The Real Threat for Global Peace is Israel NOT Iran

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The Real Threat for Global Peace is Israel NOT Iran

(Michael Aydinian) — Do you not get the distinct impression that Israel & the US have anything but welcomed Iran’s wish for serious dialogue? Here after all is a nightmare situation which could well lead to WW III. Instead the mainstream media have done all they could to play down Iran’s newly elected leader’s olive branch! Now think about this! Why are the Israelis gagging for war? Is Netanyahu & hard-line Zionists completely mad? My answer – it most definitely appears so!

TIME FOR THE TRUTH! The last time Iran attacked anyone was 215 years ago! Yes folks – 1798 was the year! Whether you’re Jewish, Christian, black or white, THIS IS AN UNDENIABLE FACT ….. & so of the utmost importance, should anyone happen to suggest Iran may be up to no good! Sure enough, the past 10 years the MSM has positively burst blood vessels telling us…… IRAN IS BAD NEWS! WHY? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?

We know who controls the media! Okay. Let’s ignore the obvious reason why the MSM casts logic aside in order to feed us such baloney! Leading the charge for a full frontal assault on Iran is none other than Benjamin Netanyahu! His gripe is that Iran might be harboring a desire Israel couldn’t wait to fulfill – nukes! Well, upon my word! IS THAT IT?

Okay. Even though 16 out of 16 intelligence agencies have concluded Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, let’s take the worst possible scenario & assume THEY’RE ALL MISTAKEN! Since it’s a fact Israel possesses an arsenal of at least 2-300 nukes, what right do they have bemoaning the fact another country harbors a wish to acquire them? Yet Netanyahu has the gall to openly state they can’t wait to violate international law by indiscriminately bombing them!

Once again, let’s ignore the fact that as well as sticking two fingers up to the international community, Israel has attacked all its neighbors & so any country within earshot has every reason to do what Israel always claims it’s doing – DEFENDING ITSELF! What frustrates me no end is how the media’s perfectly happy to allow Netanyahu an unchallenged platform. This after all was the man who lied through his back teeth about Iraq, thus leading to 1.5 million innocent victims & a country reduced to rubble! To say such a crime is worthy of a firing squad is an understatement!

Instead this war-mongering racist who’s nothing less than a blight on mankind, was allowed to murder another 1500 Palestinians in 2008/9. He said, “beat them up, not once but repeatedly, beat them up so it hurts so badly!” True to form he saw fit for his murderous thugs to utilize a weapon so heinous IT HAD BEEN BANNED! White Phosphorous rained down on unarmed, terrified Palestinians! For the benefit of those who’ve no idea what this ‘weapon’ does – it’s a cluster bomb that explodes at a perfect height, spraying hundreds of nuggets of white hot phosphorous all over the place! Should one nugget hit your body, it will burn. Throwing water on it does nothing – it continues to burn until it has nothing left to burn!

So any time you see or hear this man say anything, you are either looking or listening to a most vicious, lying war-criminal! It’s as simple as that! I beg of you to understand – I’m not anti-Semitic; I’m not against any group of people, race, religion whatever! To be so defies logic! I oppose only one thing – evil & this man truly epitomizes it! He’s the very last person on the planet who should ever claim the moral high ground!

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