The Long List of Zionist Crimes against American Citizens and Officials

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The Long List of Zionist Crimes against American Citizens and Officials

Whatsupic — Without going into the gruesome detail as to how half of Palestine was scandalously donated to the Zionists just after WW II, instead of being thankful for having snatched 52% of someone else’s homeland, right from the jump, the Israelis showed what they are! 100,000’s of Palestinians were expelled without so much as a by-your-leave, creating a huge refugee crisis! They never even had a chance to defend themselves…oh but the Palestinians were to blame!

Then, along came a President who was not prepared to bow to Israeli belligerence. JFK made it clear international laws applied for Israel too. But the Israelis had big plans – they wanted to swipe even more land! But with a young, extremely popular President around & the fact he could never be bought, the expansion of Israeli borders had to be placed on hold. Well we all know what happened in Nov. 63 – this great man was assassinated! The Zionists were probably the only people who could get away with such a heinous act! They already possessed enormous influence in America’s upper echelons of power – anyone appointed to do any investigating would end up taking a hell of a long time, doing one seriously poor job! But what really swung it was their complete control over mainstream media – no one would ever point the finger at the Zionists! The only thing I’m amazed about is the Israelis, this one time, did not try to blame it on the Palestinians!

They had to wait a few years for obvious reasons & then in 1967 the 6 day war erupted in the Middle East! True to form the Israelis claimed they were being attacked from all sides! “THEY ARE KILLING OUR VIMIN & OUR CHILDREN!” Now let’s just forget about the fact that even back then the Israelis had far superior weaponry than all their Arab neighbors & therefore not one would ever be so daft to attack Israel. That’s the truth but the media never mention this. This way the public is fooled into believing Israel really was the victim. Let’s forget all this! The big giveaway is that after Israel was supposedly attacked from all sides, at the end of 6 days Israel had taken control of the Sinai Desert from Egypt, which alone effectively tripled Israel’s land, the Golan Heights from Syria & while all this was going on, the 48% of Palestinian land dramatically shrunk to less than 20%, including the loss of Jerusalem! “THEY’RE KILLING OUR VIMIN & OUR CHILDREN!” The Israelis made it quite clear – Jerusalem was their’s! I mean you can’t make this up! They just stole it………. oh but it was the Palestinians fault! 

What a ridiculous world we live in! We are in the space age! Our scientific & technological achievements have been staggering! Yet we are spoon-fed a diet of drivel & the end result – many of us actually believe Israel’s ludicrous assertion that they are merely defending themselves! Worse still, the unbelievable pain & suffering endured by millions of Palestinians, WHO’VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HARM JEWS, ARE REFERRED TO & REGARDED AS TERRORISTS! For over 40 years I’ve felt this outrageous injustice was compounded by the undeniable fact that the Israelis are without any shadow of doubt – THE GREATEST TERRORISTS IN HISTORY! 

But something else happened in 67! Such is the ungodly level of Zionist deceit, delusion & greed, there was a far more grandiose, altogether more sinister plan! At the time Egypt was Israel’s greatest foe, so what if somehow the US could be brought into the conflict because they thought Egypt committed an act of war against them? The trouble with this – it quite literally meant Israel had to be prepared to commit an act of such immorality, if the truth ever emerged, Americans would demand the immediate nuclear annihilation of Israel! Of course the Israeli vipers didn’t care about the distinct possibility that an enraged America may respond first & ask questions later! If so the people of Cairo would discover how the people of Hiroshima & Nagasaki once had felt. This to me shows just how evil the Israelis are.

So to give you some perspective of how demented the Zionists are, they actually gave this plan the green light! Their air-force was dispatched not to seek an enemy target but their greatest ally! An unarmed American reconnaissance ship called the USS Liberty was singled out & the pilots went in for the kill knowing they were attacking US sailors. Radio transmissions revealed the Liberty immediately sent out distress signals stating who they were. They thought the Israelis had simply made a mistake, after all this was a war zone. However, their hearts must have sank when the planes came in again & again & again. For two hours this defenseless ship was pounded. Quite how it never sank is a miracle. 34 US sailors lost their lives; some 200 were injured! Such was Zionist power even back then, the whole sordid episode was covered up. Of course this could never have happened if the entire mainstream media was not Zionist controlled! The significance of the JFK assassination becomes evident when you see how much Israel gained 4 years later. 

Fast forward to 9/11 & once again look how Israel’s power-base & influence dramatically rose after this event. CUI BONO! All the Arab countries that refused to except Zionist skulduggery, one by one, have either been destroyed, had puppet rulers installed or both! Yet…………. THEY DID 9/11 TOO! IT WAS THEIR PLAN! You see once they got away with killing JFK, then they got away with attacking a US ship, small wonder these psychopaths thought they could get away with anything! Yet all that’s required is the power of observation to know the official explanation of 9/11 was not just utter baloney but impossible! On the very day my eyes saw controlled demolitions. That means explosives HAD to have been placed in the Towers which in turn means the owner WAS involved! Who was he? Mr Larry Silverstein! Who is one of his best buddies? Benjamin Netanyahu!

Silverstein bought the buildings THAT YEAR for a paltry $15 million but insured them for a whopping $3.5 BILLION with a specific built in clause that he was to be paid double if the buildings were to somehow be destroyed IN A TERRORIST ATTACK! I mean its unbelievable yet all true! YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP! Moreover this slimy piece of lie was paid out $7.1 BILLION! So if you’ve got half a brain along with heart & soul that cares for justice & truth, any meaningful investigation reveals something astonishing – even though Jews make up only 2% of the US population, if you made a list of the top 100 people most likely to be implicated in 9/11, well over half are dual national Zionists! There’s absolutely no question – 9/11 had to have been planned & executed by these power-crazed pychos who simply masquerade as Americans.

Remember my line – if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop! Well this is it folks. They have to make their move now because they know they’re losing the war of information. If they lose America, Israel is in the river! That’s why they’re trying to engineer a fight between US/Europe & Russia. This is virtually all their doing. And to be honest this latest move with the Malaysian plane which somehow was mysteriously flying over east Ukraine, (I MEAN YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP) will soon to be shown up for exactly what it is! Ashkenazi Poroshenko was told to shoot the plane down by his Zionist masters; the mainstream media then immediately pointed the finger at everyone except the most likely culprits, just as they did with JFK’s assassination & 9/11!

But the real killer is the timing. If this plane hadn’t been shot down everyone’s attention would have remained firmly on the outrageous mass-murder of defenseless Palestinian civilians. And I guarantee – those 3 Israeli kids weren’t kidnapped! This was all bollocks for once again any meaningful analysis of the dire situation in Gaza & the West Bank would show THIS WHOLE THING WAS A SET UP, PLANNED BY THE ISRAELIS BECAUSE OF DISGUSTING SPECIMENS LIKE THIS VILE BITCH IN ISRAEL’S PARLIAMENT – THEY MAKE NO SECRET OF THE FACT THEY WANT TO WIPE THEM OUT! And you can be sure politicians all over the world who’ve steadfastly supported Israel because they’ve been bought, must have felt embarrassed, even sick when it became obvious the Israelis enjoyed slaughtering kids! IT DOESN’T GET ANY WORSE THAN THIS! 

So how in the blazes could the Israelis have embarked on yet another ground offensive where it was just a question of how many they could kill this time & how much more infrastructure they could destroy? If they did they would have received untold flak, even from their friends! Think about this! There was no way they could seriously intensify their offensive or whatever they call it – operation cast lead or operation we come in peace because we are only defending ourselves…………… UNLESS………… a passenger plane (preferably Malaysian, after all Kuala Lumper’s Supreme court ruled Bush & Blair were war criminals) with Americans, Brits & Frogs on board gets shot down right over east Ukraine where the civilian population (er I’m sorry – they’re terrorists now) is rebelling against the Zionists regime that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected government.

I cannot believe the Zionists are even trying to sell this lie! The odds of a passenger plane crashing in East Ukraine at the precise moment when the Israelis were ready to steam into Gaza is more than astronomical! The plane goes down – THE ISRAELI BUTCHERS MOVE IN……….. but now everyone’s attention has been diverted to Ukraine, with the media & puppets like McCain, on cue, beating the war drums, The poor Palestinians, over half of them children, are sitting ducks. They can’t go anywhere because Gaza is a prison camp. They’re trapped! This is no war; it’s merely a continuation of the barbaric cruelty the Palestinians have endured for 66 years – a massacre that makes the Nazi look like angels! Wake up people. Believe me, the Zionists want it all! They will not stop! And by the way – IT’S ALL THE FAULT OF THE PALESTINIANS!

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