The moment he was elected leader Jeremy Corbyn should have gone for the jugular

Back again after yet another 30 day ban. I thought I’d concentrate on Jeremy Corbyn. Just a couple of quick notes – I can well understand Ian R. Crane’s view (Humanity vs Insanity) that JC may have shot himself in the foot by declaring he’ll offer a 2nd referendum. I believe there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’d like to bet JC was pressured into this by the you know whos! Why? Because it’s an unpopular move. Don’t you think Corbyn knows that? We voted to leave. That’s what we should do. As for the breakaway ‘independent’ group. WHAT A TERRIFIC RESULT! This was the best thing that could have happened. Over two years ago I wrote to Corbyn HQ telling him not only to get rid of all Labour MPs who were members of the Labour Friends of Israel but to prosecute them for Treason.


Shortly after Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party I had a chat with an old FB buddy of mine Mr JLT. We both possess an ability to read between the lines & so it’s no surprise we more or less share similar opinions. However, this one time we disagreed. The topic at hand was whether Corbyn should adopt a softly, softly approach for the purpose of uniting his party or should he take the bull by the horns. JLT felt the former was the correct approach. I believed Corbyn should have gone on the offensive right from the word go.

Now I could understand why my old mate felt this way because adopting my approach certainly would have placed Corbyn & his family in a precarious position – right at the top of the Zionist hit-list. Judging by how Hillary Clinton is still regularly bumping off anyone who crosses her, one can safely conclude Murder Incorporated is alive & kicking. But then there’s the saying – ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,’ or more to the point for the new Labour leader, ‘what are you doing in the kitchen?’ Surely Corbyn knew they’d tell lies & utilise every dirty trick in the book.

I felt so strongly about this I wrote to the Corbyn headquarters offering my services. I believed the new leader would require the kind of ‘off the grid thinking’ not readily available in political circles. Not that I’m anything special but I do possess an ability to understand & unravel key situations & crucially analyse how best to handle them. No prizes for anticipating what the Zionists would have in store for Corbyn. Their MO is as clear as daylight – anyone they don’t like encounters a relentless assault so that eventually, one way or another, they get what they want. The problem for Corbyn was the ‘right’ advice is the very antithesis of how politicians normally react, though ironically when Tony Blair became Labour’s leader, didn’t he virtually throw the riot act at Labour MP’s who were not inclined to his way of thinking?

I’d just like to point out why Corbyn’s predicament is something we rarely encounter in politics. For the first time since JFK, here was a Western leader committed to working solely for the interests of his people. Screw what the media says. If you believe them you’re a blithering idiot! THIS is the long & the short of it – THEY HATE HIM BECAUSE HIS DESIRE TO REPRESENT THE BRITISH PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY GENUINE, JEWS INCLUDED. Small wonder the media never mention that for years his expenses were always among the lowest & unlike 99% of MPs the saying, ‘they’re only in it for themselves’ doesn’t apply to him. He can’t be bought by billionaires & ultimately the true power brokers who hold sway in Westminster & Fleet Street ie the Zionist Rothschild banksters who were the creators of the state of Israel. The very last thing these crooks want is an honest politician.  

Now anyone who thinks this is pie-in-the-sky I’m going to flat out say you’re either deluded through media brainwashing or you’ve got the brains of a rocking horse! There are no ifs & buts about this. Why do you think they want to make criticism of Israel a criminal act? In the past most folk felt they were treading on dangerous ground by pointing accusing fingers at Zionists. The reason this has now become such an issue is because way too many folk are beginning to realise the truth – Zionists ARE responsible for nearly all the grief in the world. No point in writing on social media if you keep allowing the perpetrators to slip under the radar. For instance, merely saying 9/11 was an inside job is useless. Yes the Bush administration allowed it but it was all planned & executed by dual national Zionists & Israel, just as is America’s current foreign policy.

As for Russian meddling in elections, no real evidence is ever presented. In fact conjuring accusations out of thin air is a Zionist speciality but what makes these allegations so preposterous is where’s the motive? Does Russia care so & surely if they somehow had procured anything like the infiltration Western media & politicians are claiming they have, then how on earth could all this influence result in Putin forever being labelled the bad guy? So what in the blazes is going on?

Quite simply, what we have here is yet another classic example of Zionist skulduggery – those who stand up to them are accused of the very antics they’ve mastered. It is unequivocal – meddling in elections is not only a Zionist speciality but the level of their meddling is unprecedented. How else could they have garnered such unconditional support & in so many countries? Considering too how Israel regularly violates international law. Why else is Jeremy Corbyn constantly having the rug pulled from under him? Bear in mind how our utterly inept, treasonous Prime Minister Theresa May somehow, miraculously always escapes criticism.

I’ll never tire of trying to reveal who our politicians & media really answer to. If more folk did this, many more of us would understand what’s really going on. It most certainly has little to do with what the media talks about. It’s job is two-fold: Since the media is owned by the same people who control our politicians, forever deceiving the public is of paramount importance. The last thing they want are scoops regarding pedophiles, warmongers & mega fraudsters. Basically we’re told a pack of lies. Since hiding the truth is essential the media’s other main purpose is to set up smokescreens so to ramble on about subject matters that serve no real purpose. The public is fooled into believing they are the issues of the day – Brexit, the phoney war on terror, anti-Semitism in the Labour party, Russian collusion, the disappearance of Madeline McCaan & so on. These smokescreens merely create the impression we live in a democracy. The truth is altogether a different story. For instance, didn’t we vote to leave the EU? THEN WHY IN THE HELL ARE WE STILL ‘DEBATING’ THE ISSUE? We already put it to bed but the media never mentions this.

Politicians are puppets. They’re conning us but at least they know it. What drives me mad is seeing members of the public appear on garbage programs like Question time & Newsweek oblivious of the fact they’re being taken for an almighty ride. They’re the proper mugs because they’re playing into the hands of the greatest gangsters in history by participating in debates that shouldn’t even be on the agenda. The viewer is treated to a totally biased, one-sided perspective where often the victim is portrayed as the aggressor or we are fed a diet of run-of-the-mill PR drivel, precisely what the BBC & the other lamentable news channels want. It’s all engineered. So, while the Zionist media make fools of you, I’ll tell you what’s really happening. Just think about this –

Even though the vast majority of us are sick to the back teeth of war & the continuing escalation of overseas conflicts, illegal Israeli settlements, child molestation, austerity, tax havens for the super-rich & that maniac Benjamin Netanyahu, look at what we’re getting instead. Where the hell’s the democracy? And to think people still harbor the notion we are the ones who decide policy? Nothing could be further from the truth. What drives me round the bend is not only mountains of evidence exists that more than suggests we’re being conned but it sticks out like a sore thumb! Here are some massive giveaways  –

1) Nearly every Tory MP belongs to what should be an illegal special interest group – CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL. We do not have Conservative Friends of France, Nicaragua, Albania or Outer Mongolia. NO! Just Israel, the one country that sticks two fingers up to international law for fun – stealing land, kidnapping, incarcerating & murdering children, indiscriminately bombing its neighbors yet Western politicians unconditionally support this pariah state! This alone – what more evidence does one require?

2) Not content with this Zionists have infiltrated the Labour Party too. Some 90 Labour MP’s now belong to the group LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL. No surprise these traitors are the ones causing untold grief to Jeremy Corbyn. Considering Corbyn is the only party leader to win on the first ballot; considering how party membership positively sky-rocketed as a result, here you have Zionist Chutzpah at first hand – the popularity of Corbyn is neither here nor there. Having their way is the only thing that matters.

3) The BBC is funded by the public & is therefore bound by the Royal Charter. This stipulates the BBC is obligated to present news that is truthful & impartial. To say on both counts the BBC is failing miserably hardly cuts it. The truth is they couldn’t be more biased & they couldn’t tell more lies if they tried! This is why the entire media apparatus is set up to undermine Corbyn. Needless to say, the whole media caboodle is controlled by Zionists. Forget about prosecution, this is why warmongers like Blair, Cameron & May escape criticism while men of peace such as John Smith, Dr. David Kelly & Robin Cook are killed & then their murders covered up.


So here’s my letter toCorbyn HQ just after he was elected leader. Tell me if you think I got it wrong –

Dear Mr. Corbyn

These are extremely dangerous times. We’ve long since passed the point where ordinary folk can rely on our political system. I’m frankly astonished voters still believe they’re represented at Westminster. It is also obvious the media is merely a tool for those hell bent on creating a New World Order. Therefore, it’s a certainty they will attack you at every conceivable opportunity & when that opportunity doesn’t exist, they’ll make something up in order to undermine you. Make no mistake, they will not let go. Their attack will be relentless.  

In my opinion therefore, it is essential the moment the media begins to show any bias, you need to say this – ‘THE MEDIA IS BOUND BY THE ROYAL CHARTER WHICH DECREES IT HAS TO BE IMPARTIAL & TRUTHFUL!’ Furthermore, you should go on & say, the moment you are elected you will see to it that not only will every media outlet honour their obligation to the Royal Charter but you will seek to prosecute those who’ve blatantly misled the public & that most certainly should include those who lied about the Iraq war.  

These are the tactics you should employ – attack the media full on because this way they will be the ones on the back foot. This is critical. Make it abundantly clear that not only do you have a duty to the people of this country but SO DO THEY! Remind them of the fact you are the only leader ever to win on the first ballot. The people spoke. Most importantly, it would be a terrible error trying to appease your enemies simply because there is nothing you can ever do or say that will get these Zionists to back off.

As for the Labour Friends of Israel, it has become abundantly clear the democratic rights of the British people are being undermined. We are currently bedeviled with the intolerable situation where its members are actively seeking to place Israel’s interests above the UK. Declare that it is your aim to disband this treacherous group & to pass an act strictly forbidding any such special interest groups. Furthermore, seek to prosecute every single MP who has committed Treason by declaring their allegiance to a foreign entity.

Yours sincerely

Michael Aydinian


I thought I’d include a few bits & pieces, mainly links I’ve saved while I’ve been in the doghouse.

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  1. NEWS

International law guarantees Palestinians the right to resist

And of course we can’t leave Hilary out of it –

FBI Agent, Who Exposed Hillary Clinton Cover-up, Found Dead

© Neon Nettle

And finally a piece I put together back in Sept 2015. It contains a brilliant speech by JC.



  • John Hanbury

    Another article that’s absolutely bang on the nose. Worthy of consideration however is how Corbyn himself may actually be controlled, not by wealth as you point out, but by fear. Maybe not even fear for himself or his family but for all of us. The Zionist State was born of terrorism and as you correctly point out, they are capable of anything. Anything up to and including their ‘Samson Option’.

    • Thank you John. Yes. I did try to make the point Corbyn’s pledge for a 2nd referendum was coerced through fear & I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Many ‘prominent’ Israelis have actually spilled the beans by saying things like ‘we are the great destroyers’ & ‘we are the real terrorists.’ When they boast it’s just about the only time they tell the truth.

  • Dear Michael

    You are soo right! There is a video circulating on YouTube that confirms the extent to which Israeli agents try to subvert our democracy. It is they who are behind this “Corbyn anti-semitism” smear campaibg.

    I became convinced the BBC is a propaganda machine after watching Mu’ad Dib’s Ripple Effect.

    • Thanks Walter. All it takes to realise the entire media apparatus is controlled by the greatest gangsters on the planet is a little thought. I often refer to Zionism being akin to the most virulent carcinogenic strain. The problem as we all know, when left unchecked it spreads rapidly & once one opens one’s mind one can clearly see that Zionism is rampaging through mankind.

  • Don Hanney

    Hi Michael Aydinian,

    First time I encountered your work today, bang on the money sir – my respect. You are now among my growing list of info-providers.
    I too have been watching & learning about UK & global politics/economics for the past 2 decades, and have my own propensity to read-between -the-lines. Unlike you I have no media outlet to reach the people,

    I’m working on creating a post, timeline info etc in regard of our current uk political stasis, which in reality reflects much behind-the-scenes activity.

    There are many elements I need to include in my own summary of these events & ongoing possibilities, but for now I’d like to post you this observation;

    When Corbyn produced his manifesto taking the country by storm, I believed the GE votes were fiddled, he should have won by a large margin. At that time I wondered – “What the hell are the establishment going to do to squash him & his dreaded socialism”? Knowing that they surely would.

    I believe we are right now seeing an establishment coup being led by Farage, (whom I believe is the City’s man, and a sleeper within the EU), His new Brexit Party campaign is being launched with the exact same professional flair & pomp that we saw when Tony Blair came to power masquerading under the name of New Labour.

    The people so far as I can see are falling hook, line & sinker for this, little knowing or suspecting that on achieving power, Farage’s policies will be further-right than anything we’ve suffered under the hated Tories. So goodbye NHS, goodbye welfare state & further depressed or non-existent public services.

    Farage is already making public statements in a manner which suggests he is assured of his place in government, his narcissistic insistence on assuming leadership also suggests a potential ‘dictatorship’, maybe in the knowledge of impending martial-law after the establishment of his government & his policies take effect.

    This campaign is being afforded full establishment backing, I believe the whole plot has been orchestrated from the very time that Corbyn achieved leadership of his party.

    The destabilising agenda within Labour, & full-spectrum media support including as Galloway recently stated to RT – “Farage enjoys more BBC airtime than any other political figure”.

    Also the whole farce of brexit has been weaponised for this agenda, creating gross public apathy of the whole political status-quo.

    It is also likely that a back-room brexit deal has been agreed whereby the British public will continue to be lumbered with funding EU financial support, while ‘The City’ will be freed from constrictive in-the-pipeline EU legislation which could severely hamper their corrupt practices.

    It may be that you have already come to these conclusions yourself, or you have a completely different take on these events.
    Either way I would appreciate if you can spare the time, to provide me feedback on these comments.

    Thank you & keep up your priceless work.

    • Thank you Don. Much appreciate it & it’s great knowing others are seeing through all the lies. I’ll endeavor to comment on all the points you make –
      Para 5: 100% correct. Had it been a fair election Corbyn would have won big. It was the same for Ron Paul in America. Zionists have no compunction when it comes to cheating. In fact not only do I believe they cheated in the last election but quite how so little was made of the fact the media couldn’t have been more biased & deliberately fed the public with bullshit polls. This is more important than people can begin to imagine. What we know individually differs greatly from what we know collectively. This is born of the MSM actually being one voice which serves to keep the public oblivious to what’s actually going on. So the media pumps out these fake polls for the purpose of 1) swaying voters who are undecided & 2) inadvertently creating apathy by making people think nothing can change so they don’t bother voting. The problem is we don’t know this collectively.
      Para 6, 7, 8 & 9: Yes, they will use Farage & you certainly make a great point with the comparison with that wretch Tony Blair. However Farage does not belong to the big two whereas Blair was in the right place at the right time. All they had to do was heart attack John Smith & suddenly they had a guy who was prepared to lie to go to war. Smith would never have gone for the Iraq war. Farage doesn’t have a party behind him. If you remember Blair was able to use the fact Labour had not been in power for several years & so everyone in the party was literally bulldozed into getting behind him. Quite how Farage can make that big leap from successful opportunist to party leader I’m not sure especially since the establishment do not want to see the break up of the EU. This is the one point which renders your argument questionable here, though I agree with just about everything you say about Farage.
      Para 10, 11 & 12: I feel Farage has support on but one issue – leaving the EU. I’m in fact thinking of voting for him in the European elections because I want out of the EU. However in a general election JC gets my vote every time. The destabilising agenda within Labour is actually beginning to work in Corbyn’s favor. I also feel whatever the establishment now do & Galloway is right here about the publicity Farage & Corbyn receive, however, it will not reap significant results because people are fed up with the establishment’s line. The media has simply lied too much. Moreover, the better Farage does, the worse the Tories will fair. This is hugely significant because Labour now has a foundation it can rely on. These points help to disconnect some of your dots
      My greatest worry is the Zionists will take the bull by the horns & Kill JC one way or another. His family will be threatened too. This is why things are happening quicker than they normally do. The establishment know they are bang in trouble.
      I hope that clears a few things up. All the best Don.

  • Keith Bartlam

    This is EXACTLY the analysis I have been looking for regarding the why’s and wherefores of the relationship between Farage and Corbin’s volt face over the EU. Johnson is a Jew and Zionist supporter I need say no more other than we will not be leaving the EU cleanly. My hope is Corbin will provoke a vote of no confidence bring down Johnson and that Farage and Corbin will do a deal to ensure we leave cleanly, as Johnson clearly has no intension or incentive to do so . The point when the public realise this will be fun to watch as to their reaction when they realise they have been played all along by the Conservatives ….. probably just before 31st Oct when it will be too late for the electorate to do anything about it. How any Farage/ Corbin deal might work out is open to speculation, but as we know Farage has already suffered 3 “near death” experiences on his life. Any further political”deaths” such as Jo Cox, Robin Cook, John Smith Dr Kelly JFK etc the public will start asking awkward questions.

    • Yes indeed Keith. I hope you’re right about assassinations. I’m not so sure because this lot will stop at nothing & there’s good reason – when committing a string of heinous crimes the one thing you cannot afford to risk is total exposure.
      the fact is we’re always being played, as if we’re all part of a soap opera. The good news is the Conservatives are fast running out of options.

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