The Shah of Iran: Some home truths from him & some about him

Okay, the Shah told the truth here however, let’s not forget he was never elected by the Iranian people. To all intents & purposes he actually served Israel’s interests because he was given absolute power by the US & UK & as a result, Iran & its people suffered under his rule. In the early 50’s the leader of the democratically elected government in Iran, Mosaddeq nationalised the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which later became known as BP. It was obvious this was all about safeguarding the West’s oil interests in Iran because once the Shah was installed in 1953 he immediately restored the UK & US’s control over Iran’s oil industry. How would we like it if a foreign country took control of our greatest resource?


Like I said, the Shah may have been right with what he said in this interview……. By the way, Mike Wallace asked the Shah a question. When he got the straight answer reporters crave note how Wallace said

“well now wait just a second. You really do believe the Jews are that powerful”

almost ridiculing an answer he well knew was justified & accurate. When do you ever see a Zionist questioned when they’re interviewed, moreover when all they dish out is a pack of lies?……. so before I can give any credit to the Shah I feel compelled to say he was a traitor to his country. Moreover, his secret police SAVAK brutally repressed any opposition in his rule of 26 years. Thanks to Linda Wal for the tag.



CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup


Mohammad Mosaddeq


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