ridiculous things by Zionist liars. The entire mainstream media is Zionist controlled & it constantly drip feeds us a diet of pure unadulterated bullshit. Even we prove lies were told like in the Iraq war NOTHING IS DONE!

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