The Media is the Most Powerful Entity on Earth. They Have the Power to Make the Innocent Guilty and to Make the Guilty Innocent – Malcolm X

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The Media is the Most Powerful Entity on Earth. They Have the Power to Make the Innocent Guilty and to Make the Guilty Innocent – Malcolm X

Whatsupic — While war criminal, mass-murderer Benjamin Netanyau is offered an unchallenged platform by the Zionist controlled media, effectively donating him the opportunity to steer the world into a conflict that could quite conceivably bring about World War III, how many folk are aware of the true facts? This is media control in a nutshell:

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Iran is threatening no one – ISRAEL IS THE BIG BULLY!

Iran does not steal land – ISRAEL DOES, ALL THE TIME!

Iran does not slaughter innocent civilians – ISRAEL DOES!

Iran has no UN resolutions tabled against it – ISRAEL HAS 66!

Iran last invasion was in 1798 – ISRAEL DOES IT FOR FUN!

Iran has no nuclear weapons – ISRAEL HAS OVER 300! 

Iran does not indulge in targeted assassinations – ISRAEL DOES!

Iran respects international law – ISRAEL IS A LAW UNTO ITSELF!

Iran is a peaceful nation – ISRAEL IS THE VERY ANTITHESIS! 

How it works: You can tell all the lies you want; whether people believe them is another story. The only way a complete fabrication can make its way into the history books is by ensuring no other view ever hits the airwaves. Any evidence countering your story has to remain hidden from public gaze. Every eye witness account published has to confirm and so perpetuate the lie, while witnesses who simply tell the truth are ignored. The only story is your story!

If all goes well, one then puts into motion the second phase, every bit as crucial – operation bozo brainwash! In order for myth to become fact, a process occurs where the unsuspecting public is forever reminded of a terrible plight. The same lies are repeated over and over again. TV and radio programs reinforce this view while movie moguls, masters in extracting maximum sympathy, always portray the enemy in the worst possible light! Bombardment complete – now try telling Mr. Dumbo it’s all a pack of lies? Humans are programmable!

All you Zionists out there can scream all you like. Blow a gasket for all I care! This is how it is whether you like it or not! Often I merely offer an opinion; here, no! If you disagree with my synopsis, it’s no big deal – that’s your prerogative, though, I’ll say this to waverers – history is littered with massacres and genocide, many surpassing 6 million (which incidentally has been officially revised down to under 2 million for the holocaust ……but let’s keep that schtum). Massacres in China and Russia were at least 10 times worse – up to 60 million dead in both countries. One can go on and on listing such atrocities! Why is the Holocaust the only one highlighted? No one has the right to claim their persecution is the only one that matters. Yet the Iraqis, who’ve never done anything to anyone, are currently going though a nightmare every bit as bad as the Holocaust, 1.5 million dead and counting and nobody seems to give a damn!

Finally a classic example of how media manipulation and programming not only shapes public opinion but as Malcolm X so rightly suggested, the masses end up believing something so far from the truth, if I was to think about it too much, my canister would rupture! I chose this one because currently the entire corporate media is in a mode of Russian villification that’s off the charts. Only today the EU stated Russia was actually at war with civilization itself. Considering how many countries the West has destroyed this century alone, listening to some of the nonsense coming out of Washington DC truly beggars belief.

Q – who suffered the most in WW II? Well if everyone was asked, with the 6 million figure and the holocaust embedded in the thought process, most people will say – it’s got to be the Jews! Yet, the integral reason the Nazis were defeated, the very people responsible for the alleged Holocaust, was down to the incredible sacrifice of the Russian people – 20 million dead! At the height of the siege of Stalingrad the average life expectancy of a Russian soldier was 24 hours! The Allies may have been victorious but WWII was won on the Russian front. I feel we owe a huge debt to the Russian people yet what makes my blood boil is even though both events occurred at the same time and both involved the Nazis, how can it be that more people know of the suffering of 6 million, while for the best part remain oblivious to the loss of 20?


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