The scumbag who threatened & attacked George Galloway due to his support for the beleaguered Palestinians is spared jail.

This self-crazed Zionist committed actual bodily harm yet even though he attacked a Member of Parliament, mainstream media made nothing of it. No surprises there & the fact this was an unprovoked attack on a Member of Parliament should actually matter not. Violating anyone merely for having an opinion, especially an elderly man should receive the wrath of the law, period – a minimum 5 year jail sentence. Now I don’t care what nationality the attacker or the victim is. This too should be irrelevant. So I ask why has the legal system so terribly failed George Galloway & worked in favor of a common thug?


Perhaps we should first ask what would have occurred if a Jewish MP was attacked? Well, the media would have used it for all it was worth. Anti-Semitism is on the rise & quietly Cameron would provide extra security at Jewish schools, all at the expense of the UK taxpayer. I know this because Cameron has already done it! Of course when a Zionist commits an act of terror – SUDDENLY IT’S ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT! This indicates just how arse about face everything is – Galloway: a man of peace is attacked & it all but seems a damn good job but if a war-mongering MP was attacked it would have been shock/horror.


Now let’s imagine what would have occurred had the attacker been a Muslim. TERROR ON THE STREETS OF LONDON! The word ‘terror’ would have plastered over the front page of every newspaper. The TV would repeat the word terrorism over & over again. You can be certain there would be talk of ushering in more laws for our security because of the terrible dangers of terrorism. As I said, it’s like we are living in two different worlds.


Of course there’s method to this madness. Zionists in fact ARE by far & away the greatest terrorists on the planet. Israel causes more trouble & breaks more international laws than any other country by a mile. ISIS is THEIR band of terrorists – that’s why America won’t help the Russians destroy ISIS. They’d only be destroying the very band of mercenaries they created for the Israelis! This is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. Why else has ISIS killed Arabs & Muslims & destroyed Iraq, Syria & Libya, while leaving Israel untouched? Hence the need to make everyone believe the victim is the aggressor & vice-versa.




So how could this thug Masterson escape so lightly? There can be only one reason – THE UK IS PART OF ISRAELI OCCUPIED TERRITORY! What amazes me is so many people dismiss this out of hand yet it’s patently obvious. Our foreign policy is directly in accordance with what Israel desires, just like America, except the problem is, no one ever mentions this. As Gilad Atzmon so rightly said “JEWISH POWER IS THE ABILITY TO SILENCE DISCUSSION ON JEWISH POWER” and it’s not just the government or senior politicians who are bought & paid for by Jewish lobbies but the media & as we now see, the entire judicial system as well.

The good news – every aspect of our lives, Zionists have a major say over; the bad news – THEY WANT A WHOLE LOT MORE! 

And make no mistake – a dangerous precedent is being set here. We know only too well control over the flow of information, which for many years was under the Zionist thumb is, largely thanks to the Internet, slipping away. Therefore they’ve no option but to do whatever it takes to stop the rot for independent polls are clearly showing that Israel is the greatest danger to world peace, not Iran or North Korea. These findings are unanimous across the globe. Bear in mind if the media publicised this, the numbers would swell dramatically. If it ever got to the stage where the world was to realise 9/11 was in fact a Zionist terrorist attack, one does not need too much imagination to work out what may occur.


So no surprise Mossad indulges in targeted assassinations & are never held to account. In America, former CIA officer Philip Giraldi revealed some 150 cases involving Israeli spies that never made it to court, yet whistle-blowers in America are being hung out to dry! Why do you think in the UK Assange remains under house arrest, while all the REAL sexual perverts in Westminster remain free? Here we have an open & shut case of a violent, unprovoked attack & the Zionist thug received a slap on the wrist. Then just 3 weeks after his release Masterson breached the restraining order by sending Mr Galloway a nasty message on Facebook. He should have gone straight back to jail. What happens? A soppy fine.


Therefore, I can only conclude our judicial system has been specifically instructed to be lenient to Zionists. The problem is, this literally gives them a licence to attack activists like me. This way violent vermin like Masterson know in advance they’ll receive favorable treatment if they’re caught. You can be sure too the Police have already been told not to try too hard in certain cases. Ask yourself – was the Police or anyone else allowed to investigate the deaths of Michael Hastings, Philip Marshall, Andrew Breitbart, Serena Shim, Jacky Sutton & 9/11 for that matter? I can go on & on about deaths that were very convenient to the hierarchy where the investigation was nothing short of a farce – JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy, Lady Di, John Lennon, Ghandi – the list is endless.


I’ll just say this – we want to be on our toes & not allow traitors like Cameron or anyone else to bring in laws that in any way make it easier for the hierarchy to get rid of us because THAT’S WHAT THEY’D DEARLY LOVE TO DO!


Here’s former CIA officer Philip Giraldi saying how it is –


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