The Real Truth Behind Donald Trump’s 9/11 Comments.

Let me get one thing straight – people like Donald Trump make me sick & it’s mainly because I’m totally opposed to the idea of anyone having in excess of $100 million! When 25,000 people a day are starving to death how can it be right that there are so many billionaires & even some trillionaires? It’s obscene & it’s wrong & if you don’t think so then there’s something seriously wrong with you!


And you can believe what you like but this has nothing to do with jealousy. I’ve the distinct displeasure of meeting several multi-millionaires & a few billionaires & ALL THEY WANT IS MORE! The greediest people I know are those with the most money & all of them to a fault have a monstrous ego yet their huge bank balance was achieved almost entirely from ill-gotten gains. I’ve not met a millionaire that isn’t an out-&-out crook yet they all think they’re 100% legit! 


And Trump is no exception. Just listening to him makes me ill but…….. when I heard the great Luke Radkowski on this video clip from WeAreChange it took me two seconds to think I’ll take Trump over any of the rest of that garbage. Good on him for digging out Jeb Bush on 9/11 because what that piece of shit did trying to take credit for keeping America safe when he was one of the actual architects of 9/11 is just too much to bear.




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