The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal Reserve Board.

Here’s an interesting article from Benjamin Fulford. I think it’s close to 4 years since I’ve posted anything from him – not that I don’t like what he says. I love it! In fact I love it too much. I’ve always felt Fulford erred on the side of sensationalism. It was as if everything’s happening & only he knows it! Anyway here’s a classic example. Of course pretty much all of what he says is what we badly need & in my opinion is long overdue but also though I feel the Rothschilds & the Saudis are fast running out of friends they’ve still got plenty of muscle. Thanks to my old mate Ted Duggan for the link.


However, what swung it for me was a couple of things – first of all this terrific five minute clip with the great man himself & I also believe, look, we’re on a roll. We’ve finally got Jeremy Corbyn, a decent man leading one of the major parties. The other piece of shit Cameron has now overtaken Blair & Obama to become the 3rd greatest liar in history. He’s being found out. The Ruskies have pulled the rug from under the Zionists by tearing apart their laboriously assembled Islamic terrorist group called ISIS. The media’s skulduggery is becoming more apparent by the day & best of all, Netanyahu is going out of his way to show that he not only a major embarrassment but most definitely the greatest threat to world peace. So who knows. Maybe there are are a lot of things going on that we aren’t clued up about. 


Time to Rise


I know what you’re thinking – who are the two greatest liars on the planet? Well coming in at No.2 is Netanyahu the Nutter. Yes. There actually is someone who tells more porkies than him & so it’s no surprise Netanyahu himself snapped him up as his spokesman. Yes folks. The greatest liar in history is MARK REGEV! I’m convinced when he’s about to take his last breath he’s going to yell out “I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m a…….



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