The lies of Cameron Part 2 – Now he declares a war on poverty….. Yeah right!

Yesterday David Cameron, one of the chief architects of the plan to bring austerity to the people of the UK had the gall to declare a war on poverty! Now first of all, if you are one of the few people who actually believe this drivel then you’ve gone way past the point of merely having the brains of a rocking horse. Equating your brainpower with that of a rocking horse would be an insult to rocking horses. I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. You’re better off ended it quickly. Put yourself out of the misery – any building 4 stories or higher – that will do just fine. 


Zionist agent!


Can you believe the Chutzpah of Cameron? Under his watch the rich are stinking like never before. Those who had nothing to do with the fraud of the century were forced to bail out the banks only for Cameron to not just give the green light to the very people responsible for raping treasuries & so continue to award themselves billions in bonuses but then Cameron announces austerity measures so that the taxpayer is made to pay & suffer for their skulduggery! Let’s put it another way – 

Imagine – a bank robber, caught red-handed. Bang to rights, he’s up before the judge. The jury come back with a verdict – GUILTY! The judge looks at bank robber & says “you know what? I’m in a good mood. I’m not only going to let you off but just this one time you can keep all the proceeds of your crime!” The jury gasp with astonishment, only for the judge to turn round & say “don’t be so surprised because what I’m about to tell you could leave you in a state of shock – YOU LOT HAVE TO PAY BACK WHAT HE STOLE FROM THE BANK!”

Before you think I’ve completely cracked imagine the bank robber represents the banksters, the judge represents our politicians & all of us ordinary folk, are the jurors ……..Well, this outcome of a hypothetical court case is so far-fetched it’s comical….. YET THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO US!


And true to form today on MAX KEISER’S superb show on RT, the news that Ben Bernanke, outgoing Federal Reserve chairmen, one of the chief architects of the greatest banking fraud in history, an arch Zionist & scumbag of the very highest order proudly declared as he looked to add a few million more to the billions he’s already stolen as he publicised the release of his new book, he said – 


Bankster mafiosi


YOU WHAT? Why do you think I referred to this piece of shit as a scumbag of the very highest order? The statue of limitations has just run out. THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT…. & now this grubby little wretch says this? It’s as if they want to take the piss out of us. As for the morons who’ll inevitably be buying his book – don’t insult rocking horses!


  • Lesa & Al

    war on poverty … yup like the war on drugs … the war on terror .. etc. Means a war on us!

  • Of course they’re waging a war on poverty you fools. He is telling the complete, unvarnished truth. This has been a long, hard, vicious, dirty war, too. Hard fought, difficult, with some tough campaigns. But just so long as he, and his backslapping, slimy, self-protecting, old -boys’-network cronies don’t ever have to endure the horror of an income that slips below 6 figures, it will have been worth every peasant that got trampled underfoot. It’s their OWN poverty he’s fighting a war against. That’s how he can stand there and say it with a straight face.

  • What you say is right Nadine but you lose credibility by calling everyone fools. This is quite unnecessary. What you said goes without saying!

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