The Next False Flag Event Will Take Place In Multiple Cities: Stephen Lendman

I’m sorry everyone but I’m not feeling too great. I can’t seem to get my head together to finish pieces & I think I’m just completely worn out. Also, with dirty tricks being played on my website it hardly gives me the incentive to churn out posts if people don’t receive the email notifications they should. I know – they’re digging me out because they know, I know what I’m talking about. I’m forever told, people are listening but that novelty wore off long ago. I’m so pissed off they’re able to cheat at will. FB once again have turned the screws on me big time. That’s bad enough. So finally I get my own website & wallop – they pull an almighty stroke!


From what I’ve heard, behind the scenes the ADL are exerting untold pressure on the Domain Registrars. As per usual with Zionists, they find a way to move goalposts. We know about their paid Trolls. These rats are now subscribing to websites like mine – normally the last thing they do only for the purpose of receiving email notifications. In the meantime the ADL has seen to it that rules are tweaked. The vermin complain to the DR stating they’re receiving spam yet the DR knows this is baloney because the only way they can receive these emails in the first place is by subscribing.


Can you believe these wretched people! So not only does this outrageous black-listing play havoc with email notifications to genuine subscribers, when I phone up & tell GoDaddy, they just fob people off saying their hands are tied. You can be sure if this was happening to Zionists it would be sorted out immediately, many people would lose their jobs & most of us would have severe ear-aches from all the moaning & complaining. What recourse do I have – NONE…… except I can tell people this – here’s how Go Daddy treats it’s clients. What a miserable lot they are. Anyway, we’ve got to keep punching. I just need a major recharge.


When it comes to REALLY explaining what is going on rarely do I say well done for telling the whole truth. This guy pretty much nails it & I’ll tell you now – if people don’t start pointing the finger at who’s actually behind all this shit, then we’re going to be in the shit! No one who cares should ever worry about becoming a target for these killers. You see, if you don’t speak out – THEN YOU WILL BE TARGETED! THE WORSE THING WE CAN DO IS NOT MENTION ISRAEL & THE ZIONISTS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP! THIS SHOULD BE OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE!



David Icke



  • Eva Nielsen

    I am happy to read your news, and I understand your problems. New false flags – yes I am sure. We shall all be in a state of FEAR and submission – brainwashed big times etc.

    To attain that goal we get all the false flag – and it´s a goldmine to Zionist Wall Street.

    • Interesting that Cameron has seen fit to cut the number of Emergency Rescue teams with the ability to act against dirty bomb attacks. A clue, maybe?

      • Absolutely right Andrew. The authorities are way too quick to tell us how in danger we are; way too quick when ‘discovering’ who did it. (Either that or they’ve all the luck in world because these so-called terrorists who so brilliantly mastermind these elaborate plans, nevertheless are daft enough to bring their ID along; only for the media to NEVER MENTION how despite all this extra surveillance & new terror laws, the authorities seem powerless to stop any attack. The only way this can make any sense is if the government is actually executing these attacks themselves & blaming it on terrorists. THIS IS THE ONLY CONCLUSION ONE CAN DRAW! Those who believe the government ARE MORONS!

        Memories of how the sniffer dogs were mysteriously taken out of service two weeks before 9/11. Even more amazing is Securacom, the company supposed to look after security at the Towers who made this ‘convenient’ decision was headed by none other than Marvin Bush, the President’s brother.

    • Thank you Eva though the only people I fear are the government & the Zionists who control them.

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