The Petitions Committee decided not to debate the petition you signed – “Vote no confidence in David Cameron”

This morning I received an e-mail saying ‘the Petitions Committee decided not to debate the petition you signed’ – Vote no confidence in David Cameron.

Now please – I don’t want to get embroiled in an argument on whether petitions serve any purpose. The effort involved in applying a click on the mouse is so minimal I don’t know why people prefer to go to the trouble of saying petitions are a waste of time. As if I don’t know they don’t give a damn about us. At least sometimes some publicity is created & in any case, doing nothing hardly improves the situation. With an electoral system so flawed crooks like Cameron can have a majority when only 23% of eligible voters want him & politics itself bedeviled with bribery & coercion, what do we expect…….. REPRESENTATION?


Cam the C.

Anyway, before Netanyahu came here to tell Cameron what had been decided in Tel Aviv & what he should do, this is how government petitions worked –
At 10,000 signatures you get a response from the government.
At 100,000 signatures your petition will be considered for a debate in Parliament.
Of course if rules were made to be broken for anyone it would be for Zionists! Netanyahu’s petition in no time flew passed the 100,000 mark. Even though time & again, he makes a complete fool of himself, we can’t have the luxury of putting the boot in. And of course, since Cameron represents Israel & the war-mongering Zionists, he has to be protected at all costs. His petition has 190,000 signatures yet the decision was made not to debate this ‘vote of no confidence’ in parliament.
Well what a surprise! With yet another false flag event in Paris opening the way for Cameron to drop another massive turd on democracy by bombing countries that have never caused us any harm & stripping us of our right to complain about his treachery, we wouldn’t want to make this piece of shit look bad, would we? Well at least they said ‘if you want to reply to this e-mail’………. DID THEY SAY IF?


You did it with mass-murderer Netanyahu: now it’s Cameron’s turn to side-step protocol, though it does not surprise me one little bit for in 5 years we’ve seen the Pedophiles in Westminster protected, the Chilcot Inquiry buried, banker bonuses waived, tax loopholes for the wealthy opened wide while the rest of us suffer austerity.

He continued Blair’s despised foreign policy with verve. He allowed our emails & phone calls to become the property of the heinous NSA without even consulting us. He’s refused to release the Black Box data for Malaysian flight MH17 after scandalously accusing the Russians of bringing down the plane. He’s supported an illegal overthrow of the Ukraine government. He continued to unconditionally support the rogue state of Israel. He’s lied about Libya; lied about Syria, lied about ISIS; lied about the economy when his government has actually borrowed more than Labour ever did……….


Yet I haven’t even mentioned the 3 worst violations – He defied parliament by bombing Syria when the house specifically voted against this – Treason. At the UN he announced he would do everything in his power to “eradicate” those who questioned the ludicrous official account of 9/11 – which smacks in the face of the very notion freedom of speech is a fundamental right & worst of all – when he came to power we were on friendly terms with Russia. Now we’re enemies yet not once was Cameron questioned over his treasonous act of making an enemy out of a super-power for no good reason.

One of the founding father’s of the US constitution Thomas Jefferson said “DISSENTION IS THE GREATEST FORM OF PATRIOTISM.” Cameron’s tenure would have Jefferson turning in his grave for it is nothing short of an affront to democracy. To say you lot sicken me is a chronic understatement. You should all hang your heads in shame!

The Naked Truth


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