The New Cold War Could Soon Get Hot

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The New Cold War Could Soon Get Hot

Whatsupic — I’m not trying to raise the fear-factor but the new Cold War could soon get decidedly warm! Most people by now should know we’ve gone past the point of saying our elected representatives are bonafide criminals who don’t give a damn about the people they’re supposed to represent. Please though, let’s get one thing straight – I’m not saying Putin is squeakly clean. He’s anything but. The problem lies in the political systems we utilize – they’re woefully inadequate. It goes without saying what’s required are political representatives beholding to the people and significantly no one else. Instead we have systems so open to abuse the way is paved for those void of empathy to rise to the top! So even though I’m inclined to believe Putin had a hand in the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, for the time being at least, let’s snip this Putin phobia thing in the bud. 

Who was it who said “finance is the law of the jungle; politics is knowing when to pull the trigger?” This is the nature of the business these guys are in. Those who rise to the upper echelons of power invariably wouldn’t batter an eyelid when it comes to signing someone’s death warrant. Leaders, both in politics and industry, kill people. The higher the stakes; the more likely one is to step over a line where it’s kill or be killed. Look how Tony Blair, a non-achieving nobody, whose first job was to lead the UK, wasted Dr. Kelly and Robin Cook. The CIA have assassinated countless leaders, many truly good men who refused to deal with Bankers who ran roughshod over everyone. And of course the Israelis think it’s their divine right to take out anyone that so much as looks boss-eyed at them! 

And I’ll tell you flat out – if I was in Putin’s shoes, I’d have had no hesitation giving the order to take Nemstov out! We know NATO’s expansion is the crux of the problem; we know the West is trying to undermine Putin and Lavrov. In all likelihood Nemstov had been got at by Zionist bankers. If so, potentially he would have been a far bigger threat to Putin and for that matter the Russian people than Dr Kelly or Robin Cook could have ever been to Blair. Just think. If Russia was doing what the West is doing, there’d be all hell to pay. I’m sure most of us know this. What’s not so obvious though is NATO, the EU and all the major powers in Europe have not just been infiltrated by Zionists but have literally been usurped by them. This effectively means policy is being decided by Zionist (Rothschild) bankers. 

When Putin stepped in to help Syria back in September 2013 I said these words – “watch them now throw the kitchen sink at Putin!” It’s one of the best predictions I’ve ever made. Bear in mind Ukraine’s elected leader Yanukovitch was not ousted until mid Febuary 2014. Since Russia is the only country actively supporting Syria and thus thwarting Israel’s 1982 plan to take control of the entire Middle East, everything is being done to cause Putin untold grief. In short Europe is being sold down the river by the Zionist puppets who masquerade as our leaders. Israel wants to take out Iran. If the US and EU become embroiled in a conflict with Russia then it’s a done deal. The Zionist don’t care one jot for the ramifications of such a confrontation. All the better if Europe and Russia take each other out! World domination is their goal. They already control the US! The Zionists have long since past the point of no return. They cannot stop now even if they want to!

Another point I’d like to make though, as well as reinforcing all I’ve just stated, is the fundamental reason I feel we are fast-approaching an extremely precarious situation. In the past we came close to Nuclear war, notably the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 in what was the height of the Cold War but back then this was a direct consequence of vastly differing political ideology between the two super-powers – the alleged freedoms enjoyed in the Capitalist West and the alleged oppression of Communist state control in the East. In short there was a genuine reason we were at loggerheads – the way we lived and the way they lived were poles apart. 

There may well be a Cold War now but I can honestly say this time there is little or no ideological gulf between East and West, AND THIS IS WHAT TRULY WORRIES ME. There seems no conceivable or should I say justifiable reason why all this hostility is occurring. Sure the bankers could well be fleecing yet another country but to manufacture such a dangerous dispute literally out of thin air just for a bit more cash? I don’t buy it. The only feasible explanation is to concede that all this upheaval and chaos is being engineered by Zionist bankers who are determined to see the creation of Greater Israel, come what may. This connects all the dots. The best chance of realizing this goal is if Russia’s power is seriously curtailed. 

Of course this explains precisely why whatever the Russians do brokering peace deals in Ukraine, even after exhaustive negotiations, the very next day the Zionist puppet war-mongers in Washington DC and 10 Downing Street are behaving as if no peace deal had been struck! Today, arch Zionist Victoria Nuland, who was instrumental in overthrowing the democratically elected government of Yanukovitch, continues to spout unsubstantiated drivel that Russia is indulging in all sorts of nonsense. Even when Putin sent in convoys of food, water and medicine to the beleagured folk of East Ukraine, the West outrageously claimed Russia had invaded the country! What earthly reason would Russia invade a country that just 20 years earlier they gave their independence to? Of course the Zionist controlled media never mention this or anything that remotely resembles the truth.

However, to make matters even worse, this lunatic Netanyahu two days ago revealed to Congress ‘Israel could act alone’ and attack Iran. This scenario is equally disturbing. How Netanyahu even had the gall to say such a thing is beyond me? What has Iran done? Not one of their neighbors feels genuinely threatened by them. The same can hardly be said of Israel but with the entire corporate media under the Zionist thumb, instead of being frowned upon from all quarters, the sheer folly of a violation of international law that’s off the Richter Scale is totally ignored! Such an act could usher China into the conflict. In no time God forbid, it could escalate into a full blown Nuclear confrontation. 

In my eyes Iran has done nothing wrong. In fact, if I was Iranian, with madmen like Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson around, I’d want to get my mitts on as many Nukes as possible. WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO AT LEAST BE ABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST SUCH EVIL, DELUDED MEN? Adelson who happens to be the Republican Party’s chief sponsor had the temerity to say they should use nuclear weapons on Tehran regardless of whether Iran attacks Israel or not. A UNILATERAL NUCLEAR STRIKE? If any non Zionist said such a thing the outcry would be deafening. But this is how ludicrous the situation has become – Israel forever is allowed to say it is merely defending itself when in truth it is kicking 10 tons of shit out of anyone it so chooses, oh but woe betide if anyone else should desire to defend themselves! We’ve long since past the point where the Israelis should have been universally told – ENOUGH ALREADY!


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