The Putin-Trump Summit & Jewish Power Play – Mark Dankof on National Bugle Radio

Here’s another instalment of common sense from two of my favorite guys – Reverend Mark Dankof & Dr. Patrick Slattery. In this radio interview (59.05) they say exactly what needs to be said. Ordinary folk need to hear this. There isn’t a racist bone among these two but they flat out say – Neo-Con Zionists are responsible for much of the world’s grief. Even if the truth were anti-Semitic, the truth is nevertheless the truth. This is ultimately what matters; not the personal feelings of a certain group of deluded people. I firmly believe if we don’t turn this around, we will be living on borrowed time. It’s relatively easy for these warmongers – they have enormous underground bunkers. We don’t!



Dankof & Slattery break down the summit meeting between President Trump & Russian President Putin, explaining its implications for US/Russia relations, strife in war-torn regions from Ukraine to the Middle East, & the possibility of a civilization-ending Third World War. They also talk of how Trump & Putin can begin to possibly ameliorate this dire situation. 


They mention Seth Rich was the man responsible for leaking 1000’s of emails regarding the Clinton/Wasserman-Shultz rigging of the Democratic nomination. Russia had nothing to do with it. Rich was duly murdered & though even partisan Democrats are demanding a thorough investigation, the media is totally ignoring this earth-shattering news story.  


They talk of how Zionists are the chief protagonists behind US foreign policy as well as the driving force behind the demonisation of Trump. They then pivot to new efforts by the Jewish lobby to enact legislation encoding a ridiculously broad definition of anti-Semitism in an effort to stave off the recent spread of Goyim-knowing that is starting to get out of control.


The Putin-Trump Summit and Jewish Power Play — Mark Dankof on National Bugle Radio



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