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Two short but very interesting clips. The first is fairly recent & rather worrying because much of what’s said is actually happening. There will always be the quintessential sheep who’ve no idea our politicians are completely crooked. The problem I believe lies in the fact not nearly enough of us understand the true extent of their skulduggery. It’s one thing saying they’re mere puppets for the money men; it’s another thing altogether trying to convince folk these megalomaniacs want to become despotic lords of the planet & that they’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. It’s been an ‘us or them’ scenario for quite a while now.


The fact is, ever since I’ve been writing on FB I’ve tried explaining how the US & UK in particular have already been taken over – invaded from within! Sure enough, 800+ Fema Camps have already been built when arch Zionist Michael Chertoff (the man who made sure the ‘dancing Israelis’ were let off) was head of US Homeland Securities. We have the state of perpetual war; we have HAARP & Chemtrails; we have Monsanto; we have the irony of ironies where seemingly, the Federal & Drug Administration is making sure our food & drink is laced with preservatives & poisons like Aspartame & Fluoride. Even our plastic containers are compromised so that the bottled water we drink is every bit as impure as tap water.


Debt my arse!


One can go on & on. Look at what’s happened financially. Not only have the treasuries of the world been plundered, these vermin have made sure we are in SO much debt, when the collapse comes, this time around it’s going to be an absolute barnstormer! But we only have ourselves to blame for it could not have been more obvious that to all intents & purposes, we’ve lived in a world where the super rich needed all the assistance under the Sun, while the starving could simply be left to rot! This is the price paid for not having an entirely independent media.




I will however state I do not believe alien life has ever set foot on this planet. What people cannot seem to get into their heads are the sheer distances involved. Forget about the Universe – just in our Milky Way Galaxy, interstellar distances are so vast expressing them in miles serves little or no purpose. We have to talk in terms of TIME, hence the term a ‘light year’ (5,875,000,000,000 miles). This is how far light travels in a year. Now the nearest start system is Alpha Proxima which is over 4 light years away. The problem here is getting to even 1% of the speed of light (which would get us there in around 500 years), would require technology that we can only dream about.


Star trek


There’s no question – if an intelligent species can hang about for long enough, travelling at 2000 miles per second (which is around 1% of light speed) can & will be realised. I’m certain too, many species have overcome this hurdle. However, at that speed, space is anything but empty. Colliding with anything at these speeds, well one doesn’t really need to spell it out. Also there are the huge problems with ungodly G forces through massive acceleration & deceleration. In short, any creature that manages to overcome these obstacles & thus end up on planet Earth, make no mistake – we would be at their mercy! The mere thought aliens could have come here only for humans to steal their technology is so ludicrous I honestly don’t know how people can believe such tripe.

Go home!


Oh & I know – people are going to be queuing up to say what about travelling through other dimensions or perhaps wormholes to drastically slash space miles. The thing is, while I accept these are future avenues of research, one cannot base one’s opinions by assuming these theories can actually be put into practise. This is not science. Moreover, this kind of technology, even it can be described as that, is literally light years away from where we are today & as I said before, if this technology is available to other beings, then there’s is no way we wouldn’t all know about it because at best, if aliens ever do come here, they would be our masters & there would be bugger all we could do about it! Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this video.



The second one is taken from an old film called “My dinner with Andre” which as you’ll see, predicted the current state of the world way before its time. This was made in 1981 but I’d never heard of this film before today. Thanks to Lynda Dawn Murray for this clip.



Moon walk


  • Sam

    How Intriguing, is it predictive programming?, why are they telegraphing their intentions to us?, x files is totally mainstream, how come they haven’t killed the writer? Look what happened to the poor guy who made Grey State, are we to assume they want this message out there at this time? Do they believe it gives them some sort of power if they tell us what they are going to do first? Oddly it reminds me of plant and machinery thieves who drive past as you are unloading a digger or a forklift truck and shout”we’ll be back to nick that tonight” – it doesn’t give them any advantage, quite the opposite but it certainly messes with you psychologically!( this has happened to me several times, one time they stole a customers stone slab driveway overnight after warning him they would!)

    • Very good point Sam. Now you mention it this is not the first time where for the world it seems the conspirators are showing out. The ‘dancing Israelis’ who were arrested on 9/11 had a painting on the side of their van which depicted the Towers being attacked by planes. Since explosives were found in their van they were taken for questioning. One of them actually admitted they were there to document the event. Since 9/11 has been labelled a terrorist attack then since these guys knew it was going to happen means they were linked to the terrorists. And of course to have such a painting on their van? It’s like the Zionists want smart people to know but it is essential that not everyone realises they’re responsible. I can’t for the life of me understand why they’d want to show out like this. Can it be that they are this arrogant?

  • Sam

    That’s right, they were here to document the event!”We are not your problem, the Palestinians are your problem” what a strange thing to say, reminds me of “these are not the droids you are looking for”!. Same thing with Jane Standley on the bbc saying that building 7 had collapsed twenty minutes before it did, then the BBC say it was”an honest mistake “!! Yeah, one of those mistakes that travel backwards through time….. Duh

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