The only people who are against freedom of speech are those who control the flow of information

Following on from my last post yesterday regarding the mysterious death of yet another non-Zionist arse-licking journalist ie one that speaks the truth, you remember Charlie Hebdo? The authorities had the gall to say ‘these terrorists are against freedom of speech.’ Let’s for now forget how these same vermin we have as leaders are dabbling with the crazy notion of outlawing criticism of Israel. So much for our right to freedom of speech! Before I give my twopennies worth regarding Charlie Hebdo, here are the names of 17 journalists. You see I’d like to show you just how much our leaders really care about journalists & freedom of speech.


Did you hear one word said in response to the way the IDF were indiscriminately targeting press workers so that the world could not see at first hand how innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza were being slaughtered by Netanyahu’s gang of thugs? No less than 17 press workers were killed in last year’s massacre & I’d like to bet not one of these names ring a bell. All the Israelis have to say to escape admonishment for what is nothing less than a violation of international law is what they always say – the IDF will conduct an “internal investigation.” It’s like saying a jury made up of serial killers will decide whether Jack the Ripper is guilty or not!


1. Hamid Abdullah Shehab
2. Najla Mahmoud Haj
3. Khalid Hamad
4. Ziad Abdul Rahman Abu Hin
5. Ezzat Duheir
6. Bahauddin Gharib
7. Ahed Zaqqout
8. Ryan Rami
9. Sameh Al-Arian
10. Mohammed Daher
11. Abdullah Vhjan
12. Khaled Hamada Mqat
13. Shadi Hamdi Ayyad.
14. Mohammed Nur al-Din al-Dairi
15. Ali Abu Afesh
16. Simone Camille
17. Abdullah fadel Murtaja.




Here’s the article

These 17 Journalists Were Killed by Israel In Gaza –


Hang your head in shame if you believed what you were told –

Here we have yet another Israeli false flag event designed specifically to set ordinary French folk against Muslims in the age old Zionist tactic to ‘Divide & Conquer’. As if these men, who apparently were known to be terrorists by the authorities, could somehow acquire all the weaponry under the Sun, so that they could launch this attack on journalists at the Charlie Hebdo offices, who’d incidentally been doing their level best to encourage Islamophobia by taking the piss out of the prophet Mohammed, almost as if they were inviting an attack. These ‘terrorists’ would be allowed to waltz in & out, make their getaway without so much as one Gendarme saying ‘bonté divine’ & then in a final coup de gras, they decide to leave their ID cards behind just so everyone would know who they are! How nice of them. Suddenly the French Police wake up from their slumber to inexplicably kill these ‘terrorists’ stone dead! I mean we wouldn’t want to know about their collaborators or which terrorist cell they may have been part of or who may have helped them acquire such firepower, would we now? Just kill them so no one will ever hear them say ‘but we’re innocent. We know nothing about this!’ To say the whole thing stunk to high heaven is a chronic understatement.


  • John Miranda

    Paris was indeed a false flag. The video coverage alone of the execution of a police officer with an AK47 head shot at close range shows that this was complete BS.

    If you believe this was actual video footage of someone being shot in the head at close range with a AK47 you know as much about firearms as a two year old with a water gun!

    As for freedom of speech, that the entire world would march in unison to defend the rights of these fictional cartoonists was very moving even though this was indeed a false flag.

    But now the result is that our governments want to take away more of our rights and more of our damn free speech simply because people all over the world are now starting to speak out against the Zionist Apartheid Government in Israel.

    If you want to understand who truly is in charge of the press and your government you only need to look at who you cannot speak out against.


    • Absolutely right John. Can you believe I actually forgot to mention how world media described that shooting as an execution when you could see the bullet hitting the pavement & that the Policeman wasn’t harmed. Then when you consider Helric Fredou, the French Police chief who they said committed suicide when it was so obviously a mossad hit. This true patriot in all likelihood refused to go along with the BS!

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