The Oregon Shooting: All you Christians out there…. Beware…. or maybe it was Jeremy Corbyn’s fault!

As well as horrific, these mass shootings in America have become positively tedious. I’m not saying this shooting in Oregon is a typical false flag event like the Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook. This one may well be one of those terrible incidents where someone who’s completely lost it takes it out on innocent folk. I’m a reasonable man. I never try to cajole or force connect dots in order to enhance a particular point of view. I apply science & assess all that’s there. If evidence furthers a POV, then that particular theory has merely stood the test of time. If evidence does the reverse then one can begin to question an original theory. Until I have more evidence, I am not in the position of passing judgement on the Oregon shooting.


C or C!


But I can submit the recent spike in mass shootings in America did coincide with the Zionist goal to shred the 2nd amendment & so disarm the American people. This is merely evidence which points to a hidden agenda where such shootings could indeed be staged events. I’m not saying this is gospel’ I’m merely saying something could seriously stink here. So, what more evidence is there?


A while back in his attempt to further the agenda of those like Diane Feinstein, who incidentally is protected 24 hours a day by armed security, Obama said words to the effect ‘this is every 3 months now. We can’t go on like this!’ Well he’s right. It is more or less every 3 months. The point is, before there was ever a quest to disarm Americans, such mass shootings were few & far between. Is this gospel? No. It’s simply more evidence to suggest there’s more to this than meets the eye.


Yes I did it!


Then when one examines events like the Aurora shooting, the Boston bombing & the fiasco at Sandy Hook, it is patently obvious something very dodgy is going on. After each event there are synchronised calls to strip US citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights. As per usual the alleged perpetrators are either killed or locked away & hidden from public gaze altogether. When fresh evidence emerges that seriously casts doubt on the official version of events, all of a sudden the media goes deaf, dumb & blind! 


By hopok or by crook


And what of the media? Why is it I get the distinct impression when the media can’t label this a heinous act by a depraved Muslim ie A TERRORIST ACT, gloriously filling the void are further calls for gun control. What the media never mentions is the undeniable fact – now we’re not talking theory here – the fact out of all the gun crime in America, 99% IS CARRIED OUT BY THOSE WHO’VE ACQUIRED FIREARMS ILLEGALLY! Here’s the problem. Disarming Americans therefore wouldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding!


People control


Now here is more solid evidence that there is a hidden agenda. It’s perfectly simple. If I can use my brain so can anyone else. Question – if I know this, why isn’t the media making this crucial point? Even bigger question – if I know this, THEN SO DOES DIANE FEINSTEIN…… & Obama for that matter. Therefore, if they really wanted to do something about all the gun crime in America the solution is a relatively simple one – concentrate on the problem of unregistered guns & the people that have them. For example, off the top of my head, if I was President I’d pass a law stating – 

anyone caught in possession of an illegal firearm, unless a lie-detector test proves they had no knowledge of that firearm, that person will face a minimum of 10 years in jail. If that person has a criminal record then the minimum sentence will be 20 years. Anyone who kills another with an illegal firearm will receive the death sentence. For those who may have unregistered firearms, a one month amnesty to turn them in.


Now whether this is unreasonable I don’t know. I said it’s off the top of my head but I’ll tell you now – I’d bet plenty of good money the American people would go for this in a heartbeat.


Just another fit-up!


Instead what we see is the media on Defcon 1 Divide & Conquer mode. In this case apparently this crazed shooter singled out Christians! Please note: it’s never regarded for what these shootings are – a wanton act by a depraved individual. Most significantly, IT’S NEVER A CRIME AGAINST FELLOW AMERICANS! I cannot begin to reiterate the media’s role in deliberately try to stir up hatred. This in itself is an act of criminality.


Divide & Conquer


Oregon shooter said to have singled out Christians for killing in ‘horrific act of cowardice’


Now what the hell is going on here? Since when was the media judge, jury & executioner? In no time the media makes outrageous claims but since the Zionists got away with blaming Muslims within an hour of 9/11, which anyone with a functioning brain should realise is simply beyond the realms of fantasy, why should they stop telling massive porkies? So long as there are enough morons out there who keep falling for this tripe they’re going to keep doing it. So no surprise my friend Ste Matthew Murray wrote this piece –

Corbyn to be linked with the Oregon shooter and here’s why …


Of course it’s a spoof scenario but this is not as far-fetched as it sounds because the media’s lies can only get worse. The more they’re found out, the more they will lie & since we’ve long since passed the point where the truth is an endangered species, we really should be prepared for the most monstrous lies. 




False Flag!


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