The MSM is all about LIES & DISTRACTION

Just a quick note regarding the plethora of media lies, notably CNN about alleged Russian meddling in the recent Presidential election. Isn’t anyone ever going to mention how Trump has done virtually everything Netanyahu & the warmongering Zionists have asked of him? So, what earthly reason would the Russians have to help rig an election for someone who so far has never attempted to ameliorate matters diplomatically & all the policies he’s implemented have only served to cause the Russians more grief?


  • 12barblueboy

    Now they have read Assad’s mind and determined he’s getting ready to launch another chemical attack against his own people. Trump no doubt will play his part on cue.

  • Ron Wright

    I did have such hopes that we might have seen a change in American foreign policy, but alas it’s same old, same old. Sending 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria was the step that was too far for me to hold onto my hopes.

    • Ron – So did I but as I said when Netanyahu went to Washington you could see Trump caved in to the Zionists. It’s hard not to when you know they can kill anyone in your family but then Trump knew the score or perhaps he didn’t realise just how evil & powerful they are. I’m beginning to think the latter.

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