The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those living a lie.

I love my website but the one thing I’m not so sure about is once again being inundated with emails. Most of them are good ones – a mixture of compliments & something I really like to see, people genuinely searching for answers & explanations about certain topics. I’d like to make one thing absolutely clear – keep them coming. I’m always more than happy to try & help people because they are doing the most important thing – ASKING QUESTIONS. This is the one thing the hierarchy despises. The media never ask Cameron a single question. WHY? Because here is the perfect puppet & whether you like it or believe it, he is secretly pursuing an agenda to screw the very people he’s supposed to represent. Why do you think I refer to him as a traitor – there’s only one reason – HE IS ONE!

Anyway, today there was one email & I immediately felt the red mist. I was writing away with avenging fury – a runaway express train. I thought hold the phone & I spoke to a good friend Hafsa Kara & said ‘what do you make of this. I don’t believe one word he’s saying. I’m going to reveal everything about this guy because I’m furious.’ She said words to the effect ‘calm down & feel him out.’ Anyway this was his email –

From: Jonathan Gornall.
Subject: Media request for comment

(Straight away I thought what? Media request for comment?)

Hi, I’m a UK-based journalist writing an article for a newspaper in the Arabian Gulf (The National in the UAE) about the pernicious influence of political conspiracy theories in the Middle East and the wider world. I’d be grateful for a comment from you on the following:
David Cameron, the prime minister of the UK, recently gave a speech about the UK’s plans to combat homegrown Islamic extremism. One of the focuses will be on countering the conspiracy theories that permeate the web and social media and persuade disenchanted Muslim youth that America and the West are general is evil and must be attacked in defence of Islam. Do you consider that a) your website and writing could be characterised as contributing to conspiracy theories about 9/11, ISIS, etc., and that b) in so doing it serves to undermine the credibility of America and its allies and encourage jihad against them? Grateful for your thoughts.
My deadline is Thursday this week. Many thanks, Jonathan.


Pac of lies

My deadline is Thursday? REALLY! Well I’m ever so sorry about that! Obviously this is all mainstream drivel. However, Hasfa encouraged me to write a more measured response.


It seems to me your mind is already made up but here goes……..
You talk of “the pernicious influence of political conspiracy theories”. I’m sorry but there is nothing theoretical about the laws of physics. The only conspiracy theory is the official explanation because the only people who could have committed 9/11 were dual national Zionists for two main reasons 1) Cui Bono – Israel is the only country to gain from 9/11; everyone else has lost! 9/11 was the greatest financial fraud in history easily surpassing the Rothschild’s coup at the battle of Waterloo. 2) The only people the Zionist controlled media would lie for are Zionists. And we’re not just talking about lies; we’re talking about defying laws of physics. Whichever way you or Cameron or anyone else cuts it, plane fuel cannot melt, even compromise grade A steel. We all saw controlled demolitions.

Yes. Cameron a man who 75% of eligible voters do not want as their PM, gave a speech at the UN. It was nothing short of an effront to our fundamental democratic rights. We are not allowed to question him, Zionists or Israel, in other words the greatest gangsters in history! And what of the Muslims. Haven’t our leaders done enough to goodness knows how many Arab/Muslim countries? The death count 2 million, maybe more; the homeless in the 10’s of millions, which incidentally is the migrant crisis there in a nutshell. And you’re asking me about Islamic extremism. You should be asking Cameron. I DID! I wrote to him stating categorically “you’re not fighting terrorism; YOU’RE CREATING IT!” Ask yourself, after all the lies of Blair; the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith to set up the illegal war in Iraq, if you’re aim was to fight terrorism would you continue the identical foreign policy to Tony Blair? Well that’s precisely what Cameron’s done. In my opinion you should heed the words of one of the greatest journalists ever – John Pilger said “There is no war on terror, There is a war OF terror.” 

I detest all religion period. It’s the bane of mankind. However, I’m convinced the Zionist controlled media is currently in the middle of one of their clandestine projects to create Islamophobia. In the meantime they make out that Jews are the ones being threatened while Arab/Muslim Countries are being reduced to pulp. Two million dead & counting. We won’t talk about the 10’s of millions rendered homeless & to think the media is exploiting this migrant crisis to pit the people of Europe against these poor victims. But you surely are aware of the age old Rothschild Zionist goal to DIVIDE & CONQUER!

Finally you ask – “Do you consider that a) your website and writing could be characterised as contributing to conspiracy theories about 9/11, ISIS, etc., and that b) in so doing it serves to undermine the credibility of America and its allies and encourage jihad against them?” WHERE THE HELL IS C)? ie or do you think you’re telling the truth? I’m not exactly sure what your true interest is sir but let me make one thing absolutely clear – I ABHOR VIOLENCE but it is my god-given right to express my utter indignation at the policies of Israel, the US & UK. The words of Thomas Jefferson – “dissention is the greatest form of patriotism.”


Now I thought I did a good job yet at the same time I felt my initial feelings were justified because as I said, everything he was referring to is a product of Zionist lies. His emphasis is all on Islamic fundamentalism. Well, I am 100% of the opinion, whatever I.F. there is, is a direct result of Israeli, US & UK foreign policy. When I got his reply I thought I should have ignored this so-in-so.


Keep truthing!

Hello Michael, many thanks for getting back to me.
I’m not sure my mind is made up but I have seen a lot of use of the phrase “Cui bono” as if it is some kind of evidence, as opposed to a pointer; and, of course, that pointer could equally be said to be pointing at terrorists who had something to gain from attacking America. If that isn’t accepted, then surely doubt has to be cast on every terrorist attack ever carried out?
I’m also unclear what Zionists could have gained from orchestrating this attack. America already supports the state of Israel, so why risk such an outlandish act which, if discovered, would at the very best have ended that lucrative relationship and, most likely, brought America’s wrath down upon Israel?
The other issue I have with all the theories about 9/11 I have seen is that in so many people would have to have been involved to pull them off, planting charges, and so on.  Would they all have kept quiet after the event? In the world of Wikileaks, it seems highly unlikely.
Finally, may I ask how you became interested in this subject? You say you detest religion, so I assume you aren’t a Muslim. Do you have some other connection to these events, or to the Arab world in general?
Many thanks, Jonathan.


Note how he casts Cui Bono aside as if it’s not worth a bar of soap. Then the usual professional waffle – going all around the houses but conceding & giving nothing. My heart literally sank when I read “I’m also unclear what Zionists could have gained from orchestrating this attack.” This is a journalist? I thought they possessed a modicum of intelligence. I mean the only country to gain from 9/11 is Israel. Then more pure crud but the final paragraph made me realise – this piece of shit was setting me up. I’ve already made it perfectly clear I hate religion but nevertheless he’s trying to stigmatize me with Muslim terrorists. I believe this sort of thing is going to start happening a lot. They’re already preparing the way to arrest people like me so that we cannot tell the truth. So I wrote back –

Cia/Mossad are we?‏

You assume I’m not a Muslim? You’re no journalist. I had my doubts. I smelt an awful stench because your initial email was so lopsided. I sense entrapment here. What have you lot got planned? 
You’ve ignored every word I’ve said. Only a blithering idiot doesn’t realise 9/11 was an inside job. You’re by no means one of them. You’re infinitely more dangerous. You’re mind was made up.
What did the terrorists gain? 7 of the alleged hijackers are still alive today! Terrorists my arse. Arabs & Muslims continue to get slaughtered every day & you still harbor the thought that they gained.
Ever heard of the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty or JFK? SOME JOURNALIST YOU ARE! Who do you think controls America. I’ve been well & truly entrapped here. I should have know better.


He wrote back & the toe-rag is still asking me if I’m Muslim. What difference does it make you scumbag?

Michael, no-one is entrapping you. I merely wanted to establish whether or not you’re a Muslim – are you? – or if you had some connection to the Arab world or the events about which you write so passionately.

Jonathan Gornall


Having just read all this again I’ve decided to post what I originally wrote when the red mist was up. I didn’t finish it but I think you’ve all by now got the gist of it. I would like to know people’s honest opinion. Please say if you think I’m being a touch paranoid. If you think I’m right or wrong, say so. I’m a big boy. This is important & please, feel free. Anyone offering constructive criticism will be treated with respect. I will not hold it against anyone but my feeling is there’s something very sinister going on here simply because we know their agenda. The real terrorists are our leaders & anyone in the MSM is part of this outrageous coup. Note this guy is freelance but boy, if anyone was trying to break into the MSM – HERE IT IS FOLKS!


Grateful for my thoughts eh. Well I believe you are a truly evil person. I can smell the stench just from your words. You don’t know me yet I know everything about you & you dearly want to cause me as much harm as you possibly can. The very last thing you are after is the truth – in fact this is what your paymasters are scared of & what this is all about is merely confirmation of what I’ve been saying since 9/11. The true conspirators will stop at nothing – once one has committed mass-murder as well as the greatest fraud in the history of mankind, now it’s just a question of doing whatever it takes to escape justice.

So now we have a plan to entrap those who speak the truth. All this talk about ISIS terrorists? Cameron is a traitor who works for Israel & now he intends to make a mockery of the law so that anyone who can see through his lies & treachery will be looked upon as the very terrorists he has not only helped create but supports. Sure enough, if justice prevails Cameron will hang & I long for that day. If I had my way, you would too because without vermin like you we wouldn’t be in this situation.

UK-based journalist writing an article for a newspaper in the Arabian Gulf. Talk about a cover. For all I know you could be part of ISIS & the word could be out to start kidnapping & systematically murdering ordinary people like me who are merely trying to expose the most heinous crimes. What does it feel like having no soul? You are undoubtedly a vermin of the very highest order because you are an integral part of this Zionist plan to incarcerate truthers & commit mass-murder of anyone who is trying to expose the gangsters we have in control, the very people paying you’re wages.

I know you sleep at night because you have no conscience. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for money. As if you didn’t know the only people who could have committed 9/11 were the Zionists. They’re the only people that could have for two reasons 1) Cui Bono – Israel is the only country to gain from 9/11; everyone else has lost! 2) The only people the Zionist controlled media would lie for are Zionists. And we’re not just talking about lies; we’re talking about defying laws of physics. Whichever way you cut it, plane fuel cannot ever melt, even compromise grade A steel. We all saw controlled demolitions, even you, you little rat. Therefore, access would have been needed to the buildings. Who were they owned by? Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowy, the former, a close friend of none other than mass-murderer, Benjamin Netanyahu. Oh I forgot to say – Silverstein & Lowy are two arch Zionists too.
Don’t try & lay on that shit about me making up conspiracies you nasty piece of work.


  • Simon

    With you all the way.
    His emails stink of trying to pressurise you into questioning yourself.
    They also sound, to me, to be quite threatening, in their own sludge filled way.
    He is, in my opinion, a low life POS that isn’t worth worrying about.
    I doubt if he is who he says he is.
    I always wondered how long it would be before you got a ‘knocking’
    on your door.
    You speak the truth and that is all they worry about, the truth coming out to the masses.
    Damn them all to hell including this creep.

  • Linda Morrison

    The guy had my back up from his first ” conspiracy theory ” he is a mole. Doesn’t even deserve a response. My advice Michael ..hit the delete button and go with your gut instinct. You don’t need to justify yourself!

  • Gail Parker

    Michael, I believe you were set up. This guy really did not want to learn, he either believes he already knows it all, and/or pushing a agenda. Hell, the Patriotic Act was past in late October of 2001 to help lock the U.S. down. The biggest gold heist ever happened from building 7, which was not hit by any plane. Gosh, one could go on and on why this was a Zionist plan. If one wants to see! Please go with your gut in these matters. You have been speaking the truth for awhile now and you really do know when someone is not what they seem. Take care, Michael. What you do is important. And you are getting the truth out.

  • I have run businesses, and been self employed. I know how difficult it is to organise anything, when other people are involved. So my natural reaction about conspiracies is that it is too difficult even to pay, employ, be law abiding. and get people to work together, as to conspire would be hundreds of times more difficult.

    But 9/11 just is totally wrong. Building just do not fall on their footprints, Nearly 3,000 people do not turn into dust, so uniformly in three buildings? One building was not even touched but fell the same way as the Twin Towers. There are basic questions of journalists such as Why? How? and Is it possible? That journalists used to ask, but don’t anymore. I grew up with the news declaring our Balance of Payments, in other words, are we Importing or Exporting more, it is a very important Statistic, because whole Countries can have no future, and Trading blocs too. China’s Stock Exchange is in total collapse, and there is nothing like questions being asked. At least Michael starts with Why? How? and is it possible? You are a great man Michael, please continue to ask these questions.

  • Sheila Burns

    Michaels the internet is full of these shills ,their there to make genuinely concerned people about the state of the world look like fools.You know what you write is the truth ,these corrupt politicians and bankers will never stop the truth.Difference between him and you is you report the truth he reports what ever he gets paid to say.

  • Elian-KA

    I think it is clear from the language he uses that this is no true journalist (of course so few of them are). He is already denouncing Middle East political conspiracy theories as “pernicious”, ie his mind his made up. The second paragraph is ok – after all he is describing what Cameron is doing and his probable motives -until the moment when he slips in that crack about you pushing for Jihad against the US and the West (without that I would say yes and yes to his two questions). Of course you are contributing to the “conspiracy theories” on 9/11, ISIS etc and in so doing you are undermining the credibility of the US and the West. This is what we need you to do. “Conspiracy theory” is a term that should be neutral but isn’t. Currently it is the MSM’s description of choice to deride the truth. Much like anybody should run away screaming if they are threatened with “reforms” of any kind (reforms used to be a good thing, you know), people really should prick up their ears and start paying attention when the word “conspiracy theory” comes into play. Anyway enough of this rambling. I think you were right to answer his mail calmly and politely. After all he might have been a seeker of truth at the very start of his journey. However I wouldn’t bother once it is clear that he is a mindless shill.

    • You know it warms my heart when I see so many people really have got their heads screwed on. A while ago I thought I was fighting a losing battle but I’m beginning to feel they’re more worried than we are. Thank you so much Elian-KA – really appreciate your words. 🙂

  • Tricia Wignall

    Just felt compelled to say you smelt a rat!, always go with your first instinct ! Michael I very much appreciate reading your work as I have said before it is written in such a way that being of average intelligence I can follow and understand I want to know, what is going on and hear the truth . Keep up the good work .

  • Kenny Geach

    Hi Michael it’s good to bring this to ppl’s attention anyway, even if it’s to stop these shrills from wasting our precious time, it all counts to them. 9/11 is the litmus test for me. An idiot after 10 minutes research should ask questions. So they always pull the such a mammoth operationroutine , not the logical defying physics and real evidence. Also he throws in wikileaks, as an attempt to create this illusion that we’re in a democracy. Limited hangout operation with that one along with Snowden I’ve concluded. I woke up with rethink911’s campaign 2 years ago, and all the ramifications involved when you start researching deep, and my conclusions also are that all roads lead to a Zionist agenda with Israel. Keep up your good work thx., you’re right to have suspicions, he’s a tosser with an Agenda.

    • Kenny – it is a good thing indeed to have sound judgement. However this alone can be a dangerous attribute if one does not also possess a good heart. You sir have both in spades. This man Gornall is not by any means stupid but he’d sell his mother down the river if it furthered his career. One thing I can’t stand are sneaky liars like him. Thanks for your support Kenny

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