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Imagine this scenario in a court of law: In the dock, a mass-murderer is explaining himself. Here the accused is allowed to make up any cock & bull story. The families of the victims have to sit & listen to this concoction of fairy-tales. Complete with an unchallenged platform the mass-murderer suddenly surprises everyone by saying “your honor. It was all their fault. I was only defending myself. This is my right. I have to defend myself. If you could only see how every day these people attack me. They want to kill me. They want to wipe me off the map. In fact your honor, these animals are guilty of the very thing I’ve been wrongly accused of!”


As the prosecutor gets up the judge interjects, “what nasty victims we have here. I don’t want to hear your side of the story Mr. Prosecutor. It’s irrelevant. In any case, you can’t criticise this man. It would be anti mass-murderer. Now you don’t want me to accuse you of being anti-mass-murderer, do you? Well then.” Taken aback the prosecutor says “but your honor, he made all these claims without presenting a shred of evidence. How can you take for gospel what he says? He’s alive & the people he’s accused are all dead!” The judge says “he doesn’t need evidence. I believe everything he says. He was only defending himself. He’s the victim. In fact, you know what I think you should do? You should apologise to him & give him your home! Not guilty. Court dismissed.”


Good men

Sounds daft eh? Yet, show me one segment of this fictitious scenario that doesn’t apply for both the Israelis as the mass-murderers & the Palestinians as the victims. This is the world we live in. Not one iota of this court case analogy fails to apply. Worse still, why should Israel stop when such criminality remains punished. Of course none of this could ever occur had Zionists not infiltrated the upper echelons of US power. It was the US veto at the UN which effectively gave Israel this licence to continually flout international law. Small wonder, pillage & murder is second nature for them now. They’ve been at it ever since Israel’s inception in 1948 when over half of Palestine was donated to the Zionists. How would any national feel if half of their country was given away? No one ever mentions this.


Absolutely right!


I’m forever asked for help by friends who often tangle with Zionists. Of course arguing with such deluded people is a thankless task. However well you pitch it, they are never going to see reason. This delusion is a product of years of indoctrinating hate into one’s offspring. The best one can hope for is to show up Zionists for what they are – demented liars & racists of the very highest order.



This is easier said than done. It requires a certain ability with piecing together words. I may have the gift of the gab but I simply don’t have the time. Still, I came across this piece, often as I do, when looking for something else. If you want to use the above as a smart riposte, by all means do. I need no credit. Better still, copy & paste because one day you may regret not having it available to use as a slam dunk! Originally it was from an article I wrote on 24 June 2015 entitled –


When Is A War Crime Not A War Crime? When Israel Commits It!



I’ve been wanting to use this piece from Tom Robinson for a while – 
You come to my country, drop bombs and kill my family, ruin the economy and infrastructure, shut down hospitals, schools, farms, stores. Create chaos and starvation and horrendous injury’s to my countrymen; men women and children, label us savages, try to install a puppet government in the place of the existing one, feed us bullshit propaganda saying that you want to create democracy when you don’t even have it in your own country; and then you incredulously ask us why we hate you. Are you kidding me. It is you who are creating the terrorists and for every one you kill, twenty more will pop up in their place. Don’t you get it? If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got… Tom ~


From darkness to light




Finally, I thought this post was well suited to include some related links. I apologise for misplacing the names of those who sent me these pieces. There are 5 in all. The first from VETERANS TODAY is so good it’s worth keeping. If ever the truth were told…… time to eliminate the root cause of Terrorism. 


Time to hunt down and capture the World’s Biggest Terrorists


The real terrorists


Hardly surprising the media is doing all it can to rip Corbyn to shreds. What annoys me is so many people still have no idea who owns & controls the media. I would have thought the deductive prowess of a smart 10 year old could do that with the minimum of fuss – 


Jeremy Corbyn demanded UK impose trade sanctions on Israel and bar its ‘criminal’ politicians
Needless to say I not only believe Corbyn is 100 correct but I regard it nothing less than a blight on mankind Israel as yet hasn’t had sanctions imposed upon it!


And here’s just one of the reasons why. How in God’s name can we sit idly by & allow Israel to do this – 


Speak Up for Kids in Military Detention


Ages ago I felt I came up with the perfect argument. I said, what’s the difference between the Nazis occupying France in WWII with the way Israel Occupies Palestine? This makes a mockery of the claim Israel is merely defending itself. As the great Professor Chomsky once said –
It's not defense!
Yet it all but seems mainstream media’s power to brainwash enough people remains the over-riding factor. As the great Malcolm X so rightly stated in the 60’s –


Mal X


This is what all the shit today is all about – ODED YINON’S PLAN TO CREATE GREATER ISRAEL. I’ll be as blunt as can be – if you don’t agree, then you’re wrong; if you don’t see it this way, then you have much to learn. Plain & simple.

GREATER ISRAEL: G-d promised the Jewish people an Israel far bigger than we see today…DEAL WITH IT!


GREATER ISRAEL: G-d promised the Jewish people an Israel far bigger than we see today…DEAL WITH IT!


And finally, this is the kind of people Israel appoints as it’s senior politicians. This already takes the ticket but what makes it all the more astonishing is Zionists are the ones who moan about hate speech! 

Israel just appointed a fascist into government, as Minister of Defense


Racist scum with piece of shit traitor…..

Racist scum with a piece of shit traitor


Apartheid (2)


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