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If I ever get another post like this I’ll die. I had one post which broke the 10.000 mark – Greater Israel, courtesy of ISIS has so far 12,400 hits. It’s now in 2nd place because after 3 days the Russian Tear Drop has amassed an astonishing 228,200 hits with believe it or not, in excess of 66,000 Shares. I’m still dealing with the comments. I answer every one on my website – there’s another 40 to get through. There was one I answered yesterday & I think it’s a good idea to share with you because quite a few people tried defending the media by saying “well I heard about it!” Quite a few of these comments got what they deserved. As my good friend US Olympic swimmer John Miranda said ‘how come the post has gone viral?’ Damn right. But then, along came a pro. Little did he know he was stepping into the lion’s den. Here’s what NatNY said –


Perhaps you all just missed it on the news? And by missing reading the news missed the fact that the artist himself is considered extremely controversial? And that the placement and design of this piece stirred-up controversy itself? (Links below – there’s more but I didn’t include them all.)

And from a more recent story “I did some research and found that its designer, Zurab Tsereteli – one of Russia’s leading sculptors – went to Ground Zero after the attack. He was told boats and ferries had shuttled survivors across to New Jersey, where many of the victims had lived. Learning that, he wanted his statue to be on the remote waterfront there with Manhattan as the backdrop.

So the explanation for the anonymity of this most touching tribute is probably no more sinister than: out of sight, out of mind – and that needs remedying.”

So a couple of things are at play here incase 1) you aren’t familiar with how the press works (I’m in PR and see conspiracy theories all of the time when I know from the work that I do – why something didn’t make it into the news and it’s not sinister) 2) you aren’t from the NY/NJ area.

So first about the media. Just because YOU didn’t see it in the news doesn’t mean that it wasn’t in the news. How much media do you read yourself every day? What publications do you read? Did you think this statue donation should be a national story that you would have seen on every news network – is that what you mean when you say it didn’t get any press coverage? If so, what national news do you pay attention to on a daily basis that even had this made the national news – you would have known about it? Second, do you know how much the press is contacted on a daily basis? Are you aware that they would have to sort through hundreds of emails and phone calls each day per journalist, just to ensure they were seeing every story out there? And that most of those communications that they receive are junk and not useful to them, so they don’t sort through every inbound pitch that they get? On the side of the gift-receivers and the givers – they would have had to have though to do press outreach around this in the first place. That would have meant hiring a PR person, and hiring someone who is good at their job. Who knows if they hired anyone to do PR around this monument? Who knows how much they tipped off the news about it? New York/NJ press knew about it. But do you have any idea what it takes to make sure that national press corps knows that something is happening and then cut through the clutter to convince them that a monument is a priority over say – ISIS or Obama? – Because that’s a very topline explanation of how this all works. And now that the internet is a bombardment of media outlets, it’s even harder to cut through the clutter to both news outlets and individuals like you to get news in-front of you.

Second, if you don’t live in the NY/NJ area then you probably don’t know that our news networks mainly report national news here. There’s very little local news reporting. We have the equivalent in the press of what Washington D.C. residents have in political representation. We’re for the most part, ignored – our news is mostly national. Which is why most local people wouldn’t know about this either unless they’re reading every page of the New York Times – which has a LOT of sections, or they’re reading other hyper-local media – which most don’t. In addition, there’s a tendency to keep NJ and NY separate. New Yorkers typically treat NJ like it’s hundreds of miles away versus just across the river. Most NYers couldn’t tell you a thing about NJ, and most NJ residents who live along the Hudson River and commute in NYC act like New Yorkers and for the most part couldn’t tell you a thing about NJ unless it’s something they bump into on their way to work every day.

And THAT’s what we call context. It’s not a conspiracy – it’s a confluence of factors.


Before you read my answer here’s a link from my good friend Javed Iqbal –




My response –
Right NatNY – now this is more of a challenge. Thank you. You pack more of a punch than all the fools who restricted to hurling personal insults. I’m going to deal with everyone of your points –

Very clever. One of my major arguments is the fact mainstream media treated this as if it was nothing. Note I say fact because I’m no fool. You sir cannot play with me with words alone. From the jump you suggest ‘maybe we missed it?’ Missed what! I mean this post has gone viral. At least 100000 americans had no idea about something they should have known about & the vast majority would have wanted to know about! VERY CLEVER INDEED. Aaahh it’s nothing!

Then you top it up with a typical MSM assertion that the sculptor ‘is considered extremely controversial!’ Don’t get me wrong. You’re a pro. It’s perfectly clear but your moves already are so obvious I can smell the stench. If this man was as controversial as you contend surely this would have made it more of a story. The 2nd paragraph is simply waffle, setting up the 3rd paragraph which nonchalantly closes the door on the entire argument that the entire US media was up to something. Beautiful – like a fully-fledged pro, out to make me seem like a mere ranter & raver who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Now the boot starts to go in – the condescending claim that I’m not familiar with how the press works. Any dumbo reading this will think the master is putting the pupil in his place. WRONG! I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THE PRESS WORKS PAL MOST ESPECIALLY IN THE US. It’s rather like a soap opera where everything is literally made up as they go along. Of course there’s one critical factor – what Israel says is treated as gospel! If Netanyahu says something, suddenly the entire media apparatus neglects to seek out verification or confirmation for any concrete evidence that backs up what this monster says. That’s why we got the illegal Iraq war – the deliberate lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith were taken up by the media as if they were Dead Sea Scrolls & for over a year pounded into our ear-drums. This led to the death of over a million innocent Iraqis & THE LIES CONTINUE! Israel can never be wrong. All its enemies are terrorists; all Zionist skulduggery must slip under the radar.

But wait – in the 2nd line of the 4th paragraph is that dreaded phrase CONSPIRACY THEORIST! If ever a derogatory term is required, here it is, duly conjured out of thin air by the Zionist controlled media in order to ridicule truth seekers. Let me tell you something now NatNY – the moment anyone uses this term, it tells me everything I need to know. Sure, you ooze the air of credibility but you’re up against a different animal here. Giving me that garbage ‘you see conspiracy theories all the time!’ How insulting? How depraved?

And once again we’re told ‘nothing sinister going on here’ WHEN EVERYTHING SINISTER IS OCCURRING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES! To cap it off, just to make it seem you’ve got more in the tank, you say something so pathetic it beggars belief – “you aren’t from the NY/NJ area”. So let me get this straight – a prerequisite to pass judgement on anything involving 9/11 is to come from the NY/NJ area? Well, I did live there for 7 months but again, it’s just condescending drivel. You’re a PR man alright! Sure enough, in the 5th paragraph you merely repeat yourself. You offer nothing but this time you skilfully bombard me with totally meaningless questions! I LOVE THIS GUY!

You’ve come into the lion’s den pal & I’m going to make mince-meat out of you. I’ll ask you a few questions – heard of a guy called Larry Silverstein? Did you know 6 months after he bought the Towers for $15 million he insured them for $3.5 billion. But guess what! Larry had a special clause built in where if the Towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack HE’D BE PAID DOUBLE! WASN’T THAT LUCKY? How many massive skyscrapers are destroyed by terroprist attacks? Did you ever investigate that? Did you ever consider asking Larry to sit a lie-detector test? Lucky you didn’t because if you asked him if he was one of the chief 9/11 conspirators THE MACHINE WOULD HAVE EXPLODED! Conspiracy theory my arse!

Then when Larry was asked about a 3rd building he owned, that also fell that day WTC7, his very words were “WE MADE THE DECISION TO PULL.” I know you know what the term ‘pull’ means. What’s going on? Oh you’re a PR man. Dare to fob me off with “How much media do you read yourself every day? What publications do you read,” followed by a load of tripe about how the media works. That’s why you never questioned why the 9/11 Commission neglected to even mention WTC7. THIS is how the media works! Yes indeed. Go out of your way trying to give credibility to an entity that’s committed Treason, an entity that thankfully is now haemorrhaging viewers.

The 6th paragraph again is lame. You’ve merely waffled over your original claims that count for a can of beans but to cap it all, as if it’s a final crowning glory you say “And THAT’s what we call context. It’s not a conspiracy – it’s a confluence of factors.” Confluence my arse. I can safely predict what you are, who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing & you know what else? I believe you know the whole truth. You’re either a whore who’s long since sold the soul or a Zionist that’s being paid a nice few quid to cover up countless heinous crimes against humanity. You should be ashamed of yourself.



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