The Murder of Princess Diana.

The JFK assassination & 9/11 stand as two of the most shameful episodes in our recent history not so much because of the sheer shock & horror but because of the lies that were told by the establishment & the media. In both cases the official explanations were simply impossible. With JFK only a complete idiot or a liar would not concede there had to be another assassin because the final shot was obviously fired from in front of JFK. With 9/11 even the laws of physics were defied. Shameful puts it mildly because both events radically altered history. At least another 2 million innocent people have died because 9/11 was covered up; 10’s of millions have been rendered homeless.




However, what occurred with Princess Diana was every bit as shameful. It’s so obvious she was murdered by the establishment yet like 9/11, the murderers themselves were simply allowed to dictate the proceedings. The Royal family was more akin to a mafiosi; the whole judicial process was a complete sham; protocol went out the window. Then, after all the most crucial evidence under the sun was inexplicably excluded, the jury STILL came up with the worst possible verdict they could have delivered for the Royal Family – Princess Diana was unlawfully killed. This effectively ruled out the Paparazzi. What happens – THE MEDIA BLAMED THE PAPARAZZI……… & THAT WAS IT! IT DOESN’T GET MORE BENT THAN THIS!


Watch this video. If you weren’t sure about Diana’s death I guarantee YOU WILL BE AFTER YOU WATCH THIS –  



Diana's prediction



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