The once razor sharp teeth of RT Moscow are fast-becoming decidedly blunt fangs.

It is with great dismay I say this for RT used to be a shining light. CrossTalk, Going Underground, the Truth Seeker & the Keiser Report are still fine shows. However the moment I saw that grubby little wretch Larry King appear on RT under the guise of ‘you’ve got to ask the right questions’, my heart sank for I knew the Zionists had now got their hooks firmly into RT.


Abby Martin’s fine show ‘Breaking the Set’ was axed paving the way for pencil-pushers. Gradually RT’s news bulletins increasingly sang the same tune as mainstream media. The last few days RT highlighted the Migrant crisis but instead of blaming the policies of Obama & Cameron of following the Zionist agenda to cause untold misery in the Middle East thus creating the very crisis they’re talking about, they instead do exactly what Zionists want – highlighting far-right opposition to migrants all over Europe.


ENOUGH ALREADY! These poor people are the victims. RT SHOULD BE HIGHLIGHTING WHY THEY ARE VICTIMS & WHO IS RESPONSIBLE; not publicising brainless racists & morons who can’t see the wood from the trees, thus spreading the very propaganda of DIVIDE & CONQUER! The Zionists couldn’t be more happy with the way RT is reporting this.


Here’s an article I wrote recently about the migrant crisis – Migrants, Refugees, Those Seeking Political Asylum? If You Don’t Know Who’s Responsible For The Carnage In The Middle East And North Africa – Don’t Say A Word! – 05 August 2015


RT Moscow


It’s a similar affair with ISIS. RT never mentions this is an Israeli terrorist organisation run by Mossad. Why else would ISIS be doing EXACTLY WHAT MOSSAD WANTS? IT’S SO OBVIOUS IT BEGGARS BELIEF! The same can be said of US foreign policy. How this American foreign policy when the only country gaining from it is Israel while for Americans these very policies are nothing short of catastrophic.




However, credit where credit’s due – at least RT often features the great Ken O’Keefe. He tackles these very anomalies the way I would – never allowing the Israelis to slip under the radar. But it seems to me RT is inflicted with a Zionist carcinogenic strain. Some parts are affected beyond repair; other parts are succumbing while various programs like CrossTalk, Going Underground, the Truth Seeker & the Keiser Report remain resistant.


The RT news channel though is almost as bad as mainstream. Today even the oath-keepers came under attack, when RT really should be concentrating on why oath-keepers have felt compelled to make their presence felt. RT has reported the outrageous shenanigans of the US police force, which the MSM has for the best part ignored, it has nevertheless chose to turn a blind eye to the one most important fact regarding this sudden upsurge in indiscriminate Police killing of unarmed civilians – this directly coincided with ‘a decision’ for US police to seek the advice of IDF experts in riot control, in other words, from fully-fledged legalised thugs & mass-murderers!



  • wes foot

    RT has changed in the sense it has expanded and people even like myself have to get use to different formats. Yet it now has UK, USA, Spanish and different stations reporting specifically for different audience’s.. As in everything in life things move on and change. You have shown tour personal bias by saying Larry King doesn’t belong on RT, while objecting to others no longer on RT not being there. I like Abby Martin, yet found the way her show was going and performance art I didn’t enjoy distracting and leaving the show to be only enjoyed by a selective audience in to that kind of thing. Larry King gives me a insight into the USA political system from all sides as someone who doesn’t live there. I appreciate he will interview all sides of the political system, even giving a platform to the greens like Jill Stein, you will get no where else.

    Your post relies on your personal opinion of how you think RT should be and what mandate it should have, for me I want a news service that informs and is balanced enough that I don’t like or agree with everything they do, that how I know they are doing a good job and will appeal to others for me to debate with.

    • I wonder Wes – do you consider US media provides balanced news? I have no need for your answer because I already know from your banal assumption that I’m biased & to use Larry King as a feasible example? Please – save me your drivel……….

  • barrabus

    It doesn’t seem to be as gritty as it used to be for sure, no one asks the right questions apart from the guy going underground on occasion. Public figures who refuse to be questioned won’t go on the you don’t get the grilling’s so much theses days.
    Watching the hawks is insincere and the blonde gal doesn’t seem to be able to think on her feet. You know when the shows short of material because they interview each other from different studios/rooms in the same building.

  • Eva Nielsen

    I have just been in Moscow 4 days. At the hotel was different papers, one called Moscow Times. It was awful – I could puke. It was like brainwashington..

    Thank you Michael Aydinian for enlighten people.

  • There will always be differences of what is news, what is not and which preference we each fall into.

    With respect to RT, it offers a refreshing alternative mainstream slant – I am no lover of LK personally. He is too much of a product of all that is piss poor about USTV since the days when Ed Morrow fought to the end for real TV.

    As much as we know all the control and weaponry reasons for the propaganda poured froth from the US media, having LK on RT is as much a tactical move as savvy political one. In much of its dealings with the modern psy ops world of US hegemony Russia has shown itself to be a far more transparently open organ of action and has used it as a specific weapon of truth, if we can term it as such.

    Of course truth is overtly subjective to the individual and collective alike, so can always be debated. Integrous and ethical truth has its own standing.

    RT has enough teeth to bite the lies of deepest propaganda the West so virulently pumps out. The fact it is so challenged and seen publicly as a threat speaks volumes for the fear it induces in the power brokers.

    Russia is playing a very razored edged game with the likes of the RKM and as with many battle fronts it has to move wisely. There will always be bits that do not go down personally and that are loved in equal measure – for me I have learned more from Max Keiser about the financial system than I would have in years of LSE training!! As for bashing the Zionists they are an evil but single thread in the whole tapestry. Best pick at the whole woof and weave rather than be seen as a weavel eating a single partial diet.

    Reminding ourselves all information is propaganda in part or whole, we must merely develop and use the highest form of our critical thinking to carve a path along the information highway.

    In that respect I will continue to support RT in its entirety and that must include Boom Bust and LK!

    • Your right Jonathan – it’s just when I hear them talk about ISIS it drives me mas because why should RT play Israel’s game? But as you say – compared to the MSM, RT is a breath of fresh air, especially Cross Talk & MAD MAX!

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