The Terrible Truth about the Rothschild Banking Dynasty.

You’ve got to laugh – this video is absolutely bang on the mark except for one small detail – $300 TRILLION SMACKAROONIES!


The scum of the Earth!


Can you imagine the Rothschild’s suddenly being given the bad news they were only worth $350 billion? Evelyn & Jacob would in all likelihood suffer severe cardiac arrest. The sick reality is if you want to know why I think banking is every bit as big a con trick as religion consider this – the entire wealth of the planet is around the 1000 Trillion mark. In less than 250 years, the Rothschild’s have managed to get their greedy mitts on anywhere between 30-50% of the world’s wealth. The bad news is – THEY WANT THE LOT! But how could they even have got this far? Through their control over the entire banking system. Thanks to Paul Stewart for this excellent video.



What did Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Libya, Sudan & Afghanistan have in common? Before 9/11 they were the seven countries which did not have a Rothschild controlled central bank.



Just in case some people want to learn as to how this one family could have amassed so much wealth & power I really do believe there is no better way than by listening to Myron Fagan’s speech in 1967. Many people say this is the best audio on the net. 



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