The mistake I made when I joined the Labor Party was saying who I’d vote for as leader. I’m convinced this is why I’ve not been sent a voting ballot.

Even though I joined the Labor party I was refused the chance to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I went bananas not because I couldn’t vote but because I was idiot enough to tell them who I intended to vote for. I should have sussed the situation out & told them I was in the process of deciding between Burnham & Cooper. THEN I’D HAVE BEEN ALLOWED A VOTE!


So I sent an e-mail stating ‘don’t tell me you’re going to fix this too, come on? Corbyn’s got more votes than all the others put together! Don’t do this.’ Not surprisingly I received the mother of all fob offs –



Dear Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, as the deadline to register in order to vote in the leadership election was the 12th August at 3pm, you will not be eligible to vote in the leadership election.

The Labour Party has appointed an independent scrutineer of Electoral Reform Services to administer the ballot, issue ballot papers and count valid papers too.

If you require further clarification, please do get back in touch.

Best Wishes,

James Kavanagh
Membership and Communications Unit
The Labour Party



So after a few deep breaths, I thought I’m going to get back in touch alright! Time to take this gloves off. Here – stick this in your pipe James Kavanagh – 


What independent like all the Paedophile inquiries where all the child molesters escape justice & all the Zionist cheats prosper? That kind of independent? Or maybe the Hutton inquiry where Blair was totally innocent & all those who opposed the Iraq war in the BBC were blamed so that the way was paved FOR THE BBC TO BE TAKEN OVER BY ZIONISTS? That kind of independent? Or perhaps the Chilcott inquiry where half of us are going to croak before the damn thing’s even released? THAT KIND OF INDEPENDENT? Is that what you’re saying? Oh that’s good. Why didn’t you say? I was worried. I can sit down now & be a good little boy because everything’s sweet – when it comes to counting the votes it’s independent! There won’t be one person on the Zionist payroll within spitting distance of any ballot box!


Who do you think you’re dealing with here? Some brainless bozo? You take me for some sort of dickhead who doesn’t know what’s going on? Give me that crap! I know the election’s been fixed because this is how the Zionists always operate. Along with being the most evil, deluded, racists on the planet, they always have their way because they do whatever it takes – it’s the law of the jungle. Right & wrong doesn’t come into it – bribe, coerce, murder & above all, cheat is the order of each & every day with these people. This is why they exert extraordinary influence over all of us. This is what they’ve always done.


So please. Don’t try & fob me off making out you’re oblivious to all that’s occurring. If you’re going to reply to me please – just say I’m entitled to my opinion & let’s leave it at that. I’m sick & tired of being lied to & even more pissed off because so few people are prepared to stand up to these crooks. I don’t just know what’s going on – I read it like a book. I can smell the stench of Zionist skulduggery & it positively reeks! The man who had 57% of the votes is going to somehow lose & you’re party to it. It doesn’t matter who takes his place because it’s a cast-iron certainty it will be yet another perfect Zionist puppet.


Too many fans!


I bet not one voter for the other 3 garbage candidates has been refused a vote. Don’t worry. I’ve already cancelled my direct debit & you can bet your bottom dollar if Corbyn is cheated, I’ll be telling the 1000’s upon 1000’s of people who follow my blog to cancel payments to the Labor Party. Should I be proved wrong & I dearly hope I am, I will not just do the reverse & actually encourage folk to join the Labor party, I will apologise to you & I seriously hope, for the sake of this country that I have to. In the meantime, you can only get money from me if the right man becomes leader.


I believe anyone daft enough to back Burnham, Cooper or Kendall doesn’t give a toss about their own party. More significantly, you know only too well the recent upsurge in Labor party membership is down to one man – Jeremy Corbyn. You’ve trebled your membership because of him. If you don’t accept this then you’re simply just another blithering idiot, one of many! For once, the British people have someone who wants to serve them but the Zionist bankers & war-mongers can’t have that can they? When is someone going to be brave enough to tell these gargantuan criminals to go to hell? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


  • Hi, I have had this identical experience. I re-joined Labour Party after quitting it in 2004 as Tony Blair wouldn’t budge from invading Iraq with his master W M Bush.

  • I too, made the same error and told them I was re-joining them to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I was told to send my ID before they would accept my application, in spite of these not needed immediately till early October. On several phone calls my Membership is rejected so is my wish to be a Supporter before that.

    • Zarina – what can I say? We really had a chance with Corbyn. Each day I watch the odds – the good news is Corbyn is around 7/2 ON & Cooper has gained at the expense of Burnham even more than Corbyn. The bad news is there’s still a week to go. The media will continue lying through their back teeth.

      I’ve never been a member of any party but as soon as I heard they would not allow me to vote I withdrew my direct debit. What’s happened to you & me I guarantee has happened to several other Corbyn supporters up & down the country while anyone supporting the other 3 candidates has had no such problems.

  • Eva Nielsen

    SO Labour boycot their own members?? Rotten party. Hope CORBYN get elected., so britain can get some decent leaders.

  • Jeremy Corbyn is my first choice and that’s that! I didn’t attend gathering for the second choice. You guessed it the so-called experienced one who is now supported by Unite and others changing their goal post from their earlier advice!

    • Zarina – I actually believe the other 3 candidates are so bad we could well get our man but I so much want Corbyn to get in I’m going to be pessimistic right up until a leader is elected. Corbyn is now back up to 6/1 ON – this virtually makes him a certainty. With a week to go it’s hard to see how even the Zionists can cheat him.

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