The Tear Drop Memorial – a postface……

The Russian tear-drop post is fast-approaching 150,000 hits. That is over 10 times more than my 2nd most popular post on my website & far bigger than anything I’ve ever had on FB. The Share button blew a fuse at around 35,000. Needless to say I’ve had a devil’s own job answering to virtually each & every comment (which I feel is my duty on my website). Most comments have been complimentary. A few have been downright laughable as one such exchange with a Mr. Bill W. was. (Since he was scathingly critical of the Great MM I neglected to correct errors).


I guess you forgot about the human rights violations Russia has in the past and is currently doing to the people of Ukraine. Oh wait, you didn’t even know about a 10 year old, 10 story monument in New Jersey. How can we expect you to know anything other than what is immediately affecting you personally? There is a very big world that your narrow view is missing.
I’m sorry Bill but anyone who believes Russia is in any way to blame for the current crisis in Ukraine is a fool who believes all the tripe the Zionist controlled media comes out with. My word. Not 25 years ago the Russians gave Ukraine it’s independence. Then that war-mongering Zionist cow Victoria Nuland, who’s married to one of the architects of 9/11 Robert Kagan, was at the centre of overthrowing the democratically elected government of that idiot Yanukovitch. She even pledged $5 billion to finance the overthrow which saw an even bigger thug, Zionist Poreshenko seizing control. Russia has done nothing. Either you’re a Zionist or you’re clueless. I’m sorry.


The real truth is…… You were told about it. There was a huge dedication ceremony. It was covered by every major media. Every few years there is another write up about it and it was a wonderful gift. It’s just too bad that so many Americans have become so self involved that they are blind to what’s really going on. The earth does not revolve around you, you’re not and never were the greatest country in the world. You are becoming a sign of everything that’s wrong in the world, greed, corruption and self entitlement. The world owes you nothing. You Michael Adynian seem to think that you’re more enlightened than most. Yet you blame others (zionists) for your own failings and your media for not tellin you about something that happened almost 10 years ago. Talk about irony. You sir are the epitome of how ignorant, entitled and arrogant Amercians have become.
Now you’re becoming pathetic Bill. Huge dedication ceremony? How come this post has gone viral? Also, for starters I’m not American. Who says anything about owing this & owing that? As for ignorance I’m pretty confident there is not one subject on the whole entire planet that you know more about than me. What is your beef? Why are you trying to make out the world revolves around me. Are we into ‘must make me look bad mode, at whatever cost? If you have a point, damn well make it – otherwise I will chew you up & spit you out!


Russia murdered more Ukrainians than Germany did Jews. You want to talk about something never talked about? Pick up a damn history book you fool! You’re more than clueless. You’re a complete moron. Russia wants access through the Ukraine to supply oil and gas to Europe. They have done more to harm the Ukrainian people than you will obviously ever know. Now obviously you missed my entire point but you’re clearly so self involved that nothing anyone says matters. So why don’t you bury your head a little further up your ass. I’m sure if you go far enough you will start to see the light.

Quite how this guy is transfixed by Ukraine in this post I’m at a loss but now the gloves simply had to come off – 

Bill- If you’re idiot enough to get your facts from history books then more fool you. Try reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s (1970 Nobel Prize winner for literature), book “200 Years Together’ where he details how the Ashkenazi ‘fake Jews’ ie the Zionists committed one of the greatest mass-murders in history in the Bolshevic Revolution of 1917 where some 66 million Russians & Ukrainians were killed. It weren’t Russians who murdered Ukrainians. It was down to Zionist scumbags like Lazar Kaganovitch who murdered & starved to death upwards of 10 million people. Before that, some of the methods of torture where families had to watch their children being delimbed, one by one, was so harrowing to read I had nightmares for months afterwards. Virtually all the chief protagonists were Zionists. You’re a novice when it comes to history because you haven’t learned anything; YOU’VE MERELY BEEN FED LIES THAT YOU’VE DULY LAPPED UP! You’ve probably never even heard of Solzhenitsyn’s book because the Zionists had it banned in the West. Small wonder. That’s how history has been skewed but you wouldn’t know it because as I’ve already said – you’ve lapped it up. All you’re doing like a good little boy is repeat all the drivel you’ve been fed. Also some 80-90% of those in Israel now are of Ashkenazi origin ie void of Semitic blood. Every Israeli PM is of Ashkenazi origin & boy, have they shown their true wicked colors. As for Ukraine, only 25 years ago Russia granted it independence, as it did to a host of other nations. They stuck by their side of the deal while NATO has literally torn up any agreement by doing what it specifically said it would not do & that is expand NATO. Moreover, while you try to make out you know what you’re talking about when you don’t know Bo Diddley, you’ve fallen into the typical trap – you never stop going on about an alleged massacre of 6 million (which incidentally has been OFFICIALLY revised down to under 2 million, while ignoring the incredible sacrifice of the Russians when they lost 20 million men defeating Hitler in WWII. How can it be? The world to this day commemorates the loss of an alleged 6 million, while fails to honor the loss of 20 million Russians. I know if I was Russian I’d be damn well pissed off! As for you making me see the light? You couldn’t make me see the light if you had a Supernova up your arse!




What I found most incredible was hardly anyone referred to what for me were two of the major talking points – the media’s non-role in this & the fact Silverstein & Lowy, having been paid an incredible $7 Billion, have done bugger all at Ground Zero to commemorate the 3000 killed that day. I find it astonishing no one is having a go at these guys but I know why…… the media naturally have no desire to give attention to two of the chief protagonists of 9/11. It could open up a massive can of worms!


  • Andy Bianco

    This is absolutely “news” to me despite the monument being built some 10 years ago. I’d like to know where it is located in NYC and if this has become an official and popular tourist attraction. I have a feeling that it has not.

    • You should go back 5 posts Andy & check out the original. I never heard of it & it was no surprise this post went viral but you want to see how many people tried to make out there was no foul play with the media on this. Just unbelievable.. The monument is actually in New Jersey where I lived for 7 months.

  • Sam

    What an Arse! Well done Michael for schooling this dunce a little, I like your “not a single subject on the entire planet you know more about” line, haha! If someone tries to characterize me as a tin foil hat nutter I sometimes offer to duel with them – choose your weapon sir, pub quiz, trivial persuits, sit through university challenge etc!
    This exchange with “bill” highlights to me the value of being an autodidact and reminds me of Bob Marleys quote” if I had education, I’d be a fool!” So much of the history we are taught is total bunk and it’s all written by the victors!

    • Sam – reading your comments for me is nearly the equivalent of listening to Jimi Hendrix & Paul Simon. There’s a lot of good people out there but I wish there were a few more like you. 🙂

  • ed

    Way to go Michael, btw, did you read 200 years Together in Russian? Do you know any way i could get an english copy? I understand there are some unofficial translations floating around out there but i have not been able to locate any.

    thank you,


    • No Ed – it was in English. My computer wizard friend managed to dig it out for me years ago but like an idiot I did not download it. It is the most banned book because Solzhenitsyn is one of the great writers & of course he was a dissident who spent a considerable amount of time in a Gulag. As well as winning the Nobel prize for literature in 1970, they cannot possibly criticise this great man. His credibility is unquestionable. If he says the Ashkenazi slaughtered 66 million Russians you can believe it. Of course how does it look on 80% of the Israelis who are Ashkenazi – their ancestors did this yet these are the very people who incessantly moan about the holocaust.

  • Is there an English version of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s ‘200 Years Together’ in existence yet?

  • All I know Thane – there used to be. As I said in my last comment – it is as banned as a book can be banned!

  • Alexis Weston

    Thank you, Mr. Aydinian! I have never been to your site before, and linked here from a 9/11 Truther on FB. I read the original post, and learned. I read this one, and danced for the spread of Truth!! This was incredible!

    If ever you find an English version of Solzhenitsyn’s book, please, please find a way to make it available to your readers, of whom I now count myself as one.

    Thank you for your work!

    • Appreciate that Alexis though let me mark your card – reading that book WILL give you nightmares. Some of the methods of torture where entire families had to watch the youngest first being mutilated, then the next & so on. We’re talking about dismemberment. Can you imagine being the parents & watching this happen? Raping of children followed by death. There are several accounts so harrowing I never stop wondering how these people could be so evil. The Nazis are nothing on the Ashkenazi. In front of everyone’s eyes, look what they’re doing to the Palestinians. It’s in their blood!

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