The Rigged Election – deleted footage of 3rd party candidate

This clip goes a long way to showing just how the most important election in the world is being rigged. There are other candidates yet the US public have no say in the matter! How can this possibly be? Before going any further, this fact alone makes the election a mockery. Then when one looks at what’s being served up, how can any American, any true patriot be happy with this? Quite how any person that’s non-Zionist, non-Jew, non-big business, non-warmonger, non-media support Hillary Clinton is beyond me. Far as I’m concerned, this is the domain of the dumbest of the dumbest!
The clip started off like a house on fire……


HILLARY: I have put forth a plan to defeat ISIS. It does involve going after them online. I think we have to do much more but we also have to intensify our air strikes against ISIS & eventually support our Arab & Kurdish…….. 
(Netanyahu promised Hillary her foundation would receive $200 million from Zionist & Jewish donors if she doubled the support ISIS was receiving from the American government)
3rd PARTY CANDIDATE: Excuse me. Excuse me. If I may interject here. ISIS is not real. It’s an invention of the CIA.


HILLARY: And I would also do everything possible to take out their leadership……..
3rd PARTY CANDIDATE: Oh you mean Benjamin Netanyahu……
(That made my day)


HILLARY: I kind of assumed there’d be a lot of these charges & claims….
3rd PARTY CANDIDATE: I’ve a charge & a claim – you are a war criminal! You should be tried at the Hague & sent to jail…. for a lot of things actually.
(Damn right!)


The only thing I wish to point out is I believe it is an enormous error to assume Trump was picked in order to guarantee victory for Hillary. This contention is ludicrous for a number of reasons…..


1) Name me one Republican candidate other than Trump that offered Americans anything new? 
2) The 3rd party candidate rightly pointed out this rigged election was always intended to donate victory to Hillary. Therefore, this confounds his very notion that Trump was selected to ensure this. Surely if it’s rigged which it is, how can he say Trump is only there to give Hillary victory. As I stated in point 1, there were no decent alternatives in the Republican party. They were all as odious as Trump.
3) Unlike Hillary who blatantly cheated Bernie Sanders, Trump won the Republican nomination fair & square. In fact he blew all opposition away. The reason is perfectly straightforward – Americans wanted someone out of the loop.


Why are people assuming Trump is a war-monger? He has never held office & in an interview for CNN, which is never mentioned by the media, Trump said “THESE WARS ARE DISASTROUS FOR AMERICA!” Though I wouldn’t trust Trump & with him I’d be merely hoping for the best, quite why people are saying he’s a war-monger shows precisely how the media rules people’s minds. No one has a right to assume Trump is a war-monger for there’s no evidence. It would be far more appropriate to say he could well end up like Obama – promising certain changes of policy only to become an extension of the Zionist military industrial complex. Those who say Trump is a war-monger are merely playing into the hands of the liars in the media who work for the war-mongers.
Stop trying to be too clever! Analyze by all means but for crying out loud, don’t impersonate mainstream media by conjuring up bullshit out of thin air! Thanks to David Douglas Hill for the heads up to this clip. (4.36)





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